The Only Secret Sex Tip

What is the one thing that will improve your sex life, make you happier and make you irresistible to men? No, you don’t have to go blonder, taller, thinner or younger. It’s so simple that you will wonder why it has taken you so long to catch on.

Ok, I will let you into the secret: confidence! If you can love yourself first then you become attractive to everyone else. Think about who you know that is sexy, attractive, popular. Now think about how confident that person is, I will guarantee that high self esteem is their secret ingredient.

Kim Kardashian, Shakira or J Lo are considered to be the most desirable women on the planet, can you imagine if they shuffled around with their heads down thinking they looked fat? Do they suffer from a crisis of self doubt? No they do not. J Lo’s bum could be considered to be on the ample side, if she walked around all day telling everyone that she thought her bum was too big and she wanted to lose weight would she still look as attractive?

Being attractive isn’t about face value, the most sexy men on the planet are not always good looking. Sex appeal is an aura that exudes from within. Some of the most sexually irresistible men I have known have been pretty unattractive, but they were dynamite in bed. They had confidence, in buckets. And that’s what is so appealing because it rubs off on you and everyone wants more of it.

You can be your own worst enemy. Why would you want to draw attention to the worst bits of your body by constantly moaning about them. Take a tip form the glamorous and make the most of what you have got. It might be you have amazing boobs or fantastic legs or luscious, sexy lips, find your best feature and emphasize it. Also dress to impress, ditch the fashion following disasters and focus on what works for your body. The effects will be immediate.

Now stand up tall, and smile seductively. The trick to this is thinking about something very naughty or what you would like Daniel Craig to do to you in the shower. If you look like you have a sexy secret on your lips you will become intriguing: everyone loves a secret and if you look like the cat that’s got the cream people will begin to look at you in a new way – what is it that she has that is so delicious? Why is it that as soon as you meet a new man others start to show interest? That’s because you start to glow with happiness and exude confidence; it draws others to you like bees to honey.

When it comes to sex and being dynamite in bed you don’t need to know the kamasutra back to front or be more flexible than a ballerina. The real secret to blowing men away in the sack is being confident in your own skin and comfortable enough to say what you like and what you don’t like. Don’t cower under the duvet on the edge of the bed; undress seductively holding his gaze, run your hands over your body like you are touching something very expensive, then lie back on the bed in a seductive pose and a come get me look. If you do this he will think you are the best he has ever had.

If you can create an aura of seductive confidence around yourself I can guarantee you will be irresistible to men.

Published by Rosie Raphaelle

Her mission is to show women how to have fun, safe and meaningful sex. Her sex tips articles has been published in many women's magazines.

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