Better Sex Guide to Reduce Female Sexual Dysfunction

Better Sex Guide

Here is s better sex guide to help you relax and enjoy stress-free intimate moments with your partner. Here you’ll find helpful advice on before, during and after sex, as well as additional information on: sexercise, cardio exercise, pelvic contraction and flexibility.

Before Sex

Having sex encompasses far more than just a singular focus on coital intercourse. It takes practice and patience from both parties to make it a rewarding experience.


1. Plan Ahead

It is always good to find time and plan ahead to inject some romantic and sensual elements into sex.

Having a candle light dinner, watching romantic movies or taking a stroll in the park while holding hands can bring back fond memories.

Aromatic scents, oil massages and erotic movies could also be helpful to some women and their partners. Wearing sexy lingerie can make a person feel sexier and set the mood for sex.

good-comunication2. Good Communication

Communication is essential in any relationship. A woman should open up and engage with her partner by sharing and practicing those things that may arouse the feeling of sexiness and evoke desire.

place3. Place

Having sex should be in a place where it is safe and comfortable. Being adventurous is okay so long as both of you can perform with ease.

During Sex

relax1. Relax

Whenever you are engaged in sex try to put all your worries away. Being all tensed up, trying to rush it or worrying too much may simply kill the moment. Relax and try not to stress yourself.

to-talk-not-talk2. To talk or not to talk

Talking is essential in any relationship. A woman should open up and engage with her partner by sharing and practicing those things that may arouse feelings of sexiness and evoke desire.

After Sex

There are no right or wrong things to do after sex. Some might choose to just lie down and sleep, while some might just go straight to the toilet or kitchen. Others might choose to spend time talking and recalling the moments.

Post-coital pleasers, as a matter fact, can leave a sexy impression and help to create a satisfying experience.

on-bed1. On The Bed

Check if he is falling asleep or keen to continue with some intimate conversation. Men and women have different biological needs and responses after sex.

Following intercourse, a man could be totally exhausted with his brain going into a state of rest. While on the other hand, a woman usually feels more refreshed or stimulated and could crave bonding.

So, ladies, do not get all worked up if you hear snoring. Just let it be and cuddle him or snuggle up a bit if you want to. If he wants to grab a bite or take some fresh air (or even smoke, though not fresh in the literal sense), let him be or join him.

light-stuff2. Light stuff

One good way is to lie down face to face with him and do some light touching (this does not necessarily extend to the genitals).

If you are all energized, you could offer him a light back and shoulder massage. If he needs to re-hydrate, a glass of water might help. Small talk like recounting what sexy moves turned you on the most could help. If he is up for round 2, go for it!

shower-for23. A Shower for 2

Pulling your man into a hot shower could overpower his post-coital crash response. Not only is it proper hygiene, the soaping session and hot water running through both your bodies could help you relax and refresh. He could get sufficiently aroused (again) and voila, another round of hot steamy shower sex does not seem like a bad idea!

You can now enjoy all the above in total confidence, knowing the frustration, worry and apprehension are things of the past. No more arguments, battles or bitterness, just sexy fun, loving and intimacy … exactly the way it should be.

Sex and Your Body – Better Sex Guide


According to the NHS Direct website, “sexercise” can lower the risk of heart attacks and help people live longer.

Endorphins released during orgasm stimulate immune system cells, which also help target illnesses like cancer, as well as wrinkles, it states.

“Sex uses every muscle group, gets the heart and lungs working hard, and burns about 300 calories an hour.” The advice suggests “regular romps this winter” could lead to a better body and a younger look.

Increased production of endorphins “will make your hair shine and your skin smooth,” it adds. “If you’re worried about wrinkles – orgasms even help prevent frown lines from deepening.”

The better sex guide article goes on to say that orgasms release “painkillers” into the bloodstream, which helps keep mild illnesses like colds, and aches and pains at bay. The production of extra estrogen and testosterone hormones “will keep your bones and muscles healthy, leaving you feeling fabulous inside and out”.


Cardio Exercise

Just like any physician would recommend, cardio endurance is essential to good health while keeping certain diseases at bay. Try to follow the 30 x 3 ruling – aim for three times a week with each session lasting more than 30 minutes.

So even though your heart’s not in it now, it soon will be. Here’s a little better sex guide to make sure you really make the most of your new found enthusiasm…

For enthusiastic sex, you’ll need some cardio endurance. It won’t be any fun if you bonk out halfway through. Shoot for 3 or 4 days of cardio exercise like running, walking, swimming or whatever floats your boat and your partner will thank you.

Sex also requires a little endurance. You may find yourself holding…err…unusual positions for short periods of time, so conditioning your body can be a plus for longer lasting sex. For endurance, you’ll need to lift lighter weights for more repetitions. Check out some endurance workouts and get conditioned for sex.

