Blow Job Tips for Beginners

Blow Job Tips for Beginners

Blow job can be very daunting if you don’t know what you are doing but armed with these simple tricks you can blow your man away.

Blow Job Tips

If you’re worried about the smell – suggest a sexy shower or bath together first before blow job. Get a fist full of shower gel and wank as you wash! The slippery sensation of the gel will feel amazing on his penis. Give it a good rinse and you’re ready to go.

Approach the area slowly – don’t just dive into it head first so to speak. You want to work up a little anticipation: run your tongue down his belly, the area just between the hip and pelvis can be very sensitive. Run your tongue down and back up his inner thigh – he will be gasping with anticipation at this point.

Tease him with a few licks – as you work towards his penis try a few gentle flicks on the end of his penis. Run your tongue from the base of the shaft to the tip with a flick of the tongue on the end. The area on the shaft just below the head (the corona) is a real hot spot, flick your tongue sideways across.

Try the silken swirl – run your tongue around the head of the penis in a circular motion – think ice cream cone. If you can combine this circular motion blow job whilst gently sliding the penis into your mouth he will be in heaven.

Pulse suck – start out by flicking the head with your tongue then insert between your lips (make sure lips are well moistened) and alternate between soft and hard sucks – think of a Chupa Chups Lolly. Then pulse your sucking and slide the head in and out of your lips whilst sucking hard. Irresistible blow job.

Practise your ball skills – not many women realizes how sensitive and pleasurable the testicles are. Start the blow job by licking and circling with your tongue. The vertical line between the scrotal sac is very sensitive: flick up and down with your tongue. Slip one testicle in your mouth and very gently suck in a pulsing motion. All men differ on how much pressure they like on their balls – you can judge his reaction as to how much to apply. Don’t forget the perineum (the area between his balls and anus) this is a super hot spot, try licking or stroking with your finger to send him into orbit.

Stop him thrusting hard down your throat – hold onto his hips to control his movements. This will stop any awkward moments of gagging when giving blow job!

blow job tipsAvoid jaw ache – a big complaint of oral sex or blow job is that your mouth and jaw start to ache if it lasts to long. This is so easy to overcome: use a combination of hand and mouth for maximum effect. It’s like giving a hand job and oral at the same time: wrap your hand around the shaft and place your lips on the end, move your head and hand up and down at the same time. If you need a break you can just stroke his penis to give your jaw a rest before going again.

The sexiest technique in giving a blow job is actually to enjoy it. The more you look like you love what you are doing the more it will turn him on. And remember it’s not essential to swallow, have a tissue nearby and discreetly spit into it, he will be so post-orgasmic he won’t notice.

10 Easy Ways to Turn Him On

Easy Ways to Turn Him On

Ladies, if you want to get your man coming home early at night or offering to take you shopping on a Saturday afternoon then you need to play a little dirty! Memorize these 10 easy ways to get your man’s attention and have him devoted to you…

#1 Rub your bum against him

If you are in a queue then lean back and wiggle gently (don’t knock him flying!). Rubbing your bottom against his crotch is going to get him standing to attention: if you’re both in a public area then the thrill and anticipation of what he wants is going to make him much more attentive.

#2 Flash your boobs

I don’t necessarily mean a full frontal show here. Ditch the bra and when you are out having a meal seductively lean forward so he can see right down your top. The thrill from an illicit eyeful is guaranteed to make him horny.

#3 Show him how it’s done

Nothing drives a man wilder than the sight of a woman masturbating herself. Lie back and let him watch how you pleasure yourself, this is a double bonus as he will learn what turns you on. The sex will be dynamite.

#4 Go commando

Another surefire way to have him drooling over you all evening. When he leasts expects it subtly whisper in his ear that you have no knickers on. The thought of you being exposed and ready for action under your dress always does the trick. An alternative to this is slipping your sexiest underwear in his pocket as you return from the ladies in a restaurant.

#5 Take control, make a move

Men love women who take the lead, they find the confidence a big turn on. Men like to know that their girlfriend enjoys sex as much as they do and when you make the first move this sends the message to them loud and clear.

#6 Use a sex toy

Men are pretty basic visual creatures. Stimulate your fella by using a sex toy in front of him. He is fascinated with anything being inserted into you so try sliding in a vibrator, dildo or even just your fingers.

