His Penis Is Too Big

Most women will profess that they love a nice friendly big fat penis. Something they can curl up with at night, snuggle in to, and ride and ride for hours on end in to a happy state of sexual oblivion.┬áBut what if his penis is too big? Like really, really big? So big that no matter which way you look at it, no matter what position you try, or even how much lube you use, the logistics of it all just don’t seem to work out.

In reality, (although there are exceptions to the rule), most women will actually prefer a good old-fashioned average penis. Not a penis so big that it feels like she’s being impaled or so wide as to tear at the sides. Because even though the vagina is remarkable, an extraordinary muscle to be able to give birth, that doesn’t mean you want to have to go through anything near that experience just to have sex. So what do you do when the man you love is insanely hung with a big fat penis and grinning and bearing it is just not a long-term viable option?

Length Vs Girth

When it comes to big penises and learning how to deal with them, usually they come in two varieties. Big as in long, which can cause discomfort to women feeling that their innards are being poked at like a large and accusatory finger every time they have sex. These penises tend to be on the thinner side, but are very lengthy instead.

When Penis is Too Big

Or, big as in wide, where the girth of the penis is rather, well fat. Sometimes this super-sized Willy can be referred to as a ‘Fat Sammy’ and not only can they cause problems with penetrative sex, they can also be a bit of a mouth full when you’re attempting oral sex. Usually these ones are on the shorter side and love to stick up at you like a stump. The problem with these ones is simply getting the big penis head in, and then enjoying it once it’s there.

And then there’s the big and long penis. These are really the Mac Daddy of the penis world, and men with big penises of this variety tend to be rather pleased with their appendages. The thing is, such penises can actually be useless to women because although it looks impressive there isn’t a lot he or she can do with it. Wide and long penises can be more of a hindrance because while it can be satisfying for a man to look at it every day, it’s unlikely that he would be as sexually satisfied as an average sized man, when no woman wants to go near it.

Long Penis

When you’re dealing with an extra large penis it’s your cervix that takes the brunt of it. The average size of the vagina is about five to seven inches long, depending on how much you are sexually aroused, so if your man is anything longer than this, it’s his big fat penis that is hitting the back of your cervix that is causing you discomfort or pain. For some it’s more painful than others but either way it’s not pleasant. The best way to deal with the extra long penis is by focusing on sex positions that limit the amount of depth, or avoiding the cervix all together.

Wide Penis

Dealing with a wide penis is a different story. In this instance, you will need to really focus on foreplay. When you think you’ve had enough, have some more! When it’s incredibly wide just the look of a big erect penis will have you tense up, especially if you have tried to insert it before without any luck. Together you will need to work on conditioning your vagina to stretch and accept his huge member. You can do this through fingering, by gradually increasing the number of fingers you feel comfortable with, or even using different sized sex toys to change things up a bit. With plenty of lube, and a relaxed mind, together, gently and without force you should be able to gradually accept him in to further.

Long & Wide Penis

If you’re dealing with a big fat penis that is exceptionally long and wide, you will of course need to apply both of these principles to enjoy a better sex life combined with a steely determination and maybe even a bit of luck.

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