As long as we’re talking about holding yourself in position, we might as well cover muscular strength, which is something else you’ll need. Your muscles will be contracting like crazy no matter what position you’re in, so it pays to be in shape to avoid nasty leg or foot cramps. For strength, you’ll need to lift heavier weights for fewer repetitions.

Flexibility can enhance anyone’s sex life by making it a bit easier to get into your favourite position with a minimum amount of fuss. Why not try a little Yoga to get you in the mood?


Pelvic Contraction

Exercising the muscles in the pelvic floor is said to enhance your vaginal grip and improve orgasms. Commonly known as the Kegel Exercise, named after its founder Dr Arnold Kegel, this exercise is usually recommended for pregnant women and those suffering from incontinence and vaginal prolapse.

It is not hard to do once you acquire the skills and techniques. The rule of “use it or lose it” applies to every single muscle, and that includes your pelvic muscle and vagina. So, do not forget to work out these muscles especially when it costs you nothing!

To read more detail check out this article:


Undeniably, a little bit of flexibility can make it a lot easier to get into your desired position without fuss. If you think this extra ability to bend is only meant for those in the younger generations who are into tantric sex, think again!

Let us not forget that added flexibility in your body seems to be a sure-fire way to help prevent painful joints and body aches when you get older. Thus, it makes perfect sense to incorporate a bit of stretching, Pilates or Yoga into your exercise regime the next time.

For an in depth article on yoga for increased flexibility:

Tips For an Erotic Hand Job

Tips For an Erotic Hand Job

A mans love truncheon is his pride and joy and while usually they are willing to let almost anyone have go with it, you can set yourself aside from the rest by learning to how give hand job with these erotic hand job tips.

Hand Job Tips

The Soft and Subtle

The soft and subtle is best performed as a naked hand job as there’s nothing quite like the soft skin to skin touch of light gentle strokes to relax and calm your man before building the intensity. The best hand job techniques for this start with setting the scene for the bigger and better things yet to come. se ever so light touches, and barely there strokes to brush your hand over his penis and scrotum. Use stronger strokes and massage his inner thighs before gently using the tips of your nails to run the back of you hand back up his penis. You can even gently rub or tap his scrotum and tickle his anus.

The Twister

The twister is a great alternative to the regular up and down hand movements. Use it by holding on to his penis and with plenty of lubricant and rotating your wrist around and around and up and down the length of his manhood. You can do this slowly and methodically as a slow build up or with stronger and faster movements. Just be mindful of your nails as you go.

The Hard Fist Pump

Every man loves a hard fist pump and it’s great to use when bringing on the final showdown when you know the end is near. Take a firm grip, and apply the pressure he desires as you begin to pump it with a sharp jabbing motion of your arm up and down. Ensure you use plenty of lubricant as not to hurt him as this can become quite intense but pump it hard almost like you are milking a cow!

The Fire Starter

The fire starter is an erotic hand job that is great for heating things up and creating different sensations for your man. With plenty of lube rub his penis with your hands together like you are trying to start a fire with a stick. Use different speeds and tempos to rub his penis this way up and down the shaft, or by holding it right at the top to stimulate all those wonderful nerve endings sitting on the tip.

Want to see ‘hands on’ how to make different sensations with your hands? Check out these fun video instructions teaching various tips and tricks and Hand Job Techniques

Double Action Stimulation

Double action stimulation is one of the best hand job techniques. Hold his penis with your preferred hand and use methodical movements to keep it going at your desired pace. Then use your other hand to massage his scrotum or around his perineum at the same time.

The Pinch and Squeeze

Although most people focus on stimulating the length of the penis, don’t forget that it’s at the very tip where the most magic happens. Use your thumb and index finger to rub around the very top of the fingers where all those wonderful nerve endings are. You can even massage his scrotum with the other hand while you do this for extra pleasure.

Erotic Hand JobGive Him The Finger

Inserting a finger in to his anus is not for everyone girl and it’s also not for every man. For this reason it’s always good to ask beforehand or you might give him quite the shock! If he’s up for it, make sure you lube up first and start with small circular motions around his perineum. Then slowly and gently insert your finger. The great thing about this is that you can hit his male g spot if you can insert your finger about three inches in and hit his prostate gland, giving him an erotic hand job he will always remember.

Massage Hand Job

Giving a massage hand job or Lingham Massage is truly a wonderful tool for any woman to have in her sexual bag of tricks. Its purpose is to prolong arousal before ejaculation and with practice men can develop controlling techniques to extend love making and separate orgasm from ejaculation, becoming multi orgasmic in the process. In addition to his, a massage hand job will also bring ample pleasure, promote his inner health and revitalize his whole body.

Add Vibration

Using a vibrator can add new life to even the most common hand job techniques. Depending on your mans preference you can either use it sparingly by not placing it directly on to the genital area but instead placing it on his stomach or inner thighs so he can feel the vibrations going through his body as you continue to manually stimulate him. Or if he prefers you can use it directly on his penis or even his anus.

