Female Orgasm Guide to a Better Sex Life

Female Orgasm Guide

Female orgasm guide is very essential tool to achieving a successful sexual life. A satisfying sex life is dependent on a lot of factors and one of them is how we understand female orgasm. Why female orgasm guide is important?

Sex is an important part of any relationship and sometimes problems relating to a satisfying sex life may lead to the end of a relationship. A better sex life often leads to a fulfilling relationship while an unsatisfying sex life may lead to a troubled relationship.

A major factor to a better sex life is achieving orgasm. A lot of people, most especially females, have trouble reaching orgasm during sex and this could be a very frustrating thing not only for the female but also for her partner.

That is why a guide to female orgasm is a very essential tool to achieving a successful sexual life.

You can check out some our excellent tips or even at the bookstore nearest you. Make sure to browse first the contents of the book or the site and select the one that will help you the most. Some female orgasm guides discusses the problem in a more technical or clinical way, while others just present some ideas and methods that enhances orgasm during sexual activity.

Most guides will feature sex tips on positions, foreplay and relaxation methods to promote better orgasms but the most important part of the guide would be is the communication system that it will set for you and your partner to better understand the situation.

Female Orgasm Guide is for Both of You

Female Orgasm Guide for Couple
Female Orgasm Guide is for both of you!

The female orgasm guide is not for the women only. It is designed to be a guide that should be used by you and your partner. In fact, the guide will only work if you and your partner are fully committed with the recommendations found in the guide.

It’s actually a fun activity for you and your partner to explore. You may both choose the most appropriate methods expressed in the guide or just try them all. The methods you are most comfortable with, is often the most effective because the first way to a better orgasm is if you and your partner are relaxed with the activity or the notion of a sexual activity.

Also, remember that not all the activities or methods presented in the female orgasm guide works the same way. Some techniques that work for you and your partner might not work for other people, so the female orgasm guide is there to help you choose the methods that will work for you so that you will not rely anymore on what other people are doing in bed to achieve better orgasms.

Rear Entry Sex Positions

Rear Entry Sex Positions

Rear entry sex positions is both hot and primal! Here we look at the most pleasurable sex positions from behind for mutual genital joy.

Rear Entry Sex Positions

1. Doggy Position

Simply, kneel and be done in this classic rear entry sex position! Doggy is a dominant male position for lovers of penetration it’s great for deep, hard thrusting while providing a powerful visual for men. However, what makes it one of the most amazing sex positions is that women also totally love it too for all the satisfaction it brings. And the reason is that its one of the most pleasurable sex positions for both clitoral, g spot or orgasms. Climax can be achieved by your partner leaning forward to stimulate your clitoris with their hand, or by rubbing and inserting a finger in your bum, or by touching yourself. This rear entry sex position is also great for double penetration with the use of a dildo can also be achieved here be accomplished with a good hard continual banging of his balls against your clitoris.

2. Reverse Figure Eight

This is just as hot as the Figure Eight except this time he enters you from behind as you lay on your stomach. What makes it one of the most pleasurable sex positions is the tight beautiful squeeze created as you cross your legs. Slow languid movements of circles, figure eights or regular deep luxurious thrusting with gentle licking or kissing of your ear will again leave you shuddering in exquisite delight.

3. The Customs Officer

you are wondering what are good sex positions for sexual role play then the customs officer is definitely is definitely at the top of the list. This rear entry sex position requires you to face forward on a table with one leg hitched up on the side. Your man then enters you while doing a full body search. Hot! It’s also one of the most amazing sex positions from behind for clitoral, or anal stimulation.

4. The Drop and Give Me 20

This rear entry sex position is similar to doggy but the difference is in the angle. Lay on your stomach with your upper body weight supported by lying on your forearms, with your hips tilted in to the air. Your man enters you from this angle for deep tight penetration.

6. The Beginners Swimming Lesson

Both kneel on the floor, with your upper body supported by the edge of the bed. While lifting and cocking one of your legs to the side, he holds your lifted inner thigh and enters you from behind. This is great with either slow languid movements or deep hard thrusts.

Female Aphrodisiacs: What’s Cooking In Your Bedroom?

Female Aphrodisiacs

Looking for that little extra to tantalize the mind, get the heart rate up, and start those sexy juices flowing? Look no further than your common kitchen. It’s likely to be over flowing with a healthy array of Female Aphrodisiacs.

