Female Hysteria

Women Crying, A Wandering Uterus & Pelvic Massage… Now Really??

When you think of female hysteria by today’s standards, you might let it fall in to a number of categories. From a group of women finding themselves in an uncontrollable fit of laughing hysterics, to perhaps the kind of female hysteria that is only found when there is a designer shoe sale.

The term female hysteria however has a much more checkered and particularly peculiar past, with it once being a commonly diagnosed disease. Found exclusively in women, female hysteria was widely associated with sexual dissatisfaction, the cause of which was believed to be the stresses of modern day life that drove civilized women to nervous disorders that resulted even more bizarrely in faulty reproductive tracts.

Symptoms of female hysteria included women crying, faintness, nervousness, insomnia, fluid retention, heaviness in abdomen, muscle spasm, shortness of breath, irritability, loss of appetite for food or sex, to name just a few.

Although female hysteria was mostly predominant in the 17th century, the frenzy of female hysteria actually started in ancient times with the word hysteria coming from the Greek word ‘hystera’ meaning uterus. The ancient Greeks believed that the womb wasn’t set inside the body but rather wandered aimlessly throughout ‘looking for trouble’ and causing ‘disturbances’ of the uterus. All of which were believed to be a product of a woman’s womb becoming light and dry due to a lack of bodily fluids.

So serious was the threat of female hysteria in ancient times that even as far back as 500BC, Greek woman used Oblisbos, which were phallic shaped objects made of wood or leather as dildos to curb their shameless female desire. Going hand in hand with another Greek staple, olive oil, (the best lubricant of the day,) Obslisbos, were commonly given to wives by their husbands before leaving on long journeys or fighting in war, with the belief that the absence of their sperm would cause ‘hysteria’ in their women.

Fast-forward to the 17th century, an age where sex toys were considered taboo, there was no hope of husbands handing out Obslisbos and masturbation and rubbing were frowned upon, and apparently there were a lot of hysterical women around! With female hysteria becoming so out of control (an estimated 75 percent of the then female adult population) and living in an era where husbands were simply not competent enough to sexually satisfy their wives, crazily it was up to your local hero, your GP to free you from the mass hysteria and ‘the evil inside’.

Female Hysteria Symptons

Yes you read that correctly. It was up to your GP to stimulate you in his doctor’s office, to the point of orgasm. Instead of it being deemed natural or suitable to touch yourself in the comfort and privacy of your own home, it was perfectly acceptable for your doctor to treat you for female hysteria with a weekly ‘pelvic massage’ that included manually stimulating your genitals until you experienced repeated ‘hysterical paroxsyn’ or orgasm.

It can really make you wonder if this was all morally correct, especially for the times. It was of course, all legitimized by being carried out by ‘medical professionals’ who made the process entirely proper. A bit of rubbing by a doctor was deemed perfectly acceptable because it didnt involve actually inserting anything inside the vagina. (a procedure that was not yet deemed medically proper).

This form of hysteria treatment continued right through until the late 1800’s when the dedicated and tireless doctors turned to the first vibrators that were made to assist with stimulation. It was simply too exhausting and incredibly time consuming to be able to manually pleasure hysterical women all day. And funnily enough, not all physicians had the stamina, patience, nor the skill, to rouse their patients to the release of hysterical paroxsym every time!

Not surprisingly, ‘female hysteria’ is no longer considered a disease and has no place in modern medicine. It can certainly make you wonder though just how ‘hysterical’ women were back then, or just how professional or deluded men really were, masking their perversion behind their medical profession. Clearly the point can always be raised, if paroxysm was the only cure for hysteria, why weren’t women taught how to masturbate and cure themselves… purely for medical reasons of course.

On the flip side, it wouldn’t be surprising just how many ‘female hysteria’ hypercondriac’s there were, with women feigning the symptoms simply so their doctors could do what their husbands could not.

As perverse and as disgusting as it may sound to have your doctor touch in a sexual and non-medical way, there would definitely be women who would have shielded a secret excitement for their weekly pelvic massage. With no rubbing, touching, or masturbation of any kind allowed. No lubricant, sex toys, magazine pin up boys, no sex education and men who didn’t know anything about female anatomy let alone how to give a woman an orgasm… well no wonder the women were hysterical!

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