These hand job techniques are fantastic for every woman but the best way to learn is from the master himself, and that’s your current squeeze. If he masturbates in front of you, pay attention to the way he does it, the strokes he uses and the pace he sets from the beginning to end. Use that along with these savvy tips to create your own personal hand job techniques for maximum pleasure.

What To Do When His Penis Is Too Big!

His Penis Is Too Big

Most women will profess that they love a nice friendly big fat penis. Something they can curl up with at night, snuggle in to, and ride and ride for hours on end in to a happy state of sexual oblivion. But what if his penis is too big? Like really, really big? So big that no matter which way you look at it, no matter what position you try, or even how much lube you use, the logistics of it all just don’t seem to work out.

In reality, (although there are exceptions to the rule), most women will actually prefer a good old-fashioned average penis. Not a penis so big that it feels like she’s being impaled or so wide as to tear at the sides. Because even though the vagina is remarkable, an extraordinary muscle to be able to give birth, that doesn’t mean you want to have to go through anything near that experience just to have sex. So what do you do when the man you love is insanely hung with a big fat penis and grinning and bearing it is just not a long-term viable option?

Length Vs Girth

When it comes to big penises and learning how to deal with them, usually they come in two varieties. Big as in long, which can cause discomfort to women feeling that their innards are being poked at like a large and accusatory finger every time they have sex. These penises tend to be on the thinner side, but are very lengthy instead.

When Penis is Too Big

Or, big as in wide, where the girth of the penis is rather, well fat. Sometimes this super-sized Willy can be referred to as a ‘Fat Sammy’ and not only can they cause problems with penetrative sex, they can also be a bit of a mouth full when you’re attempting oral sex. Usually these ones are on the shorter side and love to stick up at you like a stump. The problem with these ones is simply getting the big penis head in, and then enjoying it once it’s there.

And then there’s the big and long penis. These are really the Mac Daddy of the penis world, and men with big penises of this variety tend to be rather pleased with their appendages. The thing is, such penises can actually be useless to women because although it looks impressive there isn’t a lot he or she can do with it. Wide and long penises can be more of a hindrance because while it can be satisfying for a man to look at it every day, it’s unlikely that he would be as sexually satisfied as an average sized man, when no woman wants to go near it.

Long Penis

When you’re dealing with an extra large penis it’s your cervix that takes the brunt of it. The average size of the vagina is about five to seven inches long, depending on how much you are sexually aroused, so if your man is anything longer than this, it’s his big fat penis that is hitting the back of your cervix that is causing you discomfort or pain. For some it’s more painful than others but either way it’s not pleasant. The best way to deal with the extra long penis is by focusing on sex positions that limit the amount of depth, or avoiding the cervix all together.

Wide Penis

Dealing with a wide penis is a different story. In this instance, you will need to really focus on foreplay. When you think you’ve had enough, have some more! When it’s incredibly wide just the look of a big erect penis will have you tense up, especially if you have tried to insert it before without any luck. Together you will need to work on conditioning your vagina to stretch and accept his huge member. You can do this through fingering, by gradually increasing the number of fingers you feel comfortable with, or even using different sized sex toys to change things up a bit. With plenty of lube, and a relaxed mind, together, gently and without force you should be able to gradually accept him in to further.

Long & Wide Penis

If you’re dealing with a big fat penis that is exceptionally long and wide, you will of course need to apply both of these principles to enjoy a better sex life combined with a steely determination and maybe even a bit of luck.

Vibrator Techniques to Bring You an Orgasm

Vibrator Techniques to Bring You an Orgasm

There are many different vibrator techniques you can use to give yourself an orgasm. Essentially though, to get the most out of your toy you will need to use foreplay, sensual and varied touch, comfortable positioning, and lubricant, just as you would when having sex with a partner.

This article breaks down each of these important steps and shows you how the varied vibrator techniques, that just like a good lover, will firstly relax you, bring you to an exciting arousal and ultimately the big O.

Vibrator Techniques to Orgasm

Always Start With Foreplay

There are lots of different vibrator techniques you can use to make foreplay really exciting and lusciously fun with your toy. By placing it on any part of your body, not just your genitals, you can use it to arouse your erogenous zones to help make you feel super sexy, whilst preparing your body for the heavier stimulation to come.

You can do this by putting your toy on a low vibrating setting and placing it against your nipples. Or place your toy on a higher vibrating mode and just let it lie on your abdomen. This is a good way to awaken your sexual chakra by letting the vibrations pulse deep down in to your body. Alternatively you can place it between your thighs until you start to feel that lovely tingling or throbbing sensation between your legs. The idea of these of course is to relax you and slowly get your mind and body in the mood.