#7 Massage the ego

All men love compliments and are constantly looking to have their ego fluffed. Underneath they can be insecure so the best way to make him feel good, and therefore horny, is to tell him what a big, sexy stud he is. Anything positive about his penis size and shape and how much you love it always goes down well. Just remember to sound sincere.

#8 Buy some kinky boots

Go shopping for something to wear in the bedroom. Think as trashy as you can, guys love anything porn starish. Thigh high PVC boots or a leather basque with stockings will get his jaw dropping and turning off the TV quicker than you can say “hello”.

#9 Be a sex slave for the night

Offer yourself to him on a plate to do as he wants and he will be dragging you off quicker than you can put your drink down. Be even cleverer by pretending to play a game as to who is the slave for the evening, by losing on purpose you are polishing his confidence.

#10 Play up to his fantasy

Everybody has their own secret role plays and fantasies that they find irresistible. Look for clues about what his may be: if he likes to hold your wrists or take you hard from behind he wants to dominate. Or if he likes you to go on top then he might want to be the submissive one, so take the lead. You can just simply ask him and then get play acting.

5 Savvy Benefits of Sex with a Small Penis

Benefits of Sex with a Small Penis

We all know that not all men were created equal, especially so when we’re talking about the size of their appendages, and dealing with small penis sex. But sleeping with a man with a really small penis instead of an extra large one doesn’t make your guy less of a man, and it doesn’t have to mean less exciting sex. There are actually some definite benefits and nifty advantages of having small penis sex!

Small Penis Benefits:

Roll On Cunnilingus

It’s no secret that men who are less endowed are generally pretty damn good at cunnilingus. So if you’re the type of lady who loves nothing more than the smooth caress of a loving, eager to please tongue between her legs, then who needs a big penis? Who needs a penis at all?

Small Penis BenefitsLess Jaw Ache

Yup that’s right. Giving head to a smaller penis can be a breeze compared to the sometimes overwhelming, long winded, jaw aching, sucking action that comes with orally stimulating a larger penis. Experimenting with different techniques and depths is also a lot easier to get your mouth around a small willy, than trying to work your magic with an extra thick penis.

Pain Free Sex

Sure a large penis penetrating, prodding and hammering away at you can be fun but let’s face it, it can also be really painful. Small penis sex is a breeze when you compare it to thrusts that are too deep, odd angles, and coping with feeling like you are being stretched or ripped. Not to mention dealing with the acute discomfort of having a long penis head, extend way past its welcome zone in your vagina, and bump it’s way against the back of your cervix. It’s enough to drive you straight in to the arms, or rather the pants of a man with a more modest penis.

Less Likely To Lose His Erection

Having a small penis is definitely an advantage when it comes to maintaining en erection. It seems to be common that well endowed men tend to lose their erections, (especially in a condom,) more often than men with a very small penis. In a nutshell, small penis sex is a lot less disappointing when you don’t have to hear the complaints and the whines of a guy who apparently can’t maintain his erection, and then whinge’s to you about having wear a condom.


It might sound selfish but men with a small willy generally just want to wow you in the bedroom. So if that means you have no choice but to lay back, while he lovingly goes that extra mile, or you are forced to be romanced, caressed, and loved over and over again… well then so be it. Who says there’s anything wrong with over compensating in one area to make up for the shortcomings in another?

Top 7 Porn for Women

Porn for Women

There is quite literally a sexual smorgasbord of romantic porn available to women online today, so if you haven’t thought about this form of erotica as a way to improve your sex life then you should really think again.

The great thing about romantic porn for women is that it’s definitely all about you. It’s one of the best female masturbation tools you can have and the beauty of hot female porn is that it gives you that visual connection with your mind that leads to a wonderful tantalization between your legs.

Forget the harsh images of porn made for men and lose yourself in these wonderfully girly, fabulously flirty, and oh so sensually sumptuous sites that provide the most romantic porn for women.

Top 7 Porn for Women

#1 SSSH.COM is a wonderfully feminine site that appeals right from the start. And just like they say in their blurb, they definitely know how to ignite the female senses. Just by looking at it makes you want to click and take a sneaky peek inside.

