Vagina Worship

In oral servitude or vagina worship there exist loads of play for stimulating arousal of the female genitals, involving elements of tease and denial by the female being “served”

I heard someone say once that the largest sexual organ is still the human mind and its limited only by your imagination. This has never been more true than in the here and now. Sexual boundaries are being pushed, and not only of leather-wielding, chains and dungeons variety. Ordinary couples are finding a voice and sharing with their partners those ideas that can spice up an every-day sex life.

Introducing rough sex into the relationship has helped many partners take things to a higher level of pleasure and awareness of self. Most times, adding a twist into the normal scheme of things, involves some element of “control” being practised by one partner on the other. This means that one lover leads, and the other follows/submits. It’s simply a way for couples to explore other unique levels of sexual orientation. So long as they’ve talked about it and are comfortable with it, well, they go with it.

Many couples have found that this idea of one partner “in control” of the other, brings a new edge to their lovemaking and they seek different ways to express it. And that’s where oral servitude comes in.

Oral servitude, or vagina worship, is used to describe a real or playful sexual fixation of a partner to his/her lover’s vagina. This obsession is displayed in a sexual game whereby a lover feels motivated by attraction to their partner’s vagina, to “worship” it in various ways including licking, sucking and kissing. It’s not much different from the usual cunnilingus act, only this is a more deliberate and devised form of play.

Vagina Worship: Everybody’s Happy

The female gets to have her oral desires served, whenever she chooses, and most times without returning the favor! This means all through the worship, the giver never expects to receive pleasure except what is derived from worshiping the vagina of their lover. She’s happy, so they’re happy. It’s physically one-sided but never emotionally so; the physical pleasure may come from one person, but still, the giving of pleasure has always been a joy in itself for many people during sex. They seek not their own gratification, but always that of their partner, whom they pleasure for as long as she requires.

Women have found this form of play very stimulating and exciting. The reversal of roles, in a manner, gives a kind of power rush not always found in traditional sex scenes. This time, it’s all about her vagina and not her lover’s penis. In this case, she calls all the shots involving when and how she wants her most private region to be played with and pleasured. And all her lover can do – should do, is obey!

It is very common for there to be an absence of actual sexual intercourse during this game of oral servitude. It’s focused basically on sexual arousal, in which oral pleasure is provided to the female, while denying any other contact or sexual gratification by the male/other partner.

Vagina-Worship,-The-Dominating-RoleA woman’s erotic pleasure and satisfaction is not so much different from the equally intense need of physical release of sexual arousal of the male body. In oral servitude there exist loads of play for stimulating arousal of the female genitals, involving elements of tease and denial by the female being “served”. It depends on personal situations and scenes, but this is one form of play that you can twist up any way you like. There are really no rules but there are a few suggestions you can try.

This can definitely be a preliminary play leading to sexual intercourse, and it’s a fantastic way to build up sexual tension and excitement before the act of sex itself. However, pleasuring your lover orally can also be enjoyed as an emotion on its own.

What matters is the role playing and the performance of “service” from one to the other. For this game of oral servitude the female takes a more dominating role than usual, while the other lover can be the one to serve. Meanwhile his own pleasure is limited or denied, even as he endures various stimulations derived from the encounter. It’s not so much becoming a “sex toy” though this is how it may come across.

The thing is, there’s really no need for too many “labels” or terminology during sex; you simply want to explore each other’s fantasies and bring them to life as much as you can.

Certainly when lovers decide to take a rougher edge to their sex acts, it’s more for expression rather than the need to cause pain or dominate. It goes far deeper than that; a means to quicken emotions as you share more and more of your most hidden desires.

There are limits and guidelines to be respected at all times which is reassuring for the lover reluctant to try something new or unusual. There’s absolutely nothing wrong in being intrigued with introducing certain elements of sexual variation to lovemaking, as taking part in such roles strengthen bonds and breaks down barriers between partners.

Get curious, imaginative and more accommodating towards sex as a whole and you’ll be pleasantly surprised on the long run.

So, exactly what should a man expect when his partner expects or wants to introduce oral servitude to the picture? Could he possibly envisage being helplessly bound while being achingly teased and tempted to just at the point of release?

Maybe he looks forward as well, to his lover squatting or sitting over his face while he’s thus bound and then forced to provide oral service? As the male he’d of course expect to submit to all sorts of demands which involve serving his partner orally. It’s all about pampering and catering to her needs with the use of your tongue and lips, never holding back or showing any sign of reluctance or tiredness. In fact, putting up a show of actually being joyous to serve is all part of the vagina worship scene being played out.

The great aspect of it all is, it can be switched up and then the female is then made to service her lover orally according to his wishes. There may or may not be the need to be tied up or bound although this also has the appeal of making/compelling the server to perform the service. Whatever works, that’s the motto.

Published by Rosie Raphaelle

Her mission is to show women how to have fun, safe and meaningful sex. Her sex tips articles has been published in many women's magazines.

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  1. As a man I confess that Vagina worship is the best sexual experience. Vagina is magical, it’s wonderful. Kissing it and licking it is a great pleasure. Vagina rules the world. It deserves to be worshipped

  2. This has been my passion since I was a young, shy teenager, and way before I ever had sex of any kind, because I just knew this is what I was born to do and to this day, it is the only thing that really, really excites me sexually. It wasn’t to have intercourse like all the other boys wanted. It’s just that for whatever reason, the idea of a woman using me like this, turned me on tremendously! I wasn’t interested in my own pleasure, as much as I was about hers. The very idea of giving a woman such pleasure and to feel her erupt into my mouth and down my throat pleases me like nothing else can! I can’t begin to tell you what a rush I experience when pleasing a woman in this way! NIRVANA doesn’t even come close.

  3. >”putting up a show of actually being joyous ”
    No, the male should be actually joyous. Men don’t hate making women cum.

    1. Craig is right,,, for me, the greatest joy of sex is pleasing the woman, i have got to the point where i cant even have my orgasm until my wife has been satisfied several times, and nothing is more joyous than looking up her body and watching her face from between her legs when she gets off orally for the third or fourth time after she as already said she couldn’t cum anymore,,now that’s truly joyous!!!

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