Establishing Contact

Vibrators are built for vibrating but to really build your sexual desire, they are also really good to use firstly for rubbing. Use it to rub against your vagina and along your clitoris. Or rub and twist it around the opening of your vagina, dipping it only just slightly inside then rubbing it up against your clitoris again. The idea of these vibrator techniques is to really get you going, before you press that little switch and the vibrating begins. Rubbing is also particularly handy if you find you need a break from the vibrating. You can go back to rubbing to slow things down a bit, before building the momentum back up again.

Don’t Forget Your Fingers

Using your vibrator as above is great to get things going but you don’t always have to use these vibrator tips to get you in to the sexual swing of things. Your fingers are already your own inbuilt sex toys, so use them in conjunction with your toy to build your arousal. Sometimes it works best to start out with some regular fingering or fondling, or use your fingers on yourself, as your vibrator happily vibrates on the outside of your body.

Choose Your Position

It’s really important to find a position that is comfortable for your vibrator use. Try using it just when you’re lying on your back, or straddle, or lie on it, as if you are in doggy position. There is no right or wrong way or position to use your toy, so find what feels good for you and go with it.

Up The Tempo

You should really be aroused by now with these vibrator techniques, so it’s time to up the tempo and turn that little switch on. Start out on a lower setting and use your vibrator to touch your clitoris, applying more pressure if it feels good. Rub it between your vaginal lips. Press it against your perineum, the small area between your vagina and anus. Try holding it against your anus. If it’s a penetrative vibe, insert it into your vagina. Wiggle it around in there, explore your vagina. Try different depths of penetration. Hold it just at the opening of the vagina. If there’s a larger head at the tip of the vibrator, try very shallow penetrations with just the tip. Or ride it with full penetrative thrusts just as you would a regular penis.

Focus On Clitoral Stimulation

Focus on working your way up to a clitoral orgasm. You can use various vibrator techniques to do this from rubbing the vibrator up and down your clitoris, or rotating it around. Experiment with changing the setting/speed of your toy to experience different vibration intensity, as well as applying varying pressures to your clitoris, allowing arousal to build. Remember to relax, breathe and relish in the sensations and power of your body.

Think Internal Not Just External Vibrations

Although for a lot of women it’s always going to be mostly about the clitoris, don’t limit yourself to just external vibrations. Try pushing your vibrator deep within your body, or sit on it like in doggy position while it is on the highest vibrating mode as you slowly grind your hips around and around. It might be too much for some just starting out, but this can be one of the best vibrator techniques to encourage a vaginal orgasm. Or If you have a g-spot vibe, experiment with twisting it around in your vagina to hit all the different spots.

Lube Up

Whichever way you use your bedroom sex toys, remember that you should always include lubricant. Unless you are lucky enough to become very wet through masturbation, you will enjoy your toy much more if it effortlessly slips and slides, hums and vibrates easily with your body. Be mindful that they’re made of an artificial material, that you are rubbing against your body or inserting inside, so it’s best to be well lubricated so the whole experience is enjoyable. If you don’t have any lube, a bit of old fashioned saliva will help, however it will dry out very quickly on your toy.

10 Tips To Prepare Your Body For Painless Anal Sex


If you want to know how to enjoy anal sex, then the best way is to learn how to prepare your body properly with our anal sex how to guide. Take each step slowly and only move on to the next step when you are absolutely ready.

Anal Sex How To – How To Have Anal Sex

  1. Learn to love your bum! Discover its secrets first on your own and only include a partner when you are comfortable and confident enough to do so.
  2. Don’t rush in to anything. Start by firstly inserting fingers to get your anus used to penetration before moving on to a vibrator, dildo or penis.
  3. Invest in an extra large tube of lube. It is absolutely essential from the time you are experimenting with your own fingers to engaging in full penetration.
  4. Get squeaky clean beforehand and prepare physically with a pre-sex bowel movement to avoid obsessing about the ‘what ifs’
  5. Include analingus as part of your foreplay to get your bum and mind ready for the bigger and better things yet to come.
  6. At the point of penetration, assist your partner by taking a deep breath in and then ‘pushing out’ as your partner pushes in.
  7. Be mindful that the internal sphincter is likely to only contract for about a minute before it tires and loosens allowing for pain free insertion.
  8. If at any point you are feeling pain, stop and retrace your steps. Your body probably wasn’t as well prepared as it should have been.
  9. Beware of anal sex dangers, especially cross contamination. Never use a sex toy or penis that has just been inserted into the anus in to the vagina.
  10. Practice, practice, practice and soon you will develop your very own anal sex techniques!

The Contraception Patch Advantages & Side Effects


Contraception patch

The Contraception patch, as the name suggests, is a small patch that sticks to the skin of the user and releases hormones into your bloodstream. It can be stuck on any part of the body such as the buttocks, abdomen, torso or arms. When used properly, the contraception patch has about a 99% success rate against unwanted pregnancy. This birth control device does not however protect against sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS.