Check out their free magazine preview and definitely check out Yup they even have their own TV channel, full of erotic soaps and various short erotic films that have been made especially for women. And if you love role-play, you will absolutely love their mini porn movies that come with great sex scenes and fun story lines.

Depending on your personal preferences they will even rate each film for you by kisses, so you will always know beforehand if what you’re about to view is naughty, naughtier or dangerously explicit. And the really wonderful thing about is that they offer a two day trail for only $2.95! is more an online magazine and more than just a porn site, so take the tour, this site definitely delivers!


Like, For The Girls is also a hugely popular romantic porn site but unlike its competitor its approach is not soft pastels of girly pinks and blues but rather a stronger, less girly look at hot porn for women. Inside you will find endless erotic photos of men of all shapes and sizes, erotic stories, sex tips and advice and of course hot porn movies. For The Girls, provides plenty of romantic porn but if you like things a little hotter and harder, it also has endless catalogues of stronger sex. Whatever your preference, For the Girls guarantees, you will find something inside that will float your personal boat.


What’s romantic about 3D Fantasies for women? The Fantasy! From animated stories including rambunctious vampires, horny ancient Egyptians to randy couples from the Victorian era, this site really is just so much fun and really good value for money. Although it’s only still images, if you choose to sign up you also get the added bonus of access to many other porn sites which also offer movies, although not all of them are specifically made for women. 3D Fantasies for Women is a great platform to begin your romantic porn journey if you like the idea of something just that bit different.


This site is for those who love good clean, hardcore female porn. They have an excellent selection and variety of movies depicting some really classic and cliche porn movies to some really hot down and dirty sex. Although some of the sex is hot and rough, the couples pleasure dome specifically focuses on only providing porn that depicts plenty of foreplay, kissing, a sense of fun and intimacy and lots of great cunnilingus. They also offer a two day trial for only $1.10 so again, so you can definitely try before you buy making is excellent value for money.


Steamy Erotica For Her is exactly how it sounds. It’s steamy, it’s erotic and it’s hot, hot hot! Like 3D Fantasies for women, this site is part of the Net Verifier Group which means that if you sign up for one, you get instant access to the other. This site is loaded with images of hot men with even hotter appendages. Lose yourself in their library of erotica DVD’s from vanilla sex to every fetish.


If you love fantasy, then Fantasies Worlds For Women is for you! It’s hard not to get caught up in their stories and even harder not to get stimulated when you’re watching these fantastic erotic moves. And that’s exactly what they are. Not porn as you know it, but sensual erotica as you love it. With so many story lines, these movies are like erotic novels brought to life. One look at these and you will be recreating every scene, every position and every dirty cheeky line from this romantic porn for women mega site.


If cunnilingus is what gives you the most pleasure and what it takes to get you off, then Give Me Cunnilingus is the erotica site for you. With images of tantalizing tongues and titillating licks, page after page and by lick by lick this site delivers again and again with endless scenarios, images, and DVD’s all dedicated to the big C.

If you’re looking for free porn videos for women you can find a few links online to sample videos but if it’s genuine romantic porn you’re looking for, then you will have to pay for it. Don’t waste your time and risk being turned off with supposed free links to free porn movies for women. Instead, go straight to the source where satisfaction is guaranteed.

Best Sexual Positions – When Pregnant or Overweight

Best Sexual Positions - When pregnant or overweight

You don’t have to sexless when expecting or not super slim. Here we look at the best sexual positions whilst pregnant or overweight to maximize comfort and pleasure.

Sex Positions When Pregnant:

Woman on Top

This is one of the best sexual positions position for the earlier months of pregnancy. You are still agile enough to control the movement up and down without your bump getting in the way. Your partner will also appreciate the visual of your fuller sized breasts moving up and down. They’re likely to be extra sensitive at this time so make sure he kisses and caresses them.

Missionary with a Twist

Ordinary missionary will not work when you have bump but you can modify it by drawing your knees back and resting your feet on your partners chest. Or if you’re able, try leaving your legs straight against your partner. He then keels between your legs to enter you, avoiding any weight on your stomach. Try placing a pillow under your bottom for extra comfort.