Derived from the name Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sensuality and love, food has always played a strong and consistent role in the belief that aphrodisiacs assist in building the desire to have sex and also make it more pleasurable at that.

Whether or not this is true, the most potent female aphrodisiacs of all is with out a doubt, the human mind. What dalliances have you ever entertained in your private thoughts at the sight of a phallic object? Has it ever got you in the mood, maybe not consciously but perhaps sub consciously?

For detailed information on female aphrodisiacs see what is an aphrodisiac or take a look at the sexy aphrodisiac list below to find the aphrodisiacs that work for you.

Female Aphrodisiacs


It is said the aroma of almonds evokes a strong sexual desire and lust in women. Almond flavoured wines, liqueurs, or as an ingredient in soap, and creams are all made with its female aphrodisiacs qualities in mind. Not just for women, almonds are also beneficial for the treatment of premature ejaculation.

Aniseed/Star AniseAniseed/Star Anise

The ancient Greeks and Romans sucked on anise seeds believing it to increase desire and stimulate libido. With its sweet liquorice taste, it just might inspire you to do some sucking of another kind.


Not just phallic in shape, Chinese traditionalists believe the roots of the asparagus provide compassion and love. Asparagus is also rich in vitamin E and is believed to stimulate the production of our sex hormones.


Referred to as the chocolate of the fruits, the avocado has long been a favourite aphrodisiac, going as far back to The Aztecs who called it ‘Ahuacualt’ meaning testicle tree. Today it is used to treat erectile dysfunction and packed with vitamin A & E and ‘good fats’, is also excellent for your skin.


Notably the most phallic shape of all in the fruit family, bananas are believed in Tantra to be linked to erotic energy. They are also a very rich source of vitamin B which assists in the production of sex hormones.


Another herb that promotes circulation its aphrodisiac reputation derives from centuries ago when women used to dust their breasts with dried or powdered basil. Its strong aroma is said to have driven their men wild.


This root vegetable was used extensively by early Middle Eastern royalty to aid seduction. The carrot is said to be particularly effect aphrodisiac for men


Believed to have the male steroid hormone androsterone, which is thought to attract the opposite sex. Androsterone is perspired after eating and although you may not consciously smell it you may find yourself lingering and cuddling up closer to your man after he’s eaten it.


The heat from a chili arouses our senses to the point where it ignites our nerve endings from the very tip of our brains, toes, fingertips to our genital area. Chili simulates sex with an increased heart rate and rapid perspiration and some researchers believe it triggers the release of endorphins which are conducive to love-making.


Bring on the ‘love chemical’ (phenylethylaine) with the big daddy of all female aphrodisiacs, chocolate. It’s the combination of the release of dopamine, and Caco which promotes serotonin into the pleasure centres of the brain. It induces arousal, sexual attraction and feelings of euphoria.


The shape is obvious but these cool cucumbers are hot when increasing blood flow to the vagina. Their aroma is also believed to get your sexual juices flowing.


The Ancient Greeks linked figs with fertility and love deeming them sacred. The true attraction of the fig as an aphrodisiac is based on its appearance. An open fig can certainly inspire illicit thoughts with their close resemblance to female sex organs.


Deemed a ‘hot herb’, in ancient times garlic had a reputation of stirring up passions. Its effect on the body is an increase in circulation and modern science has verified that garlic may assist sexual performance in some men.


Gingers flavor bursts of a peppery, honey, tangy mix. Its scent has such an effect on the body circulation is increased and erogenous zones are heightened. Warming the body, increasing perspiration and heart rate, its effect mirrors the body as reactions during sex.


Sweet, sticky, delectable. Honey is a true sensual delight, as well as enhancing sexual gratification with its romance and quick hit of sugar. A great accompaniment, when you’re already getting sticky together.


Centuries ago nutmeg was thought to have magical properties, possibly because in quantity it can have a strong hallucinogenic effect. It has always been considered an aphrodisiac but only in low dosages is it capable of increasing libido. Great for a cheap high but like all stimulants, it will only hinder sexual performance when taken in abundance.