How Does The Contraception Patch Work?

Contraceptive patches have three basic layers:

  • The outer layer – A protective layer made up of polyester.
  • The medicated central layer – This layer is adhesive in nature and sticks to the skin.
  • A protective lining – This layer is to be peeled off before applying.

Each patch has a life span of 7 days. When applied, the patch starts releasing two hormones i.e. estrogen and progestogen into the bloodstream through the skin. These hormones upon entering the blood stream work exactly like the pill and stop the ovaries from releasing the egg for fertilization, preventing the chance pregnancy. These hormones also do these additional tasks of :

Thickening the membrane surrounding the cervix and making it difficult for sperm to get into the womb.
Make the inner lining of the womb slimmer decreasing the likelihood of accepting a fertilized egg.

How To Use The Contraception Patch?

Like most forms of birth control you will need to obtain a prescription from a clinic to buy the contraception patch. Your doctor will be able to discuss with you if this is the best birth control method for you.

Before applying wash and dry a part of the skin where it is to be applied. Try and stick the patch at a different place every time to avoid any risk of irritation, and place it so that it is not affected by frequent changing of clothes and can comfortably stay unnoticed for a week. NEVER apply the contraceptiion patch on your breasts.

Peel away the packaging layer. Do not touch the medicated sticky surface and place it firmly on the spot where you want to stick it. Keep it pressed for about 10 seconds and ensure that the edges are stuck firmly.

Like the pill, you will need to use one patch per week for three continuous weeks. The patch shouldn’t be applied on the 4th week and this is when your menstrual period should start. Then, apply a new patch after seven days. It is extremely important to have a week off the patch during your menstrual period.

Contraceptive Patch Advantages

  • Similar to the effect of the combined pill, your regular periods will be lighter and less painful.
  • The hormones need not be absorbed by the stomach, as is the case of the pill, so your protection is not affected even if you are sick and vomit.
  • It doesn’t cause any hindrance in your sex life.
  • It greatly reduces the risk of cancer of the ovaries and womb.
  • It can be helpful towards premenstrual symptoms.

Contraception Patch : Side Effects

Some women experience certain uneasiness while using the contraception patch. This can be mainly due to the following reasons :

  • Irritation of skin where the patch is applied. This could be due to the negligence of repeated application of patch on the same spot.
  • There is irregularity in the occurrence of menstrual periods.
  • Breast tenderness : Though it has been strictly advised to never apply the patch on the breasts still this problem has been a major cause of concern.
  • Some women have reported difficulty in wearing contact lenses
  • Rise in the blood pressure of some women has also been reported
  • A lingering feeling of nausea and loss of diet.
  • There may be occasional headaches.
  • Menstrual cramps or pain in the abdominal region.

The Birth Control Patch Should Not Be Used By Women Who :

  • Smoke
  • Have high blood pressure
  • Have breast or uterine cancer
  • Have a history of blood clots
  • Have uncontrolled diabetes
  • Have a history of heart attack or stroke
  • Are allergic to hormones
  • Have diabetes
  • Have liver disease
  • Have unexplained vaginal bleeding

It should also be noted that just like the contraceptive pill, the contraception patch may not protect you from pregnancy if you are taking antibiotics or medications for fungal infections or seizures. The contraception patch may not prevent pregnancy if you weigh 198 pounds or more.

As with all bith control methods, always discuss with your doctor beforehand what the best contraceptive may be for you and each birth controls effectiveness in relation to your body. What may work perfectly for one woman may not work for you. Ensure you have all the facts before you make your decision and always use the contraception patch as specifically as prescribed.

Is The Diaphragm Contraceptive Right For You?


The diaphragm contraceptive is a birth control device that is a dome shaped soft substance usually made of latex with a spring inside the rim. It works when inserted inside the vagina and acts as a barrier between the cervix and an impending penis. The spring fits snugly against the walls of the vagina and when inserted correclty is not felt by the woman, or prodding penis.

A big draw card for using the contraceptive diaphragm is that it is an excellent alternative for women who have problems using condoms (such as those who suffer from an allergic reaction) or for those who are unable to use other forms of contraception like the pill or a birth control injection. The biggest draw back to the vaginal diaphragm though, is that some women can find it difficult to insert and remove or don’t like the idea of having to insert their finger in to their vagina to place or retrieve it, which can take some practice getting used to.

The diagphragm contraceptive is soft and very flexible and with practice and patience for the most part, can easily be folded and inserted in to the vagina without too much fuss. For complete protection, it must also be used in conjunction with a spermicial cream or gel. This is done to prevent sperm from accumulating around the walls of the diaphragm and therefore gives you the best protection possible. A diaphragm contraceptive without the spermicidal cream might not be as effective in preventing pregnancy.

