Please Your Man

Learn How to Please Your Man Visually, Sexually and Emotionally with these savvy tips!

Dress To Kill

It’s no surprise that men like women who look good. So if you want to know how to please your man, a good place to start is by taking pride in your appearance. Men are visuals beasts and nothing catches their eye like simple tits and arse. So dress to kill and feed the visual beast with your best assets. Pleasure you man by tangling that visual carrot in front of his nose, and that donkey will definitely follow you home.

Lady Lumps

Knowing how to please your man is recognizing that your breasts are the most beautiful gift that just keeps on giving and giving. Tiny mounds or mountainous peaks even arse men love a bit of boob. Pleasure your man by using them to their best advantage whatever their size. And even if he’s seen them a thousand times, put on a tight fitting v-neck top that reveals just the right amount of sexy cleavage, and he simply won’t be able to keep his eyes off you.


Most men are truly infatuated by the female bum. And not just because it’s lovely and round, or something to grab on to, but mostly as it provides the option of an additional orifice to penetrate! Please your man by making it look the very best it can be. Wear a pair of heels for an instant butt lift and to elongate your legs. Find jeans that make it look nothing other than hot and definitely keep your man happy.

Pretty Feet in High Heels

You don’t need to go overboard in skyscrapers but even the slight click clack of a woman strutting her stuff in a pair of heels is incredibly sexy. A sign of absolute femininity, men just love a pair of pretty feet in high heels. You can please your man by becoming sex on legs with an added bonus of a great butt lift and the illusion of longer leaner legs.

Initiate Sex

One of the easiest lessons on how to please your husband is initiating sex. It boosts his ego and makes him feel wanted and loved while you both benefit from mixing up your sexual routine. Pleasure your man by making him feel hot, lusted after and desired. Keep your man happy by letting him know that you need him sexually just as much as he needs and wants you. Make it fun by jumping him when he comes home, wake him in the middle of the night or seduce him in the morning.

Undress in Front of Him

You’ve made an excellent effort to put on the kind of clothes he likes, but now its time to seal the deal and take them off! If you’ve had your spectacular cleavage out all evening then he’s been thinking about this moment all night. Undress casually yet slowly in front of him and give him the image he’s been waiting for.

Perform a Bedroom Striptease

If you’ve mastered undressing in front of him, nothings going to please your man more than going a step further and performing a sexy striptease. Know how to please your man by tempting, taunting and tantalizing with your sexual strip, before letting him finally touch and undress you, like opening a special present just for him.

Give Good Head

One of the best ways to pleasure your man is with your lips so pucker up ladies, it’s time to lick it, suck it, kiss it, fuck it. It’s all about his man zone and what you’re doing with it. That means now, in a years time and definitely in ten years time when you still want to know how to please your husband!

Satisfy His Pride

Like women men need to feel wanted so keep your man happy by telling him he looks great and that he makes you feel wonderful. Men also love to be touched so a bit of cheeky, inappropriate touching will not go by unrewarded. A little grab or rub here or there while he’s cooking you dinner or cleaning up, will definitely pay dividends to keep you man happy and help make him feel loved.

Remove The Pressure to Perform

There’s no bigger blow to a man when simply he cannot get it up. It happens to everyone at some point or the other, so take it easy and try not to pressure him. He could be stressed, tired or maybe even a little intimidated by you. All good things come to those who wait, so give him some time and he’ll be raring to go.

Love Him

If you really want to know how to please your man, just love him. Let him know he’s your number one. Make him laugh, cook him dinner, give him a kiss and bring him a beer.

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