The oyster has an uncanny resemblance to the labia of a vagina. Although there is no scientific proof that it has aphrodisiac benefits, the psychological impact of believing that oysters are aphrodisiacs is sometimes strong enough to produce, at least temporarily, greater sexual desire or performance.


In the Philippines papaya is used to control excessive libido for men. Although historically papaya has been used to support menstruation and milk production, support childbirth and promote female libido.


Who doesn’t love to squeeze a firm, round, ripe peach or tease at its lightly fuzzed warm skin? Packed with so many vitamins and nutrients it can give anyone a boost to enhance sexual performance.

Pine NutsPine Nuts

If you’re thinking of making a love potion you may want to add pine nuts to your ingredients. High in zinc, people have been using them to stimulate sexual activity since Medieval times where they were readily used to make lotions and love potions.


There was once a tradition of serving newlyweds cold strawberry soup to help promote the aphrodisiac of honeymoon romance. There’s also a legend saying that if you break the strawberry in half and share it with a member of the opposite sex, you will soon fall in love with each other.


The The distinctive scent of vanilla has been scientifically proven to be the most alluring scent for men over other scents such as lavender, liquorice, pumpkin pie and doughnuts. Vanilla tantalizes you first with its soft innocence then strong seductive scent. Team it with cocoa for an erotic duo or drop a vanilla bean in to a tall glass of champagne for a sneaky bubbly treat.


Wine is definitely one of the most alluring female aphrodisiacs. There’s nothing like a good glass of vino to get your erotic senses flowing. Like a gentle lover carefully undressing you, sipped slowly wine will send warm sensations all over your body and transform you in to a state of relaxed arousal. Linger on its rich colour, the curves of the glass and savour its taste on your lips.

Female Aphrodisiacs are fun for anyone to use in their cooking. Think about how you can spice up your next recipe and the buzz between your legs with a sexy female aphrodisiac.

How To Be Sexy – Tap In To Your Inner Sex Appeal With these Tips

How To Be Sexy

How to be sexy? It’s probably not as hard as you think. You don’t have to be aesthetically beautiful to have raw, smoldering sex appeal. Sexiness can be in the form of the hottest high heels or the shortest dress but true sexiness often comes from innocent everyday actions like listening intently or flashing a dazzling smile.

Tips On How To Be Sexy

1. Dress to Kiss

You don’t have to be a stereotypical barbie doll to be sexy but it helps if you dress to kill. Wear clothes that are comfortable for you and make you feel good. If heels and make up aren’t you’re thing, there’s no point forcing the issue. Jeans and a T. shirt can be just as effective. A sexier woman is a confident woman. Comfortable however does not equal frumpy!

2. Learn To Walk In Heels

We’re not all runway models nor do we want to be but there’s nothing worse than a woman stomping down the street in a pair of heels too high, or too tight. Choose them carefully to suit your feet and take the time to learn how to walk in them properly.

3. Use Your Body To Your Advantage

Your body is a weapon! Lure your prey with your soft voluptuous curves, long lean legs, hugemongous bazookas or tiny triggers. Your body language is a key factor in how to be sexy so use what you’ve got to your advantage.

4. Sexy Eyes

If you are engaged in conversation, ensure you keep eye contact and seduce him with your eyes. Those long lady lashes were made for battering. Smile, lean in, cross and uncross your legs, especially if you are wearing a skirt. Dazzle him with your sexy eyes and open body language.

5. Practice Your Best Manners

How to be sexy using manners? A courteous please and thank you with a coy little smile just for him will go a lot further than you think. Send him subliminal messages that you are looking only to please and thank him!

6. Be a Force To Be Reckoned With

Have you ever noticed how men find you sexy when you’re a little angry, annoyed or pissed off? Or when you’re making a very clear point and cleverly putting them in their place without putting them down? This tactic is to be used with absolute caution. No point sparking and argument for the sake of it but well worth taking note of and using to your advantage when your man is in need of a little disciplining.

7. Learn How to Talk Dirty

If you want to know how to be sexy, learn how to talk dirty. Whether it’s sweet nothings whispered in his ear or slutty expletives, sex it up with a little smut talk.

8. Sexy Glasses

If you want to be ueber sexy, channel your inner school teacher and invest in a super sexy pair of specs. Instantly transform yourself from the innocent girl next door, to a hot smouldering siren.

9. Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine around and a great laugh won’t go unnoticed. Be healthy and happy and people will naturally gravitate to your sexy magnetism.

10. Love The Skin You’re In

You can starve yourself and go crazy at the gym. Make your hair longer, straighter, lighter, your teeth whiter and brighter but if you’re trying to hide behind who you are, your subconscious will quickly betray you. Love the skin you’re in and let your sex appeal naturally shine through. Good self esteem is a major contributor in how to be sexy.

The Signs He is in Love; Love Hate Extremes

The Signs He is in Love

Want to know the signs he is in love? The good news is, it’s pretty hard to keep such a strong emotion cleverly concealed and the signs are usually pretty obvious. Love comes in all different shapes and sizes and also varying extremes and usually people express it as a means of happiness and joy.

But what if you’re in a situation where a certain someone in your life is less than loving and less than pleasant even to the point of just being mean? Well, they say the closest thing to love is hate so if someone is exhibiting all the signs of hate or extreme dislike towards you, well maybe just maybe they are hiding secret feelings not only from you but also themselves.

The signs he is in love are not always as obvious as they seem. Here we look at the two extremes.

Loving Signs He Is In Love

  • Depending on his love language he presents you with grand gestures of love like lavish gifts or expensive getaways. Or surprises you with the smallest, kindest most thoughtful acts.
  • He always goes out of his way to help or assist you. He does things for you that he wouldn’t ordinarily want to do, but it gives him an excuse to see you again, or he gets enjoyment from doing things for you. You can see that it’s genuine and not forced.
  • Usually his body language will be a big give away and male body language flirting will ensure that he touches you at every possible moment. This will range from sexual touch, to cute flirting, to loving or even protective touching to let you know he cares.
  • He’s willing to go to places he absolutely hates just because he knows you’ll be there or that it’s important to you. If you’re just friends, he proudly introduces you to his friends and family as his friend and if you are officially together, he has no problem proclaiming your relationship to the world.
  • He’s always the gentleman and always treats you like a lady and most importantly as his lady.
  • He listens and genuinely cares. He wants to be active in your life and share the up’s and downs.
  • Even if you don’t need looking after, he looks after you, looks out for you and gets happiness from doing his best to make you happy.
  • And for the super romantics out there, he might even makes you an old fashioned mix tape with a list of love songs, just for you. Or if he’ s soft and dreamy he might send you long love letters, cute I love you quotes, or cute short love poems to let you know he’s yours.

Love On The Flip Side

  • He pays no attention to you, even when you make an effort to greet him by being polite or civil. Simply he very rudely ignores you, pretends you are not there and talks to someone else instead.
  • He makes fun of you, acts like child and teases you but not in a joking kind of way.
  • He puts you down, and acts out on anything you may have said, turning it into something you didn’t mean or never intended.
  • His demeanor changes whenever you are there. Usually a pretty clear sign that instead of actually disliking you like he pretends to be, he’s actually quite intimated by your presence and the only way he knows how to deal with it, is by showing an intense dislike for you.
  • He complains about you to other people, or complains about you when you are there.

A man fall in loveSome of these mentioned are not signs he is in love but are simply the actions of someone who just does not like you. But combined together, consistently with emotion behind them it’s a pretty good indication that someone does have feelings for you, they simply don’t know how to express it.

Just remember that sometimes love or deep feelings present themselves in different ways. Depending on the situation, the individuals involved and the particular circumstances, sometimes the signs he is in love are not depicted in a positive way. If you’re not sure how someone feels about you, sometimes you need to read between the lines, peel back the surface and really get to the core of what’s going on. Because some people don’t have the emotional maturity and love experience to connect with people the way they truly desire.

Better Sex Guide to Reduce Female Sexual Dysfunction

Better Sex Guide

Here is s better sex guide to help you relax and enjoy stress-free intimate moments with your partner. Here you’ll find helpful advice on before, during and after sex, as well as additional information on: sexercise, cardio exercise, pelvic contraction and flexibility.

Before Sex

Having sex encompasses far more than just a singular focus on coital intercourse. It takes practice and patience from both parties to make it a rewarding experience.


1. Plan Ahead

It is always good to find time and plan ahead to inject some romantic and sensual elements into sex.

Having a candle light dinner, watching romantic movies or taking a stroll in the park while holding hands can bring back fond memories.

