Office Affairs

While there are many successes, not all workplace affairs have a happy ending. Below we look at the good, the bad and the ugly scenarios of office affairs, before you think about signing a love contract.

It starts with a quick acknowledgment in the corridor, a daily hello and polite chit chat about your weekend. You become aware of his every move and feel his eyes on you from across the room. God he looks good today. You slip in to a trance, your mind in a fantasy. He’s pushed you up against the filing cabinet his scent is so sweet, his skin so smooth, his lips so soft. His hands are all over you, rubbing your breasts and sliding up between your…What? And like that, you’re back in the room dialing your calculator.

It’s not really surprising that so many couples have met and developed workplace romances. Women generally need a reference when meeting men and the work place provides the perfect environment to get to know a colleague on more than just a professional level.

The good, the bad and the ugly scenarios of office affairs

The Good: The Potential Relationship

You’ve been friends for a long time. As far as you are aware he hasn’t been involved in any other office affairs with your colleagues. He gets you coffee and saves a seat for you at the bar. Your friends know you like him before you do. Your peers see a mutual admiration and respect for each other. The transition from colleagues to lovers to partners is a natural process. The only question is, can you maintain a normal working life and balance a relationship too? For one thing, it’s definitely convenient but is it healthy spending so much time together? Often the natural progression to committed partner’s leads to one having to find another job but can be well worth it for a long, happy, well-balanced relationship.

The Bad: The Office Lothario

You know he’s trouble. He’s everything you despise in a man. Arrogant; over confident; a master manipulator and flirt. It sickens you to think how many women he has slept with, let alone how many office affairs he has been involved with. So why can’t you stop thinking about him naked? He must be omitting some sort of male pheromone that others are not privy to. There’s no doubt about it, this man has charisma but you know it can only lead to trouble. Guaranteed if you have worked together for a long time and he hasn’t yet conquered you, you are high on his list. His likely story is that he respects you too much but don’t get lured in to a false sense of security. You’re kidding yourself if you think you can change him. Give him an inch and he’ll do you in a second and probably on the photocopier! A fun frolic when you’re young, or are not serious about your current job, this one could end up in disappointment or embarrassment as it’s not likely he’ll keep your liaison confidential.

The Ugly: The Both Attached

Naughty, naughty, what’s going on at home or maybe what’s not happening in your relationship that you’re sleeping with someone from work? Be careful here. As discreet as you may be these things usually have a tendency of being exposed to fellow workers and turning in to a full-blown scandal. The knock on effect can be a disaster with jealousy and resentment often not bringing out the best in people. Unless you are really serious about each other, this one could definitely one of those workplace romances that could get ugly.

Sleeping With Boss

As long as people continue to hook up at work, there will always be the workplace affairs involving the boss. Especially where there are men in dominant positions and women in heels and a skirt. Nevertheless, many successful relationships have come out of this scenario but just as many do not have a happy ending. Use your judgement wisely to ascertain exactly what you’re in for and if the knock on effect is going to be a positive one for you.

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