The Signs He is in Love

Want to know the signs he is in love? The good news is, it’s pretty hard to keep such a strong emotion cleverly concealed and the signs are usually pretty obvious. Love comes in all different shapes and sizes and also varying extremes and usually people express it as a means of happiness and joy.

But what if you’re in a situation where a certain someone in your life is less than loving and less than pleasant even to the point of just being mean? Well, they say the closest thing to love is hate so if someone is exhibiting all the signs of hate or extreme dislike towards you, well maybe just maybe they are hiding secret feelings not only from you but also themselves.

The signs he is in love are not always as obvious as they seem. Here we look at the two extremes.

Loving Signs He Is In Love

  • Depending on his love language he presents you with grand gestures of love like lavish gifts or expensive getaways. Or surprises you with the smallest, kindest most thoughtful acts.
  • He always goes out of his way to help or assist you. He does things for you that he wouldn’t ordinarily want to do, but it gives him an excuse to see you again, or he gets enjoyment from doing things for you. You can see that it’s genuine and not forced.
  • Usually his body language will be a big give away and male body language flirting will ensure that he touches you at every possible moment. This will range from sexual touch, to cute flirting, to loving or even protective touching to let you know he cares.
  • He’s willing to go to places he absolutely hates just because he knows you’ll be there or that it’s important to you. If you’re just friends, he proudly introduces you to his friends and family as his friend and if you are officially together, he has no problem proclaiming your relationship to the world.
  • He’s always the gentleman and always treats you like a lady and most importantly as his lady.
  • He listens and genuinely cares. He wants to be active in your life and share the up’s and downs.
  • Even if you don’t need looking after, he looks after you, looks out for you and gets happiness from doing his best to make you happy.
  • And for the super romantics out there, he might even makes you an old fashioned mix tape with a list of love songs, just for you. Or if he’ s soft and dreamy he might send you long love letters, cute I love you quotes, or cute short love poems to let you know he’s yours.

Love On The Flip Side

  • He pays no attention to you, even when you make an effort to greet him by being polite or civil. Simply he very rudely ignores you, pretends you are not there and talks to someone else instead.
  • He makes fun of you, acts like child and teases you but not in a joking kind of way.
  • He puts you down, and acts out on anything you may have said, turning it into something you didn’t mean or never intended.
  • His demeanor changes whenever you are there. Usually a pretty clear sign that instead of actually disliking you like he pretends to be, he’s actually quite intimated by your presence and the only way he knows how to┬ádeal with it, is by showing an intense dislike for you.
  • He complains about you to other people, or complains about you when you are there.

A man fall in loveSome of these mentioned are not signs he is in love but are simply the actions of someone who just does not like you. But combined together, consistently with emotion behind them it’s a pretty good indication that someone does have feelings for you, they simply don’t know how to express it.

Just remember that sometimes love or deep feelings present themselves in different ways. Depending on the situation, the individuals involved and the particular circumstances, sometimes the signs he is in love are not depicted in a positive way. If you’re not sure how someone feels about you, sometimes you need to read between the lines, peel back the surface and really get to the core of what’s going on. Because some people don’t have the emotional maturity and love experience to connect with people the way they truly desire.

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