Aromatic scents, oil massages and erotic movies could also be helpful to some women and their partners. Wearing sexy lingerie can make a person feel sexier and set the mood for sex.

good-comunication2. Good Communication

Communication is essential in any relationship. A woman should open up and engage with her partner by sharing and practicing those things that may arouse the feeling of sexiness and evoke desire.

place3. Place

Having sex should be in a place where it is safe and comfortable. Being adventurous is okay so long as both of you can perform with ease.

During Sex

relax1. Relax

Whenever you are engaged in sex try to put all your worries away. Being all tensed up, trying to rush it or worrying too much may simply kill the moment. Relax and try not to stress yourself.

to-talk-not-talk2. To talk or not to talk

Talking is essential in any relationship. A woman should open up and engage with her partner by sharing and practicing those things that may arouse feelings of sexiness and evoke desire.

After Sex

There are no right or wrong things to do after sex. Some might choose to just lie down and sleep, while some might just go straight to the toilet or kitchen. Others might choose to spend time talking and recalling the moments.

Post-coital pleasers, as a matter fact, can leave a sexy impression and help to create a satisfying experience.

on-bed1. On The Bed

Check if he is falling asleep or keen to continue with some intimate conversation. Men and women have different biological needs and responses after sex.

Following intercourse, a man could be totally exhausted with his brain going into a state of rest. While on the other hand, a woman usually feels more refreshed or stimulated and could crave bonding.

So, ladies, do not get all worked up if you hear snoring. Just let it be and cuddle him or snuggle up a bit if you want to. If he wants to grab a bite or take some fresh air (or even smoke, though not fresh in the literal sense), let him be or join him.

light-stuff2. Light stuff

One good way is to lie down face to face with him and do some light touching (this does not necessarily extend to the genitals).

If you are all energized, you could offer him a light back and shoulder massage. If he needs to re-hydrate, a glass of water might help. Small talk like recounting what sexy moves turned you on the most could help. If he is up for round 2, go for it!

shower-for23. A Shower for 2

Pulling your man into a hot shower could overpower his post-coital crash response. Not only is it proper hygiene, the soaping session and hot water running through both your bodies could help you relax and refresh. He could get sufficiently aroused (again) and voila, another round of hot steamy shower sex does not seem like a bad idea!

You can now enjoy all the above in total confidence, knowing the frustration, worry and apprehension are things of the past. No more arguments, battles or bitterness, just sexy fun, loving and intimacy … exactly the way it should be.

Sex and Your Body – Better Sex Guide


According to the NHS Direct website, “sexercise” can lower the risk of heart attacks and help people live longer.

Endorphins released during orgasm stimulate immune system cells, which also help target illnesses like cancer, as well as wrinkles, it states.

“Sex uses every muscle group, gets the heart and lungs working hard, and burns about 300 calories an hour.” The advice suggests “regular romps this winter” could lead to a better body and a younger look.

Increased production of endorphins “will make your hair shine and your skin smooth,” it adds. “If you’re worried about wrinkles – orgasms even help prevent frown lines from deepening.”

The better sex guide article goes on to say that orgasms release “painkillers” into the bloodstream, which helps keep mild illnesses like colds, and aches and pains at bay. The production of extra estrogen and testosterone hormones “will keep your bones and muscles healthy, leaving you feeling fabulous inside and out”.

SOURCE: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/4703166.stm

Cardio Exercise

Just like any physician would recommend, cardio endurance is essential to good health while keeping certain diseases at bay. Try to follow the 30 x 3 ruling – aim for three times a week with each session lasting more than 30 minutes.

So even though your heart’s not in it now, it soon will be. Here’s a little better sex guide to make sure you really make the most of your new found enthusiasm…

For enthusiastic sex, you’ll need some cardio endurance. It won’t be any fun if you bonk out halfway through. Shoot for 3 or 4 days of cardio exercise like running, walking, swimming or whatever floats your boat and your partner will thank you.

Sex also requires a little endurance. You may find yourself holding…err…unusual positions for short periods of time, so conditioning your body can be a plus for longer lasting sex. For endurance, you’ll need to lift lighter weights for more repetitions. Check out some endurance workouts and get conditioned for sex.

