Sex Tips

The Only Secret Sex Tip You Will Ever Need…

By On April 14, 2019

What is the one thing that will improve your sex life, make you happier and make you irresistible to men? No, you don’t have to go blonder, taller, thinner or younger. It’s… Read More


Why Are Men So Envious of Female Orgasm?

By On April 13, 2019

If a man ever asks you what female orgasm is like then you might want to tell him something like this: At its peak female orgasm is a body pulsing, toe curling… Read More


6 Ways to Ensure a Moaning Orgasm for Your Man

By On April 12, 2019

Some love to hear their man moaning during sex. If you want to make your lover moaning during sex, here are six ways to ensure a moaning orgasm for your man. Watch… Read More

Erotic Dance

Ignite Your Femininity With Erotic Nude Belly Dancing

By On April 11, 2019

Nude belly dancing doesn’t officially exist but if you are interested in erotic belling dancing with the view to perform a private show for your special someone, then by all means, you… Read More

Erotic Dance

Learn Sexy Belly Dance Combinations & Alluring Belly Dancing Steps

By On April 10, 2019

Hot belly dancing is the combination of various movements and the steps of belly dance. It can be anything from slow flowing sensual arm and body movements, shorter, faster, to sexier, and more… Read More

Ways to Turn Him On
Sex Tips

10 Everyday Ways to Turn Him On

By On April 9, 2019

  Sometimes it’s the little things that say so much. Being obviously sexy isn’t the only way to get your boyfriends pulse racing. We can be much more subtle. Try these 10… Read More

Products Reviews

An Overview of HerSolution, Lubricant & Orgasm Enhancer

By On April 8, 2019

Do you experience some problems with your sex libido lately? Are these problems caused by daily-life stress or tiredness? Are you looking to bring back that passion and enjoy a wonderful sexual… Read More

Friends with Benefits
Flirting & Dating

Friends with Benefits: the Pros and Cons

By On April 7, 2019

Ah, the old adage, friends with benefits. Is it really possible and what are the consequences? Does a full and binding contract need to be signed by each party before embarking on… Read More

Flirting & Dating

How Sexting Can Improve Your Sex Life

By On April 6, 2019

Sexting, sex texting, sexting photos, whichever way you want to call it, is the sending and receiving of personal erotic images, or naughty sex texts. And whether you like it or not,… Read More


Office Affairs: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

By On April 5, 2019

While there are many successes, not all workplace affairs have a happy ending. Below we look at the good, the bad and the ugly scenarios of office affairs, before you think about… Read More