Yoga Tips to Improve Your Breast Appearance

Surely, you’ve heard of the mental, emotional and physical benefits of Yoga, the discipline that originated from ancient India. Yoga is a low-impact and low-intensity exercise that would put your joints and limbs to the test of flexibility. Without going too deep into the practice of a full body Yoga workout, it may delight you to know that there are benefits of yoga to improve breast size. If you notice, most yoga positions would have you stretching the chest and back muscles and the shoulders which stimulate the chest muscles to make it look larger.

Yoga to Improve Breast Size:

Call of the wild

The way some animals move have inspired yoga practitioners to find out if these moves could, in anyway, benefit mankind. It turns out that doing the “cow pose” (gomukhasana) strengthens your pectoral muscles which help support your boobs from the law of gravity. Sit with your lower legs folded under your thigh. Raise your right arm and bend it over the shoulder until the right palm meets the back’s upper part. Then, twist your left arm backwards to enable the left and right palm to touch. Hold the stance for a couple of seconds and switch sides.

Another animal inspired yoga exercise for breast enhancement is the “cobra pose” (bhujangasana) where you lie face down, placing your palms on either side of your chest. Use your arms to raise your upper body from the ground to form an arc. Your forearm should be above the floor while you look up towards the sky.

Working the tissue

Breasts are made up mostly of fatty tissues but it does not mean you eat all the fatty foods to achieve a fuller set of assets. This exercise helps in developing breast tissue and you stand straight, placing your feet shoulder distance apart. Reach your arms behind your back and intertwine your fingers to lock the hands. Bend your body forward from the hips, extending your hands as far up as you can without overstraining them. Make sure you’re looking forward as your face is parallel to the floor. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat.

How Much Yoga Will Improve Breast Size?

Bear in mind that there is not a specific timeline to experience results through yoga. If you’re not willing to compromise your wellbeing with surgery or breast creams, patience and consistency must be your key motivators. Think of yoga as generally good for your entire physique, not just the boob area. It is important that you practice yoga under an expert who is qualified with certifications under legitimate and recognized bodies.

Supplements like vitamin E and primrose oil are believed to stimulate hormones for breast growth and by incorporating yoga into your daily routine, you may experience results in four to six months, keeping in mind that the duration varies for every person.

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