Rear Entry Sex Positions

Rear entry sex positions is both hot and primal! Here we look at the most pleasurable sex positions from behind for mutual genital joy.

Rear Entry Sex Positions

1. Doggy Position

Simply, kneel and be done in this classic rear entry sex position! Doggy is a dominant male position for lovers of penetration it’s great for deep, hard thrusting while providing a powerful visual for men. However, what makes it one of the most amazing sex positions is that women also totally love it too for all the satisfaction it brings. And the reason is that its one of the most pleasurable sex positions for both clitoral, g spot or orgasms. Climax can be achieved by your partner leaning forward to stimulate your clitoris with their hand, or by rubbing and inserting a finger in your bum, or by touching yourself. This rear entry sex position is also great for double penetration with the use of a dildo can also be achieved here be accomplished with a good hard continual banging of his balls against your clitoris.

2. Reverse Figure Eight

This is just as hot as the Figure Eight except this time he enters you from behind as you lay on your stomach. What makes it one of the most pleasurable sex positions is the tight beautiful squeeze created as you cross your legs. Slow languid movements of circles, figure eights or regular deep luxurious thrusting with gentle licking or kissing of your ear will again leave you shuddering in exquisite delight.

3. The Customs Officer

you are wondering what are good sex positions for sexual role play then the customs officer is definitely is definitely at the top of the list. This rear entry sex position requires you to face forward on a table with one leg hitched up on the side. Your man then enters you while doing a full body search. Hot! It’s also one of the most amazing sex positions from behind for clitoral, or anal stimulation.

4. The Drop and Give Me 20

This rear entry sex position is similar to doggy but the difference is in the angle. Lay on your stomach with your upper body weight supported by lying on your forearms, with your hips tilted in to the air. Your man enters you from this angle for deep tight penetration.

6. The Beginners Swimming Lesson

Both kneel on the floor, with your upper body supported by the edge of the bed. While lifting and cocking one of your legs to the side, he holds your lifted inner thigh and enters you from behind. This is great with either slow languid movements or deep hard thrusts.

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