Waiting or wondering about your first time orgasm can be confusing, frustrating and trying. How do you know what it feels like, how do you know what you’re doing is right, and how do you even know how to have an orgasm at all, if you don’t really know what it is?

Unfortunately there is no complete how to guide, or definitive checklist to experiencing your first time orgasm. What you can do though is familiarize yourself as to what female orgasm really is, what it entails, what it can feel like, and also just as importantly what you feel after the moment of orgasm. If you have an understanding of what it’s all about, it will help you to recognize when you do actually have one.

What Does It Feel Like?

It’s very difficult to put in to words what an orgasm feels like. Much like any other physical feeling or emotion, unless you have experienced it before you can only really imagine what it is like. Varying descriptions can include: A sexual quiver deep inside a woman’s vagina, or a feeling of sexual warmth that spreads throughout your body. It can also be described as starting out as a small sexual tingle that develops in to a body encompassing magical rush that takes over your whole entire body. Sounds pretty good right? But how do you make your body do that?

Orgasm occurs physically when you experience the following:

  • An intensified heart rate or blood pressure
  • Increased muscle tension
  • Deepened, labored or more excited breathing
  • A flush to your skin.

These physical signs are the body’s response to sexual excitement. Yes, they feel really good however they are not what orgasm actually feels like, but rather what you experience on your way to having an orgasm. They are the result of the build of up of great foreplay and are the indicators that your body is reaching the point of climax.

Climax is the end result, or another word for orgasm. The reason that orgasm is referred to as climax is because these physical reactions during sex are the culmination of sexual energy that continues to build and build as you become more aroused. When the energy finally reaches it peak, it can no longer be contained and orgasm can be described as when all this sexual energy bursts in to a wonderful wave all over your body.

I Think I’ve Had One

The general consensus about first time orgasm is that if you’ve had one then you would definitely know. However, if the whole sex game is entirely new to you, or you didn’t even know that orgasm existed or didn’t really understand what it was, then it is possible that a cheeky orgasm could have snuck up on you without you even realizing it. It’s really the more sexually experienced woman who knows the difference between thinking you’ve had one, and knowing that yes, you definitely have had your first time orgasm.

Experiencing a first time orgasm will be different for every woman. It may take the time and patience of a more experienced lover to help you reach your sexual heights. Or, it could be the result of some well-practiced masturbation and for some, first time orgasm could even be completely accidental. One day you’re having sex as usual without any extra effort on either partner’s part, and then boom! A body shaking orgasm breaks all over your body leaving you wondering, where did that come from, how did it happen and how can I have one again?

How Can I Tell If I’ve Definitely Had An Orgasm?

One things for sure, when you have had an orgasm, you will be left with a ‘sex flush’ or an after glow. A natural rosy blush around a woman’s cheeks or chest, combined with an ‘Ahhhh’ like after feeling. The magical thing about orgasm is not only does it feel truly wonderful when you’re having one, the after effects can be equally as pleasurable.

Intense female orgasm puts your body in to a deep relaxation and while for men’s climax, this usually means falling asleep after all their hard work, for women all those bursting energy particles release endorphins that result in a warm, happy womanly radiance. Endorphins are small, protein molecules produced by cells in your nervous system and when released can lead to feelings of euphoria that can give you a real buzz.

Endorphins really are like bubbles of happiness bursting and tingling all over your body and they definitely can have some funny or quirky effects on women after sex. Some different types of feelings women can enjoy from after orgasm endorphins are; a contented and relaxed feeling of closeness with your partner, the need to cuddle up closely, or the need to talk and connect about all these wonderful feelings you are experiencing. Or for some it could even give them little giggles, or give you the need to natter on about well, nothing really, but just leave you rambling on in your own happy after sex way. If you are feeling or experiencing any of these things after sex, it’s a very good indication that you indeed have had your first time orgasm.

Different Types Of Orgasms

There are different types of orgasms that you can experience and no first time orgasm will be the same. It could happen to you in a little wave, or it could be a huge tsunami that crashed in from nowhere. You won’t know for sure how it will happen for you because orgasms even when you are having them regularly come in all different shapes and sizes. Sometimes small, medium and pleasant, or perhaps cheeky little orgasms that may catch you by surprise. And other times when you are feeling particularly sensual, or are feeling a very intense sexual connection with your partner (or even just yourself) you can have body shaking orgasms that really rock you to your core.

Ways To Assist With First Time Orgasm

Learning how to have an orgasm should be a fun exercise and like anything else needs to be practiced, to be perfected. For some, masturbation is the key or using a sex toy can help to bring your body to climax. For others it will take a good partner and their touch, instead of your own to help you experience an electric orgasm.

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