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Household objects can be a fantastic rough sex resource or good sex toys alternative which means you don’t need to be the collar and cuffs type to find alternative ways to enjoy rough sex.

Inside the bedroom is one of the best places to be creative and innovative. Why? Because for something that you’re going to be doing over and over and most times with the same person over a long period, then lovemaking has got to be fun. This could involve adding some spice into your otherwise normal sexual life with the aid of a few new elements like role play and the use of props. That said, you don’t need to start worrying about how fast you can get to the nearest sex-toy shop. Most times, you’ve already got your props and toys all around you.

One or both partners can get to that point in the relationship that they require something more, and so introduce rough sex into the mix. It’s great when that happens as this is one sure way to bring extra excitement into everyday lovemaking. And now, even with all the fancy and expensive gadgets and gear which go so well in the bedroom, here are one or a few things you could find in the kitchen or bathroom cupboard which will also work perfectly as instruments of sex…

Lovers have used household objects during sex for ages and have never thought twice about it first. Today we have things from the tame ice cubes and silk scarves (as blindfolds and restraints) to the more adventurous and rough-playing pegs as nipple clamps and candle wax for some hot sensation play… With a little imagination and a lot of dedication to detail, you can turn that sensual sex scene into something mind blowing and memorable.

When you both want to experiment and go a step further in your pleasure play, it’s only right that you may wish to start off with familiar objects you see all the time in your day-to-day living. Your partner just might feel less reluctant about trying out your unusual sex game if it involves one or two common and virtually harmless household items.

So which household items make the pick? If, like many couple out there, you’re considering rough sex but on a budget, then maybe you should start looking more closely around at the stuff lying round in the house. Also, when ever you’re at the hardware store or walking past the pet shop it’s a good idea to keep your eyes peeled for potential fun tools for your erotic play. People have also found invaluable sex aids in the local convenience store which sometimes never cost more than a dollar or two.

Before you start to rummage through the cupboards and shelves looking for those helpful little objects, you may first want to consider what you can use them for. Rough sex involves many aspects and each kind of game requires certain kinds of aids. For sensation play you’ll need things which provide heat or cold as well as other sensations. And then if you’re into blindfolds, paddling, whipping or a bit of pain play, then there’re certainly more than a few household objects which can do the trick.

Household Objects  – Sex Toys Alternative

Clothes pegs – Your very own home-ready nipple clamps. What they are used instead of: those costly online-store or sex shop nipple clamps. Also known as clothes pins, they can be clamped to other interesting body parts which when left on for longer periods, make the sensations all the more intense.

Fly-fishing rods – these double up as very handy whips for the odd sensuous flogging. Simply remove the feeder rings meant for the fishing line. They don’t come with reels and have three collapsible sections which mean you can just pop it into your hand bag as you’re off on that hot date…

Large wooden spatulas as paddles – yep, those innocuous kitchen utensils such as wooden spoons can make for great paddles during spanking. The point of these household objects is to give the same effect as using the real rough sex gear and these spoons do quite a good job for bouncing bums or balls! Other great paddles are the flat wooden hair brushes: innocent stuff but good to teach your lover a lesson when they’ve been naughty! Butter knives, forks can also be useful, perhaps for use to “threaten” your partner with especially during role play (e.g. ravishment)
The feather duster will do more than pick off dust and dirt by the time it does some time in the bedroom. Any household item with feathers and a handle will feel nice and tickly running down the back or sole of the foot or on more sensitive zones such as the genitals.

Candles – these are a firm favorite. They can virtually be used on any part of the body and are indispensable during any kind of sensation play. They don’t need to have any special color or scent; just keep it simple but sizzling! Use them to drip hot wax on your partner’s body, and if you both are trying it for the first time, try and drip it from a distance not too close to the skin as this increased distance will reduce the temperature of the wax. Other safety tips to remember while using candles is to never leave them burning unattended or close to anything that can catch fire. Also avoid dripping on to clothes or linen as it’s hard to get off fabric.

Furniture – you never know when that nice sturdy chair, stool or even table will come in handy. Your partner can be made to kneel on the floor facing a chair while you apply the wooden spoon (mentioned above) for some spanking.
So now that you and your partner have embarked on that breath-stealing highway trip into rough sex and are wondering what you should have packed inside your goodie bag, then use your ordinary household objects. Make sure you watch out for health and safety, and also using the right technique is important, especially if there’s going to be any insertion of objects going on. Having good knowledge of human anatomy and what can or can not be poked up or into someone will help you both have a pleasurable session without the pain (well, at least just enough of it to keep things spiced up).

We know that there are some vital sex toys you can only expect to find in a sex shop. Thanks to the power of technology one can always find some state-of-the-art and very satisfying sex gear. However, there’re endless possibilities if you simply want ingenious, everyday tools that don’t cost a load of cash but still play a satisfactory role in your bedroom. Using household objects for your rough sex games can turn that night-time routine into a wild and wicked romp. It’s a healthy way to explore each other’s deepest fantasies and relive the hot excitement of that initial time you both met or fell in love.

Household objects can be a fantastic rough sex resource which means you don’t need to be the collar and cuffs type to find alternative ways to enjoy sex. Simply focus on what makes you and your partner comfortable. Also, discuss with each other about those little additions to your sexual fun and games that you feel will work best for you.

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