As long as we’re talking about holding yourself in position, we might as well cover muscular strength, which is something else you’ll need. Your muscles will be contracting like crazy no matter what position you’re in, so it pays to be in shape to avoid nasty leg or foot cramps. For strength, you’ll need to lift heavier weights for fewer repetitions.

Flexibility can enhance anyone’s sex life by making it a bit easier to get into your favourite position with a minimum amount of fuss. Why not try a little Yoga to get you in the mood?

SOURCE: http://exercise.about.com/cs/exercisehealth/a/sexandexercise.htm

Pelvic Contraction

Exercising the muscles in the pelvic floor is said to enhance your vaginal grip and improve orgasms. Commonly known as the Kegel Exercise, named after its founder Dr Arnold Kegel, this exercise is usually recommended for pregnant women and those suffering from incontinence and vaginal prolapse.

It is not hard to do once you acquire the skills and techniques. The rule of “use it or lose it” applies to every single muscle, and that includes your pelvic muscle and vagina. So, do not forget to work out these muscles especially when it costs you nothing!

To read more detail check out this article:


Undeniably, a little bit of flexibility can make it a lot easier to get into your desired position without fuss. If you think this extra ability to bend is only meant for those in the younger generations who are into tantric sex, think again!

Let us not forget that added flexibility in your body seems to be a sure-fire way to help prevent painful joints and body aches when you get older. Thus, it makes perfect sense to incorporate a bit of stretching, Pilates or Yoga into your exercise regime the next time.

For an in depth article on yoga for increased flexibility:

Tips For an Erotic Hand Job

Tips For an Erotic Hand Job

A mans love truncheon is his pride and joy and while usually they are willing to let almost anyone have go with it, you can set yourself aside from the rest by learning to how give hand job with these erotic hand job tips.

Hand Job Tips

The Soft and Subtle

The soft and subtle is best performed as a naked hand job as there’s nothing quite like the soft skin to skin touch of light gentle strokes to relax and calm your man before building the intensity. The best hand job techniques for this start with setting the scene for the bigger and better things yet to come. se ever so light touches, and barely there strokes to brush your hand over his penis and scrotum. Use stronger strokes and massage his inner thighs before gently using the tips of your nails to run the back of you hand back up his penis. You can even gently rub or tap his scrotum and tickle his anus.

The Twister

The twister is a great alternative to the regular up and down hand movements. Use it by holding on to his penis and with plenty of lubricant and rotating your wrist around and around and up and down the length of his manhood. You can do this slowly and methodically as a slow build up or with stronger and faster movements. Just be mindful of your nails as you go.

The Hard Fist Pump

Every man loves a hard fist pump and it’s great to use when bringing on the final showdown when you know the end is near. Take a firm grip, and apply the pressure he desires as you begin to pump it with a sharp jabbing motion of your arm up and down. Ensure you use plenty of lubricant as not to hurt him as this can become quite intense but pump it hard almost like you are milking a cow!

The Fire Starter

The fire starter is an erotic hand job that is great for heating things up and creating different sensations for your man. With plenty of lube rub his penis with your hands together like you are trying to start a fire with a stick. Use different speeds and tempos to rub his penis this way up and down the shaft, or by holding it right at the top to stimulate all those wonderful nerve endings sitting on the tip.

Want to see ‘hands on’ how to make different sensations with your hands? Check out these fun video instructions teaching various tips and tricks and Hand Job Techniques

Double Action Stimulation

Double action stimulation is one of the best hand job techniques. Hold his penis with your preferred hand and use methodical movements to keep it going at your desired pace. Then use your other hand to massage his scrotum or around his perineum at the same time.

The Pinch and Squeeze

Although most people focus on stimulating the length of the penis, don’t forget that it’s at the very tip where the most magic happens. Use your thumb and index finger to rub around the very top of the fingers where all those wonderful nerve endings are. You can even massage his scrotum with the other hand while you do this for extra pleasure.

Erotic Hand JobGive Him The Finger

Inserting a finger in to his anus is not for everyone girl and it’s also not for every man. For this reason it’s always good to ask beforehand or you might give him quite the shock! If he’s up for it, make sure you lube up first and start with small circular motions around his perineum. Then slowly and gently insert your finger. The great thing about this is that you can hit his male g spot if you can insert your finger about three inches in and hit his prostate gland, giving him an erotic hand job he will always remember.