This is the most ideal position during the later months of your pregnancy. Lie on your side in a curled position while your partner lies behind you and enters from behind. This is one of the most comfortable sex positions at a stage when everything is feeling awkward. If you are able, try leaning your weight back in to your partner while opening your top leg, to allow for a slow, deeper penetration.

Sex Positions For Overweight Ladies

Missionary Position

Try missionary with your knees bent, opening your legs as far as you can to best expose your vagina. If you are carrying extra weight around your tummy, try lifting it away from your pubic region at least until your man can get in to position. If penetration is still difficult, place a few pillows under your buttocks.

Rear Entry

This can be an easy position to get in to and maintain, but if it gets too much on your knees, try leaning forward and lowering your weight on to your forearms. You can keep changing things up here, with more weight on your knees and your bum higher in the air, to down on your forearms, which is great for different sexual angles and friction no matter your weight.

The X Position

One of the best sexual positions if you are concerned about the weight around your midriff getting in the way, is the X position. Lay on your back with your legs bent at the hips and your thighs spread as wide as possible. As he penetrates you, bring your legs both together for a nice snug fit. Your man then swings his body at 45 degree angles in both directions, creating an X. Squeeze your vaginal muscles to give him extra pleasure while also helping to hold him in place. Then have him touch your clitoris to help bring on a magic orgasm.

How to Have Safe Sex

Have Safe Sex with Condoms

Learning how to have safe sex is an imperative step everyone needs to take before engaging in any sexual activity. It can make all the difference between enjoying sex in a positive and fully satisfying light, to dealing with some very regrettable consequences.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) prevention and unwanted pregnancies start with having safe sex right from the very start of your sexual life and should always continue through on your sexual journey. By preventing yourself from coming in to contact with anyone else’s blood, semen, vaginal fluids or even breast milk will protect against sexually transmitted diseases (vaginal, oral or anal.) Some of which are easily treatable and some which are unfortunately incurable. Learn how to practice safe sex right from the very beginning to ensure you have a happy and fulfilling sex life.

How to Have Safe Sex with Condoms

When learning how to have safe sex, your first and new mantra should always be to use a condom. They are so commonly used that if anyone ever suggests that you don’t use one then you seriously need to think why. No matter how long you have know them for, if they are asking you not to use a condom then it’s more than likely that they asked their previous partner not to use one and will probably ask their next partner not to use one as well. Make a wise decision because no one can look after your body except for you, and you only get one.

How to Use a Condom

  • Use care when opening the packet as not to tear or catch the condom with your fingers
  • The condom should be held at the teat and then rolled on to the penis. Never open a condom out and then try to put it on. If you don’t have success getting it on the first time, throw it away and use a new one.
  • Watch or help your partner put it on. Ensure that he does it properly and don’t accept it as good to go if you feel that he hasn’t done it correctly. This includes checking the expiry date on the packet and ensuring the condom has been left in a cool dry place. A condom left in the heat such as in a car’s glove box is more likely to break.
  • Make sure he puts it on fully and you are happy with the result. If he is flippant with his application the condom can slip off and usually that means inside you. It’s not fun retrieving a condom from depths of your vagina, and while it can happen even when it has been placed on properly, try to prevent this by making he sure it’s done correctly in the first place.
  • If you are using lubricant (common for couples during vaginal sex and essential for anal sex) only purchase a water soluble lubricant such as KY Jelly or another leading brand. These are also inexpensive and readily available. Lubricant makes sex more comfortable but it also helps to prevent too much friction that can result in the condom breaking or tearing. Never use Vaseline or anything else you may have handy around the house. Not only can they cause you irritation, these products compromise the strength of the condom and can cause them to tear.
  • Don’t let the penis be in contact with the vagina before the condom is on. Also, the penis should be withdrawn immediately after ejaculation with your partner holding the rim of the condom to stop any spillage. Take care to then slip the condom off.
  • Only ever use a condom once.

Preventing sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy is as easy as using a condom but although they are so widely used and mostly successful, the only way to truly protect yourself from getting an STDs is to abstain from sex all together. Of course, this is not an option or a lifestyle for most people but knowing this should always make you vigilant to in protecting yourself and your partner.