Types of Diaphragms

There are two kinds of diaphragms:

  1. A Flat Ring Diaphragm: This type of vaginal diaphragm can be folded like an oval and then easily inserted. An applicator is also provided with it, which makes insertion a little more easier.
  2. An Arcing or Coil Spring Diaphragm: This type of diaphragm is a little hard to fold and forms an irregular circle when folded. However this diaphragm can be inserted with the fingers.

As every woman has a different vaginal size, diaphragms are also available in many sizes. For the best fit the diaphragm contraceptive should be fitted by a doctor or gynacologist.

Diaphragm Use

The diaphragm needs to be placed high up in your vagina so that it completely covers the cervix. The top end of the dome should go behind your cervix, and the bottom end of the dome should be affixed behind your pubic bone.

You will know when the diaphragm has been correctly placed as it will feel comfortable for you, and neither you or your parnter will be able to feel it during intercourse.

Removing the diaphragm requires a quick hook of your finger around the tip, allowing you to draw it out from inside.

After taking it out, it should be washed, dried and stored inside it’s box so as to avoid the chances of any infection while using it the next time.

Advantages Of Using The Contraception Diaphragm

There advantages of using the contraceptive diaphragm include :

  1. You can insert the diaphragm anytime before having sex that day. But if it is to be inserted for more than three hours then it should be applied with some extra spermicide before penetration.
  2. Unlike other contraception methods such as the pill, the diaphragm does not have any effect on a woman’s natural hormones.
  3. The barrier method of contraception is reversible so the fertility of the woman immediately returns upon removal.

The diaphragm is particularly useful when having sex on your period. It works as a barrier to block blood from escpaing which is partially useful if your guy gets queasy at the sight of blood. However, some will advise not to use it during your period.

It has very few side effects.

Disadvantages Of The Contraception Diaphragm

  1. The diaphragm must be used with spermicide for it to be most effective.
  2. If by mistake, the diaphragm stays inside your vagina for more than 24 hours, then you can put yourself at risk of catching a bacterial infection called toxic shock syndrome(TSS).
  3. Some women have reported mild allergic reactions to the latex or the applied spermicide.
  4. Some women find this method messy and inconvenient.
  5. The diaphragm does requires some pre-planning. It has to be in place before sex, however this pre-planning really isn’t any differnt from a man putting on a condom.

Diahragm birth control is not for everyone, and it’s a device that women tend to love or hate. Most notably due to the fact that it has advantages and disadvantages which are quite contrasting as opposed to other forms of birth control. Consult your doctor if think that the diaphragm contraceptive is the right choice for you.

Intrauterine Contraception Device

intrauterine contraception

Intrauterine contraception or an IUD, is a popular long term birth control device that is relatively no fuss for women. Also known as the contraceptive coil, it is available in two types, the hormonal and the copper IUD, both of which are inserted in to a woman’s uterus to prevent pregnancy.

The hormonal IUD is T shaped, made of plastic and once inserted releases small amounts of progestogen (a hormone similar to progesterone, naturally produced by the female body) directly in to the uterus.

Copper IUD’s are either made of copper or plastic and work in the same way although they do not release hormones.

Intrauterine Contraception Prevents Pregnancy By:

  • Averting sperm from travelling through the uterus and fertilizing eggs
  • Altering the lining of the uterus thus making it unsuitable for pregnancy
  • The hormonal IUD contraceptive also prevents sperm from entering the uterus by thickening the mucus of the cervix

Each form of intrauterine contraception is highly successful with copper IUD effectiveness at 99% and the hormonal IUD at 99.9% effectiveness. Both contraceptive IUD have their advantages and disadvantages that may or may not work with your body, however a huge benefit of using either form is that once inserted it cannot be felt by yourself or your partner. Although this can feel a little unsettling at first, most brands have devices that have fine nylon threads attached to the lower end that curtail through the cervix and into the upper vagina. These threads offer piece of mind by allowing you to check that the IUD is still in place, while also allowing for easy IUD removal by a doctor.

Once inserted this no fuss form of contraception can remain inside the uterus from between five to ten years depending on which type you have. This can allow you to go about your daily life and sex life without having to worry about condoms breaking, or forgetting to take the pill. It’s always there ready and working all of the time, which also means that you can have sex at any time or on the spur of the movement. This is something that can be difficult at times with other forms of contraception, especially if you use the diaphragm contraceptive.

