Exercises to Improve Your Breasts

We all know that no great things are achieved without ounces of effort. Well, we’re not talking about building spaceships, but we do need to work out if we want our bust to look good. No doubt, there are plenty of external help that you can get but look within you; your body is actually wired to improve your breast, if only you know how to tap into it. And it doesn’t even take much of your time and costs nothing with these easy exercises to improve your breasts!

Here are the top 3 easy exercises to improve your breasts:

Give them a push-up

breast push upYou hear this from military-themed movies; “drop down and give me ten!” This exercise is definitely not for punishment but push-ups improve your breasts. The first step is to bend your elbows, placing your palms on the floor just slightly to the side and in front of your shoulders. Then bend your elbows and lower your entire body at once and push back up. If you’re just starting out, you can do it by pressing against the wall while standing.

Now, do the pull-in

breast exerciseThe feeling when you do a stretch after an hour at your desk is great isn’t it? Next time when you intend to stretch, do the pull-in instead by stretching your arms straight out in front of you, keeping it at the shoulder level. Next, clench your fists and pull in towards the shoulder, imagining that you are pulling strenuously. This move will further improve your breasts if you do it lying on your back holding a dumbbell or anything of equal weight (water bottle, canned food).

For breasts’ looks and health

breast massageYou’re intent on keeping your breasts in great shape, right? Gain more benefits from a massage by combining a Breast Self Examination (BSE) with this practice. As you’re doing a full BSE by checking for unusual lumps or hardness in the breast, follow up with massaging your breasts a little longer with a moisturizer or breast cream. It does not matter whether you massage clockwise or anticlockwise, as it does not make breasts sag, contrary to popular belief. By combining 2-in-1, you are able to maintain your breasts’ suppleness and shape, and at the same time, constantly check for any abnormalities in your breasts that will enable you to seek advice immediately, if required.

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