STDs Prevention and Oral Sex

Learning how to have safe sex also includes protecting yourself during oral sex. Although oral sex carries a lower risk of transmitting STD’s it is still possible and having safe sex doesn’t just mean preventing your partners bodily fluids from coming in to contact with yours and vice versa. It also means covering up or avoiding contact with parts of the body that might be infectious (eg. Herpes sores or warts)

  • Use condoms during oral sex. You can use flavoured or ribbed condoms for extra pleasure.
  • Don’t participate in oral sex if you have mouth ulcers or bleeding gums. This can include not brushing your teeth before oral sex.
  • Avoid oral sex if you have a cold sore. These are caused by herpes virus and can be contracted through oral sex.
  • Avoid getting blood or semen in your mouth.
  • If you participate in analingus consider using a dental dam to protect yourself from bacteria, or bodily fluids.

Safe Sex Practices

  • Have regular check ups. If you are uncomfortable going to see your family Dr then go to a medical clinic.
  • Knowing how to have safe sex is being especially vigilant when having sex with people that you may not know very well. Take it upon yourself to be extra careful because they may not show you the same care or attention to detail in the heat of the moment.
  • If you regularly change partners, consider reducing the number of people you are sleeping with. The more people you have sex with, the more likely it is that one or more of your partners will have an STDs.
  • If you are in a stable relationship generally it is a natural progression for you to move from using condoms to another form of contraception. If this is you, then ensure you both have an STDs check up. Visit a medical clinic together in support and also receive your results together. Discuss beforehand the alternative contraception you should use.

Learning how to have safe sex only takes a few simple steps to protect yourself and your partner. Get yourself in to the habit of always having safe sex and it will become a normal part of life and your sexual routine.

Amazing Sex Toys for Women

Best Sex Toys for Women

Amazing sex toys are everywhere so if you’re looking at purchasing your first vibrator or upgrading to a new or different model, no matter which way you like your sex, clitoral, vaginal, g spot or anal, we have made your choice easier by reviewing by some of the best sex toys for women by sexual preference.

Best Sex Toys For Women Who Prefer Clitoral Stimulation

If you know you prefer cunnilingus to penetration, or if its your first time vibrator and don’t like the idea of putting it inside you, then these cool sex toys are perfectly suited for those ladies who just love clitoral stimulation.

Bullet VibratorsBullet-Vibrator

Bullet vibrators are great for when you’re starting out. These amazing sex toys are tiny and colourful but still pack a wonderful vibrating punch when considering them as a first time vibrator. They are discreet and fun to experiment with, usually with two levels of vibration. Use them with lube to rub up and down your labia and experiment with the different settings. They are also enjoyable to use on your nipples or on your man. These are definitely great fun to start out with and are always some of the most affordable sex toys, but you may soon want to upgrade to something stronger and larger when you’re ready.

Power Flickers Vibrator – Clitoral StimulatorPower-Flickers-Vibrator

What makes this vibrator one of the most amazing sex toys is that unlike other clitoral sex toys that just circle back and forth inside a piece of plastic or jelly, this toy flickers back and forth in simulation of your partners tongue! And what also makes it one of the best sex toys for women is that its long reaching arm means it’s easy to use with a partner. Just don’t confuse it with your electric toothbrush!

Micro Butterfly Arouser – Strap-On VibratorMicro-Butterfly-Arouser

Hands free female sex toys are very popular for when you just want to lay back relax and wait for the pleasure to begin, and the micro purple jelly butterfly is perfect for just that. Not only is it an inexpensive sex toy, its varying levels of vibration makes it perfect for ladies who are just starting out with toys. The powerful vibrating bullet is encased in a soft jelly butterfly, snaps on quickly and easily allowing you to control the speed with the hand control. And this kinky looking sex toy is also fabulous for visual stimulation if you are comfortable to wear it in front of your partner, or naughty enough to wear in public under your clothes.

Cool Sex Toys For Women Who Prefer Penetration

If you like cunnilingus as a necessary part of foreplay but then can’t wait for the beefy main course of penetration, then any of these amazing sex toys might be just right for you.