Massage Hand Job

Giving a massage hand job or Lingham Massage is truly a wonderful tool for any woman to have in her sexual bag of tricks. Its purpose is to prolong arousal before ejaculation and with practice men can develop controlling techniques to extend love making and separate orgasm from ejaculation, becoming multi orgasmic in the process. In addition to his, a massage hand job will also bring ample pleasure, promote his inner health and revitalize his whole body.

Add Vibration

Using a vibrator can add new life to even the most common hand job techniques. Depending on your mans preference you can either use it sparingly by not placing it directly on to the genital area but instead placing it on his stomach or inner thighs so he can feel the vibrations going through his body as you continue to manually stimulate him. Or if he prefers you can use it directly on his penis or even his anus.

These hand job techniques are fantastic for every woman but the best way to learn is from the master himself, and that’s your current squeeze. If he masturbates in front of you, pay attention to the way he does it, the strokes he uses and the pace he sets from the beginning to end. Use that along with these savvy tips to create your own personal hand job techniques for maximum pleasure.

What To Do When His Penis Is Too Big!

His Penis Is Too Big

Most women will profess that they love a nice friendly big fat penis. Something they can curl up with at night, snuggle in to, and ride and ride for hours on end in to a happy state of sexual oblivion. But what if his penis is too big? Like really, really big? So big that no matter which way you look at it, no matter what position you try, or even how much lube you use, the logistics of it all just don’t seem to work out.

In reality, (although there are exceptions to the rule), most women will actually prefer a good old-fashioned average penis. Not a penis so big that it feels like she’s being impaled or so wide as to tear at the sides. Because even though the vagina is remarkable, an extraordinary muscle to be able to give birth, that doesn’t mean you want to have to go through anything near that experience just to have sex. So what do you do when the man you love is insanely hung with a big fat penis and grinning and bearing it is just not a long-term viable option?

Length Vs Girth

When it comes to big penises and learning how to deal with them, usually they come in two varieties. Big as in long, which can cause discomfort to women feeling that their innards are being poked at like a large and accusatory finger every time they have sex. These penises tend to be on the thinner side, but are very lengthy instead.

When Penis is Too Big

Or, big as in wide, where the girth of the penis is rather, well fat. Sometimes this super-sized Willy can be referred to as a ‘Fat Sammy’ and not only can they cause problems with penetrative sex, they can also be a bit of a mouth full when you’re attempting oral sex. Usually these ones are on the shorter side and love to stick up at you like a stump. The problem with these ones is simply getting the big penis head in, and then enjoying it once it’s there.

And then there’s the big and long penis. These are really the Mac Daddy of the penis world, and men with big penises of this variety tend to be rather pleased with their appendages. The thing is, such penises can actually be useless to women because although it looks impressive there isn’t a lot he or she can do with it. Wide and long penises can be more of a hindrance because while it can be satisfying for a man to look at it every day, it’s unlikely that he would be as sexually satisfied as an average sized man, when no woman wants to go near it.

Long Penis

When you’re dealing with an extra large penis it’s your cervix that takes the brunt of it. The average size of the vagina is about five to seven inches long, depending on how much you are sexually aroused, so if your man is anything longer than this, it’s his big fat penis that is hitting the back of your cervix that is causing you discomfort or pain. For some it’s more painful than others but either way it’s not pleasant. The best way to deal with the extra long penis is by focusing on sex positions that limit the amount of depth, or avoiding the cervix all together.

Wide Penis

Dealing with a wide penis is a different story. In this instance, you will need to really focus on foreplay. When you think you’ve had enough, have some more! When it’s incredibly wide just the look of a big erect penis will have you tense up, especially if you have tried to insert it before without any luck. Together you will need to work on conditioning your vagina to stretch and accept his huge member. You can do this through fingering, by gradually increasing the number of fingers you feel comfortable with, or even using different sized sex toys to change things up a bit. With plenty of lube, and a relaxed mind, together, gently and without force you should be able to gradually accept him in to further.

Long & Wide Penis

If you’re dealing with a big fat penis that is exceptionally long and wide, you will of course need to apply both of these principles to enjoy a better sex life combined with a steely determination and maybe even a bit of luck.

