Total Power Exchange

Total power exchange, like many forms of rough sex and alternative erotic play, is great for enhancing sexual and emotional activity in a relationship.

Thanks to the advancement of ideas and perceptions, people are finding new and exciting ways of expressing sexual freedom as well as finding inner validation especially with that special person in their life. It feels great when partners discover unique means of healthy erotic exploration, which opens up new doors in their sexual journey as a couple.

Now partners involved in everyday relationships can spice things up with elements of rough sex as well as role playing of different kinds. And they can do this with no feelings of guilt or shame for acting out their deepest, wildest fantasy especially with that willing and supportive partner.

Sex and empowerment are two interlocking cells especially with certain couples who like to “define” their roles. Who’s in charge, and who submits? The subject of total power exchange, or erotic power exchange as it is sometime called, is not restricted only to partners in the more involved bondage practice. In fact, you don’t even have to be into those kinds of things at all to be involved in bit of power play.

Couples thinking of getting into rough sex as a whole new way to channel their erotic fantasies or simply to explore will feel comfortable trying out total power exchange. It could possible that a partner may be interested in discovering adventurous ways of sexual expression, might feel guilty of or shamed by these inner desires, and would hesitate to share with or suggest such new ideas of erotic play with their regular partner. Total power exchange between couples is a great way to springboard your introduction to rough sex.

If you’re having feelings of uncertainty toward your partner, or there is a lack of communication about sexual matters, maybe it’s time you start to gently ease him or her into the idea that rough sex would be great for your relationship. It’s all about mutual benefit so it follows that if your lover finds out there’s plenty pleasure to go round, then he/she would be happy to join in!

So what is total power exchange, and how can it be used to develop your erotic and sexual escapades?

Starting up on total power exchange, couples should first strive to get through barriers and past notions which can hinder you both from having sexual experiences which are maximized as well as safe.

This is not to say that couples have to try everything; there are some kinds of sexual outlets which you may find appealing or have even fantasied about, while there are some that will repel you with the very idea. Partners, lovers, couples will do well to clarify interests and make up their minds what kind relationship they have.

Is it one that’s sexually bold and open to new experiences or one where one or both parties like to keep it simple and traditional, and “normal”? If you and your partner find you are ever ready to spark up your sex life with fresh ideas and charged-up themes then you just might be interested in total power exchange.

This kind of relationship speaks for itself really: it’s the utter and complete giving of oneself up to the pleasure of another. This exchange occurs between two persons and gives the power holder the control to do anything and at any time, and the other party can’t do anything about it. Why would two people wish to enter such an “arrangement” or exchange?

It’s certainly an extreme form of play whereby a lot of trust is required so that there is no chance of the power being abused. Is it for everyone? Maybe not. Many don’t really understand the part where someone’s only focus is to please their partner, putting everything at their disposal. It involves virtually putting one’s life in the hands of another and letting their control permeate all aspects of everyday living such as finances, job and even appearance.

Some sexual relationships already have some sort of inter-dependency elements anyway. This involves making the other party’s pleasure your only true interest, so that you’d be willing to drop everything just to be there to make that person happy. It could also simply involve asking a partner’s permission to do this or that. So in truth it’s not really much of a big deal for some couples to work out a power exchange theme to switch things up sexually.

People who are deeply committed and trustworthy are great for this kind of relationship. It needs to be talked out and discussed at length as you decide just what you’re ready to give up completely. Everything should be spelled out carefully but in an open-minded manner. You need to let each other know how you truly feel about it.

Total-Power-Exchange-Rough-SexSince total power exchange gives absolute powers then it’s only proper that you do it for all the right reasons. Are you interested simply because it puts someone at your complete disposal especially for sex? Or is it for giving a feeling of security, responsibility and care to another? A partner shouldn’t give in to the urge of turning the other partner into some kind of sex doll. And neither should the controlled partner become a mindless shell but should be free to give opinions and be expressive throughout the scene.

Total power exchange is a gift that offers as much a mental as well as physical connection for both partners. In essence, they stop being a “couple” but act as two parts of a whole. They seek deeper levels of security and permanence that aren’t found in traditional relationships. In fact every part of their lives, including their thoughts and deeds, reflects the existence of a total power exchange.

This is indeed a formidable feat for both partners to embark on at any level. It takes a very long period to build up the trust required. Partners must be strong and independent themselves before they can consider relinquishing or accepting such from another.

Partners can enjoy the erotic elements of total power exchange without actually making it a way of life. It’s simply a great opportunity to expand a conventional sex life. In the real sense of the word, this kind of exchange does not give room for safewords as it gives absolute power. It involves a system of negotiated co-dependence and partners in mainstream relationships can enjoy the relevant components and need not turn it into a lifestyle.

For those who live it, it is not merely related to sex, and can either be a give-and-take arrangement or something more total where one controls everything from the way the partner eats, sleeps, works to using the bathroom!

Total power exchange can be a lot of things to the adventurous couple; however a balance must be struck so that no resentment ensues. It is a highly romantic environment where deep love is meant to be practiced and total trust displayed. This in no way turns one partner into a doormat nor makes the other a “god” in the relationship; partners definitely remain vulnerable to each other.

Couples tend to restrict total power exchange to the bedroom where one partner is allowed to make all the decisions for the duration of the session. There really is no textbook guide to this and partners basically work out what they find stimulating and exciting as they exchange as much or as little control as they wish.

With total power exchange one partner in a relationship can give in to the fantasy of being “owned”, which is a huge turn on for a lot of people. It may involve being sexually enslaved or controlled but this is meant only for as long as the play lasts. Behind closed doors, lovers feel free to explore the elements of absolute power exchange.

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