The Dildo

The Dildo might seem like a pretty stock standard female sex toy but there is definitely something special about this old favourite, especially considering it is still going strong in an ever changing sex toy world of vibrating gizmos and fancy gadgets. While it’s not always as aesthetically pleasing to the eye if you prefer pretty pinks and blues, you will love it if the sight of these very life like and ‘real touch’ penises is what gets you going. And the great thing about the dildo is that the various colours and sizes means there is definitely a dildo perfect for every vagina or even your back door! If you think a dildo is right for you, consider purchasing one of these amazing sex toys with a vibrating or waterproof model where you will definitely get more bang for your buck.

Platinum Jack Rabbit – Rabbit VibratorsJack-Rabbit

Any women who has ever had one of the top selling sex toys from the rabbit family, can confirm that these amazing sex toys usually only lead to one thing, and that’s a Rabbit Habbit! So out of all the cool sex toys listed, if you are prepared to spend a bit of money on any vibrator, especially to begin with, then the rampin rabbit should be your choice. These pleasure machines come in many different colours and sizes and now even with remote control settings, but the beauty of these bunnies is the variety of pleasure they can give. Clitoral, g spot, and even anal these babies can be used for anything.

G Spot Vibrators

There really are some amazing sex toys for the g spot, however just like in regular sex, the g spot can still be hard to find, g spot vibrator or not. While the right one can help you climax more easily, a g spot vibrator may not be as successful as you had hoped depending on the dimensions of the toy in comparison with your body. If you are lucky you might find a toy that hits the elusive g spot, right away. But if not, don’t get discouraged, you might have to try a few g spot vibrator toys before you find one that suits you. If in doubt, go for one with a vibrating option, so if it doesn’t locate your g spot, a least your can still get pleasure from your clitoris.

Isla Deep Rose – G-spot VibratorIsla-Deep-Rose

You will love this one not only because it is one of the more affordable sex toys, but also because it has a high success rate of the finding the elusive g spot. Isla is a sublimely-crafted mid-size vibrator as pleasurable to touch as she is striking to behold. Her flowing silhouette is contoured to the female form with functions to match, always ensuring the most deeply satisfying sensations. Isla is made with body-safe silicone and an ABS core, providing for a fully-waterproof body and the signature 3-button interface that gives complete control through her 6 vibration modes. 

We Vibe II – G-spot VibratorWe-Vibe-II

We Vibe II certainly can look intimidating but being one of the top selling sex toys, means it can certainly give you incredible pleasure if you know how to use it. We‑Vibe II lets you experiment with 9 vibration modes. Whether you’re feeling super-hot, playful, sensual or romantic, We-Vibe II has a vibration mode to match your mood. Body-safe, rechargeable, discreet. If you get the hang of this amazing sex toy, you can try for simultaneous clitoral and g spot orgasms.

What to Expect During and After First Time Sex

First Time Sex

So your first time sex is finally over and you’ve been having sex for a few weeks now. But why is it awkward, why do you feel so sore, what is that noise, and what the hell is queefing?

Soreness After First Time Sex

So the pain of first time sex is finally gone. You know what it feels like to have a penis penetrating you in and out and you have been going at it hammer and tongs. Great! But you’re incredibly sore for the next few days.

Fast and furious hard sex can be fantastic and is a lot of fun, but after so much exertion it’s only natural that your vagina after first time sex might be feeling particularly sore and tender. It’s perfectly normal to be sore after first time sex for men and women. Even if you have been having it for years you can still experience some soreness after heavy sessions. You might also feel other areas and muscles groups are sore after a sex session.

Sex is definitely a cardio workout and you will use muscles that you may not have used in a while. So in addition to a sore vagina after first time sex, you might also feel stiff in your legs, butt and back and your torso and upper body might also feel sore from having someone’s weight moving around on top of you which can also result in a sore pubic area after sex. Some people like even like to use exercise sex to help strengthen and stretch their muscles when they really get going.


Great sex is all about fantastic rhythm. Just like being a great dancer, you need to be able to follow the beat and be on time to the music. Where it’s not exactly the same as when you’re having sex what it’s referring to you is your body movement in conjunction with your partners and how they are working together.

Great sex partners with great sexual rhythm move together like a well-oiled smooth running machine. Sex partners who don’t have great rhythm work together like a piece of their machinery is missing. Their movements are rigid, they are not in sync, they do not flow together and it can often be uncomfortable.

Rhythm of course doesn’t often happen on the first time sex. Sometimes it might take three or four times to really get used to each other’s bodies and get in to a groove that works for the both of you.