Vibrator Techniques to Bring You an Orgasm

Vibrator Techniques to Bring You an Orgasm

There are many different vibrator techniques you can use to give yourself an orgasm. Essentially though, to get the most out of your toy you will need to use foreplay, sensual and varied touch, comfortable positioning, and lubricant, just as you would when having sex with a partner.

This article breaks down each of these important steps and shows you how the varied vibrator techniques, that just like a good lover, will firstly relax you, bring you to an exciting arousal and ultimately the big O.

Vibrator Techniques to Orgasm

Always Start With Foreplay

There are lots of different vibrator techniques you can use to make foreplay really exciting and lusciously fun with your toy. By placing it on any part of your body, not just your genitals, you can use it to arouse your erogenous zones to help make you feel super sexy, whilst preparing your body for the heavier stimulation to come.

You can do this by putting your toy on a low vibrating setting and placing it against your nipples. Or place your toy on a higher vibrating mode and just let it lie on your abdomen. This is a good way to awaken your sexual chakra by letting the vibrations pulse deep down in to your body. Alternatively you can place it between your thighs until you start to feel that lovely tingling or throbbing sensation between your legs. The idea of these of course is to relax you and slowly get your mind and body in the mood.

Establishing Contact

Vibrators are built for vibrating but to really build your sexual desire, they are also really good to use firstly for rubbing. Use it to rub against your vagina and along your clitoris. Or rub and twist it around the opening of your vagina, dipping it only just slightly inside then rubbing it up against your clitoris again. The idea of these vibrator techniques is to really get you going, before you press that little switch and the vibrating begins. Rubbing is also particularly handy if you find you need a break from the vibrating. You can go back to rubbing to slow things down a bit, before building the momentum back up again.

Don’t Forget Your Fingers

Using your vibrator as above is great to get things going but you don’t always have to use these vibrator tips to get you in to the sexual swing of things. Your fingers are already your own inbuilt sex toys, so use them in conjunction with your toy to build your arousal. Sometimes it works best to start out with some regular fingering or fondling, or use your fingers on yourself, as your vibrator happily vibrates on the outside of your body.

Choose Your Position

It’s really important to find a position that is comfortable for your vibrator use. Try using it just when you’re lying on your back, or straddle, or lie on it, as if you are in doggy position. There is no right or wrong way or position to use your toy, so find what feels good for you and go with it.

Up The Tempo

You should really be aroused by now with these vibrator techniques, so it’s time to up the tempo and turn that little switch on. Start out on a lower setting and use your vibrator to touch your clitoris, applying more pressure if it feels good. Rub it between your vaginal lips. Press it against your perineum, the small area between your vagina and anus. Try holding it against your anus. If it’s a penetrative vibe, insert it into your vagina. Wiggle it around in there, explore your vagina. Try different depths of penetration. Hold it just at the opening of the vagina. If there’s a larger head at the tip of the vibrator, try very shallow penetrations with just the tip. Or ride it with full penetrative thrusts just as you would a regular penis.

Focus On Clitoral Stimulation

Focus on working your way up to a clitoral orgasm. You can use various vibrator techniques to do this from rubbing the vibrator up and down your clitoris, or rotating it around. Experiment with changing the setting/speed of your toy to experience different vibration intensity, as well as applying varying pressures to your clitoris, allowing arousal to build. Remember to relax, breathe and relish in the sensations and power of your body.

Think Internal Not Just External Vibrations

Although for a lot of women it’s always going to be mostly about the clitoris, don’t limit yourself to just external vibrations. Try pushing your vibrator deep within your body, or sit on it like in doggy position while it is on the highest vibrating mode as you slowly grind your hips around and around. It might be too much for some just starting out, but this can be one of the best vibrator techniques to encourage a vaginal orgasm. Or If you have a g-spot vibe, experiment with twisting it around in your vagina to hit all the different spots.

Lube Up

Whichever way you use your bedroom sex toys, remember that you should always include lubricant. Unless you are lucky enough to become very wet through masturbation, you will enjoy your toy much more if it effortlessly slips and slides, hums and vibrates easily with your body. Be mindful that they’re made of an artificial material, that you are rubbing against your body or inserting inside, so it’s best to be well lubricated so the whole experience is enjoyable. If you don’t have any lube, a bit of old fashioned saliva will help, however it will dry out very quickly on your toy.