You will need a full consultation with you doctor to determine if uterine contraception is firstly suitable for you, and also which type, whether the hormonal or copper IUD is better matched for you body. Each work in much the same way, however the hormonal IUD does have differing possible side effects to the copper IUD. Two women fitted with a different IUD may experience significantly different side effects. With one successfully experiencing lighter periods on the hormonal IUD and the other suffering from severe heavier bleeding on the copper IUD if it does not agree with her body. Clear consultation with your doctor is paramount when deciding to fit either device inside of your body for long periods of time.

intrauterine contraception

Advantages Of Intrauterine Contraception

  • It’s long lasting (between 5 & 10 years depending on the type of device ) and highly effective.
  • It cannot be felt during intercourse by yourself or your partner
  • It’s a no fuss form of contraception
  • Once removed, there is usually a very quick turn around back to fertility
  • Intrauterine Contraception is relatively inexpensive

Disadvantages Of The Contraceptive IUD

  • Insertion and IUD removal can only be performed by a trained doctor. The fitting of which can also be quite uncomfortable and very unpleasant for some women.
  • Both types of intrauterine contraception can cause changes in periods and bleeding patterns
  • If pregnancy does occur in the uterus, there is an increased risk of miscarriage
  • Birth control IUD does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases

Main Differences Between The Hormonal & Copper IUD

  • The hormonal IUD is effective in preventing pregnancy for up to 5 years. The Copper IUD can last for 10 years.
  • The hormonal IUD can lead to much lighter periods, with some women not bleeding at all after about 12 months of use. It can also be used to treat excessively heavy bleeding and reduces period pain. The Copper IUD can have the opposite effect on your menstrual pattern, with longer and sometimes more painful periods.
  • There are limited hormonal side effects for using the hormonal IUD as only very small amounts of progestogen pass in to the bloodstream, meaning there is little or no effect on acne, weight gain or mood change between users. There are no hormonal side effects using the copper IUD, as it does not release hormones.

IUD Side Effects

  • Some women can experience abdominal pain or cramping
  • In extremely rare cases a serious complication known as uterine perforation can occur over time, where the device slips through the wall of the uterus and in to the pelvic area. Perforation can cause internal scarring, infection, or damage to other organs. In this event the IUD can only be removed by surgery under a general anesthetic.
  • Sometimes following the first few months of the insertion, the IUD can be pushed partially or completely out of the uterus. It’s for this reason you must check the nylon threads are still there and in place.
  • IUD’s can cause pelvic inflammatory disease. Although rare, this complication can occur in the few first weeks after the insertion. In severe cases it can lead to infertility.

Overall intrauterine contraception is best suited to women who are at low risk of catching sexually transmitted infections and those who don’t wish to take the oral birth control pill.

Why Use the Vaginal Contraceptive Ring?

Vaginal Contraceptive Ring

The contraceptive ring is a hormonal form of birth control. The doughnut shaped flexible ring is inserted into the vagina and releases hormones to prevent pregnancy. The active ingredients in the also called vaginal ring, are estrogen and progestrogen. One advantage of the vaginal contraceptive ring is that once it is inserted, you do not need to think about this birth control method for three weeks, until it is time to remove the old ring and insert a new one.

How Does Vaginal Contraceptive Ring Work?

The hormones progesterone and estrogen released by the ring into your bloodstream prevent ovulation during the menstrual cycle. And since there isn’t any egg released from the ovaries, fertilization cannot take place by the sperm and the chances of pregnancy are nullified.

Additionally, the hormones released by the ring also thicken the mucus, the outer lining of the cervix, and make it harder for the sperm to enter the uterus and reach any eggs which might have been released. If an egg does get fertilized it still cannot attach itself to the uterus and impregnate a woman because the hormones also affect the lining of the uterus and prevent any fertilized egg attaching itself to the uterus.

How to Use a Vaginal Contraceptive Ring

The birth control ring is used, based upon the monthly menstrual cycle of a woman, similar to the birth control pill or the contraception patch . Just like a vaginal diaphragm, it is inserted into the vagina on the first day of the menstrual cycle and remains in place for a total of three weeks. At the end of the third week and probably on the same day of the week it was inserted, it has to be removed. The menstrual period occurs within a few days, during the fourth week. At the end of the fourth week, on the same day of the week the last ring was inserted, a new ring is inserted and the process begins again.

The ring does not work on the barrier method of birth control, so there isn’t any preferable position of the ring in the vagina. The only requirement is that it should be comfortable. If it doesn’t feel comfortable, you can try different positions by moving it further back or reinserting it. Once the ring once is in place, most women cannot even feel it. It can be safely used during activities like swimming, bathing and even during sexual intercourse.

How to insert a vaginal ring

Advantages Of The Vaginal Contraceptive Ring

  • The vaginal ring is a good alternative for women who find it difficult to remember to take a pill every day or who have difficulty in swallowing pills.
  • Does not require any specific position, can be placed anywhere in the vagina according to the wearer’s comfort.
  • The vaginal ring causes regular, lighter and shorter periods.
  • The contraceptive ring prevents menstrual cramps and premenstrual symptoms.
  • Women have also reported decrease in headaches and loss of depression.
  • The ring may protect against cysts and cancer of the ovaries and uterus.