Him Slipping Out

So you’ve got a great rhythm going on, things are moving on fantastically but yes there will be times when all of a sudden he will pop out. Whether he’s on top, you’re on top, from behind or wherever, it’s perfectly normal for him to slip out from time to time.

The only real problem with this is that if you’re going at it particularly hard, if he does come out and bounces on the side of your vagina or leg, it can be very painful for him. If this happens, expect to hear a small cry out of pain, wait for a bit and then continue again slowly until you naturally build your pace and rhythm back up again.

Queefing and Embarrassing Noises

Yes, it happens to absolutely everyone and unfortunately no woman is safe from embarrassing sexual noises or the loud fart like noise that can come from your vagina as a result of air escaping from your lady zone. Sometimes referred to as a queef, queefing is the result of the in and out action of a penis forcing air in to the vagina which fills the space of your expanded vagina as part of arousal. A particularly deep thrust, or a change in body position can cause the air to be released in a less than attractive yet often comical expulsion of air.

There are positions that can prevent the chances of Queefing such as your man making shallow thrusts or choosing positions that don’t lift your pelvis too much, such as doggy position that can increase Queefing. Although it’s embarrassing it’s best just to laugh it off because for the most part it’s unpreventable. So if he’s hearing it from you, he’s definitely heard it while having sex with others too.

Still No Orgasms

This is a really common one too for the first time sex. Young guys especially are all for it going as hard and as fast as they can. This can be really wonderful for women too but if this is primarily how you are having sex together then try slowing it down. Try to have him focus on the more sensual side of sex.

When it comes to women often less is more, so gentle stroking rather than hard and sharp movements, or smooth thrusts in positions that target your clitoris can often be much more effective, fulfilling and over all worthwhile for you.

Slow it down a bit. Have fun with foreplay and have lots of great cunnilingus. Instruct your lover that he needs to stroke and play your body like an elegant classical instrument rather than thrashing about on you like an electric guitar.

Female Masturbation: Why and How

Female Masturbation

The concept of female masturbation has been misconstrued for a long time. Women usually refuse to accept it. Many women feel guilty even thinking it. However, few women get pleasure getting masturbate at times.

Why Female Should Masturbate?

Masturbation can provide you the opportunity to explore your body and at the same time offering you an excellence sexual freedom. It gives you to get experience sexual pleasure and extreme satisfaction without relying on your partner. By masturbating you can get release from sexual tension when you feel you need to get a sex.

Actually, without masturbating, you cannot know how to please your body. If you don’t know about your body; it makes harder for your bed-partner to give you an extreme orgasm. So, lack of knowledge about it, you cannot enjoy sex properly to its fullest.

Techniques for Female Masturbation

The greatest way to get yourself arouse is to set your mood for some romance and become relaxed. Never feel shy or inhibited to explore your body. Get a private area where you can explore the body and discover yourself. Try reading some erotic book, watching any XXX rated film or looking at several arousing pictures. Those will help you to make your mood for getting a proper masturbation. After doing that when you feel little bit sexy and hot, you should do the following female masturbation instruction step by step.

  • Relaxed your body
  • Lies on a suitable bed
  • Or sit in any comfortable chair
  • Explore the body nude or semi-nude body
  • Run the fingers and hands all over the body
  • Explore and massaging your gorgeous breasts
  • Play with your erect nipples
  • Circling the navel
  • Caress your legs and thighs
  • Bend the legs and spread those apart
  • Try some erotica at this moment
  • Touching the inner thighs
  • Crevice between the thighs and legs
  • Cup the vulva in the hand
  • Gently rub in tiny circles
  • Try to stimulate the body ( but do not try to reach orgasm)
  • Ensure yourself feel good

When you feel get tense, stop instant what you are doing. Take breath deeply and get relax. Practice it as frequently as possible, but remember not more than 20 minutes each session. As soon as you get comfortable exploring and touching your body you may go for more direct way of stimulating the vulva. For this, you may go following way:

  • Slip the fingers between the folds of your vulva
  • Massage the vulva
  • Give different types of touches and stroke
  • Very lightly kneading, tickling, stroking, or pinching the vagina
  • Play with the inner labia
  • Pulling on the labia lightly or firmly
  • Slip the fingers up to the top of the vulva
  • Set the finger on top of your clitoris
  • Gently move the fingers up and down, and around the clitoris
  • Wildly jiggle the finger in clitoris area
  • Get the loose tissue covering the clitoris slide across the body
  • Make the loose tissue covering glans of the clitoris

When you feel a need to get filled, please insert one or two of fingers into the vagina. Right this moment you may want to get yourself feel really better. Intentionally you do not feel like to try to get an orgasm. But if any orgasm occurs, it may be a total surprise for you. If you think to have an orgasm, you become to slow down and more relax with redirect your thoughts. It would be better if you might not get experience orgasm for the first few times. So, need not to do that. Just enjoy and feel the pleasures of touching yourself.

You can usually masturbate by arousing the external genitals with their fine fingers. You can stimulate your vulva and labia, with particular pressure on the clitoris. You may prefer to boost the experience by getting penis-shaped objects such as cucumbers or bananas into the vaginas. You should rub the objects in such a way so that they can stimulate your clitoris. Additionally, you can use KY Jelly or any water-based lubricants to make the contact gentler and smoother to get better in feel. A number of sexual toys you may use like dildos. These are run by batteries and come replete with vibrators. The vibrating dildos are treated as extreme objects when it consider for female masturbation.

Some more techniques for female masturbation:

Using shower head: You can get masturbation in water. No need to surprise. The warm sensational feelings surrounded and you get more pleasure when you do it here. It gives extra excitement for the moment. It would be better if you get any pulsates shower head with multiple setting. The head and the heat form the water could make for overwhelming stimulation. You may buy any great shower head at a department store or local hardware store.

Using Tennis Ball: A great item for stimulating your clitoral area. Just place the fuzzy ball between your two legs and lay flat on the stomach. The ball works particularly well when you lie on stomach and allow your bed to perform as a platform to get the ball. Squeeze the legs tightly and cross the two legs at the ankles. Move up and down as soon as you feel the sensation of the hard ball against the clitoris.

Panties: Nowadays you can be out and cannot wait to get head home. The opportunities where you are and you may use whatever get available. But be careful, you need not rub harshly in the beginning as that would merely cause irritation. If the dress is placed lightly over your clitoris you can achieve an intense orgasm with in a short time. The fact is that it may be in public but it will add extra spice to you moment.

Using Lubricants: Use adequate lubricants when you want to pleasure your own. It will prevent a sore vagina and facilitate you be aroused much faster. Many women get excited modestly by massaging the body sensuously but you may require any lubricant for added extreme pleasure with faster response.

Thigh Squeeze: For this need practice. If you don’t get it before you need to research on it. However, it may turn in a fun in practice sessions. Never be frustrated if you cannot reach your goal in right away. Just get patient and once your practice would be rewarded.

Everyday Products: You can also some everyday products like your make up brush, smooth tooth paste tube, feathers and so on.

Using Toys: You may use some sex toys and vibratos for getting extra pleasure. Try to use reputed companies product in order to avoid any harm.

Female Masturbation Awareness

Several risks are involved with female masturbation. At the time of masturbate you have to ensure of the following things for your safety.

  • Never insert the fingers in your vagina with untrimmed nails because untrimmed nails can damage the inner fragile lining of the vagina. So, before masturbating you have to neatly file and trim your nails.
  • Insert fruits or vegetables into the vagina are quite dangerous, especially which are small in size. A risk of those having stuck in the vaginal tract or possibility even to enter the uterus.
  • Any type of tools with spiky or sharp edges must not be used for this purpose.

Some women get masturbate as they feel good. Actually it is the real cause. However, women with having strong sex drive may do it regularly. You should not go for masturbate to proof you get strong sex drive. Sometimes you may get masturbate when your bed partner is not available or even available. The reason is every couple gets different level of sex drive and physical intimacy. Maybe everyone does get proper satisfaction what she needs from her partner.

So, sometimes they do it silently early in the morning when her partner at sleeping or having shower or when they are alone. A number of teens are doing it just for feeling not anything else. There is no harm if anyone do it regular basis. Actually female masturbation is nothing but placing the hands against the vulva when you go to bed at night or anytime.

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