Disadvantages of The Vaginal Contraceptive Ring

  • The vaginal ring does not protect against STDs. Additional measures, such as using a condom, have to be taken for protection against STD’s.
  • Some women have reported side effects of the use of the vaginal contraceptive ring. Some of the side effects are vaginal irritation or infections, mood swings, blood clots (for women over the age of 35 and smoke regularly).
  • The ring can slip out and fall. If it does, you must wash it running water (without using soap) and re-insert it within three hours.

Vaginal contraceptive ring is one of many female contraceptives available, always consult your doctor regarding which birth control device is best for you.

How to Dirty Talk During Sex

Dirty Talk During Sex

The mouth speaks from the abundance of the heart – and from the depth of your loins! Dirty talk during sex has always been a great way to add excitement and heighten arousal. Ladies shouldn’t wait to be asked – and men shouldn’t shy from speaking their minds. Take the initiative and speak boldly during those steamy moments of rough sex. Surprise him with your filthy, wicked mouth and watch him rise to the occasion with more enthusiasm than ever….

It doesn’t matter if you’re the shy, reserved type. That makes it even more thrilling for a man when he hears his woman say something unexpected and even slutty. It’s one of those “caught-in-the-moment” things that work just at the right time and place. Pick your moment carefully and get vocally raunchy especially when the sex gets rough and rugged.

Get nasty. Lovey-dovey has its place and time. With rough sex, you need some more shock quality to make the right impact. If you’re new to alternative lovemaking, then you can baby-step each other by starting with some dirty, nasty talk to put you in character for some unconventional sex.

Here are 6 dirty talk during sex to stoke up the flames

1. Make them feel sexy

The key to dirty talk in the bedroom is to make your party feel desirable. Talk about their body and how it turns you on. Be specific. Tell them which parts make you go wild with passion and why. “Love your breasts…so fucking sexy.” “Your cock drives me wild.” “I can’t wait to feel my tongue on your clit and taste you.” “Come in my mouth baby, it tastes so fucking great.” Etc etc.

2. Make them go hard

Performance can be enhanced with the right encouragement. When a woman notices her lover has slowed down a bit she can amp the pace by telling him in no uncertain terms that there are zero speed limits. Go harder, faster…deeper! Using this cheerleader approach certainly boosts morale. Words to say: “Give it to me baby! Yes! More!” “I can take it; give me everything you’ve got! Faster!” Just go ahead and make it all about you, you, you…

3. Be sexually explicit

You left the flowers and cotton candy at the door, right? Cool. Now forget every nice, poetic little word you ever knew and get smutty. You need him to take you a certain way; so “make love to me with your strong, hard manhood” translates to “fuck me with your big fat cock” or “I’d like to eat that sweet hot pussy till you cum!” Take the opportunity to add some filthy terms and phrases to your vocabulary – and if you don’t know any, it’s time to learn!

4. Insult to injury

She’s bound, gagged, put in an uncomfortable position. And as if that’s not enough, you’ve started talking dirty and mean. Some women get off by this. Using the “slut” word or calling her hussy, bitch might be offensive on any other occasion. But in the middle of giving her a good hard fuck, with her pussy dripping with juices to show how much she’s loving it, she may not mind it so much. Same goes for him, too. Ladies can be just as rude; call him every filthy name you can think of while you’re riding that cock to your own frenzied pace. It doesn’t have to be too much of a demeaning or humiliating approach; it’s just a bit of role play. So at the end, you can both kiss and cuddle to show that there was no offense given or taken. Words that work: “Yeah, you like it when I do that, don’t you, you *&^%!” “Oh yes, you’re such a dirty little ****!” Yep, you fill in the blanks. Here’s a favorite of mine though: “You’re such a filthy fuckpuppet!”

5. Loud and clear

Body talk is good; it sends a positive message when you writhe and wriggle. However, in this case, words speak just as loud as action. No over-the-top screaming or screeching. Of course it has to look and sound natural. Sometimes it works to simply whisper those dirty words in their ear – but in other times, crying out the words can work just as or more strongly. Words which sound great when said out loud: “Fuck me (insert name here) arrggh!” “Yes! Like that! Oooh, that feels good!” And of course, the stock “Harder, harder!” sounds great when said at an octave punctuated by each thrust. A very powerful, simple phrase is the harbinger of great and marvelous sensations. “I’m coming!” Scream this as loud as you can and you’ll find it’ll help synchronise your climax exactly with your partner’s.

6. Choices, choices

Dirty, rough talk with sex can be a gift that just keeps giving. In between the purring and sighing and shrieking, you can let him/her know that they can pick and choose their pleasures. But this time, use dirty language! Ask them how they’d like to be fucked. “Do you want this…or this? Should I put it here, or here? Do you like it when I do this, or this…?” Give them all the possibilities. Dirty talk stimulates the imagination, and therefore the body! Like they say, the mind is the most powerful organ in need of arousal. So turn them on mentally as well as physically with dirty talk!