If a man ever asks you what female orgasm is like then you might want to tell him something like this: At its peak female orgasm is a body pulsing, toe curling magical explosion. Like a massive wave breaking spectacularly all over your body, a tsunami of spiritual proportions and a pure rush of orgasmic energy!

It’s not really surprising that some men are very much in awe of the beauty and sheer magnitude of female orgasms. And why wouldn’t they be when they’re merely a witness to the clitorally energized mystical boom when a female climaxes over and over again?

And it’s no wonder they are a little envious, with some mesmerized men being so taken by a female orgasm they have even likened looking in to her eyes as she climaxes with looking directly in to her soul

So it’s not really that far fetched to consider with the overall wonder and total exhilaration of female orgasms that maybe, just maybe the female orgasm is actually better than men’s!

I Love Female Orgasm

To begin with, let’s look at the frequency between the male and the female orgasm. Men are definitely in the lead on this one and there may have been times when you even wished you could orgasm as quickly and as often as they do. But have you ever entertained the thought that female orgasms might be more powerful and fulfilling simply because they are less frequent?

And while the male orgasm certainly has its own merits and is generally less labour intensive, how magical can it possibly be when you’re merely knocking one off as a necessary function to get you through your day? It’s no wonder that some men get to the point where they loose any sort of thrill when their body is urging them to ejaculate rather than orgasm.

And even though it’s only fair to give credit where credit is due and recognize that masturbation for men is not the same as actually making love with a partner, the bottom line is men only have sex organs for pro-creation. So when they’re tired of the persistent nagging urge to sprout their manly seed only as part of if evolutions master plan, it might be nice to have and orgasm for the hell of it, just like women can.

You see a female orgasm is a lot more powerful than what you may have ever imagined. For one, science is at odds to explain why women experience orgasm at all with the clitoris playing no part in the baby making process. Sure, its pleasurable feelings can assist in getting you in the mood to pro-create, but it has absolutely no bearing on reproduction. And although having an orgasm feels great, it also doesn’t play any hand in driving maternal desire.

That magical tingly sensation and eventual full body boom is definitely something to be proud of and hold sacred only to you. Because the simple fact is, female orgasms are designed purely for your pleasure and without an evolutionary purpose, some are even of the opinion that female climax is actually a vessel to connecting with a higher power.

Whether you believe this is true or not, there’s no doubt about it, female orgasms are nothing less than amazing. And even if your orgasms are huge full body experiences or are smaller and more frequent, the release of orgasmic energy and endorphins have you buzzing with a revitalized happiness and an over all well- being.

So even if your partner orgasms more than you do, when it does happen so magically and powerfully for you, he’s going to be wishing he could have at least one of what you’re having!

Simply female orgasm is designed purely for pleasure, and when a woman is in touch with her body often it’s a good indication that she’s also connected to her spirit. And it’s because of the endless ripples and heavenly bliss when a female climaxes that some are of the opinion that women are actually connecting with the divine during orgasm.

So there you have it ladies. We already have one up on men with the ability to achieve multiple orgasms, So it’s not really a stretch to consider that female orgasms could actually be more fulfilling, more powerful and overall far more orgasmic than men’s!

Published by Rosie Raphaelle

Her mission is to show women how to have fun, safe and meaningful sex. Her sex tips articles has been published in many women's magazines.

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  1. Im a Multiorgasmic male. I can reach orgasms very fast and cum as many times I want. I believe than women and men have the same orgasm capabilities. It’s just that we know very little about sex actually.

  2. What is even more dis-heartening is that for some women, they CAN orgasm more frequently than men, at the full intensity they normally experience.

    I dated a girl one time who would have multiple orgasms, back to back. After a couple they just joined up into a non stop climax. This happened during sex or any other activity. I have never felt so jealous in my life. She knew it, too. Ill never forget the time she was showing off with a new vibrator, and after 5 minutes of constant orgasm she looked at me, in between gasps and said “It won’t stop until I decide to…..do you know how fun this is???” before looking up, closing her eyes and squealing hysterically.

    By default, women have access to levels of pleasure, fun, excitement that are impossible for men to access.

    1. Wow. I never thought somebody can be this out of touch with reality. “women have access to levels of pleasure,fun,excitement that are impossible for men to access”. Who are you to say there is a limit of pleasure to someone and that his limit is nowhere near the limit of someone else. How do you measure pleasure exactly? Have you been in every man’s body and every women’s body, explored them to the fullest and came to the conclusion? Everybody is different and everybody feels different amount of pleasure. You can’t say this gender feels this amount of pleasure and the other this. You can’t say this person can feel only this amount of excitement and fun. You can always explore yourself and find what gives you more pleasure. Also your statement suggest that women should be a lot more happier than men due to the “impossible to reach” levels of pleasure they have. If that was the case, why are there depressed and suicidal women? Why are there women who hate their lives? Shouldn’t they be eternally happy because of the “impossible to reach” levels of fun, excitement and pleasure? Shouldn’t men be more sad and depressed with overall less fulfilling lives because they can never experience these levels of pleasure? My answer is no to all of these questions. My suggestion for you is to learn about the prostate if you really want more enjoyment in sex. However in the end, sex is a temporarily feeling and you’ll forget about it and continue with your life until the urge comes again, leading to an endless cycle of never feeling satisfied.

  3. Oh wow. This is the most pathetic article I’ve ever seen. First off , how on earth can you even compare pleasure and orgasms? That’s like saying this food is universally better than some other and that every person enjoys it more. If you don’t know, everyone is different, everyone has different tastes and everyone experiences orgasms differently. Second, did you know that 20 percent of women can’t even experience orgasms?Think about that. Third, how can you compare the male orgasm to yours and say it’s just a meh experience when you don’t even know how it feels? Personally my orgasms are just as magical and explosive as you described yours. You don’t see men being vocal because it’s not natural for men to moan and it feels strange and feminine. However that doesn’t mean it’s not an amazing experience. Fourth, the reason male orgasms may not look anything special it’s because men masturbate much, much more than women and it’s basically a routine. Some men do it 2-3 times a day for years because of porn addiction. Now let me explain you how the brain works – the more times you experience something, the less intensive it will be. You can’t expect your first orgasm to be as special as the 2234 one. Fifth, men can be multi orgasmic if they tried , it just takes practice.Ejaculation and orgasm are different processes and you can separate them. Sixth, have you heard of the prostate? Studies show that prostate orgasms are a full body experience and are more intense than normal ones and they have no refractory period. I honestly feel like you are envious to men, because who the hell will make a whole article to feel better about their gender and shame the other one for being “less superior” unless that someone is envious? My suggestion for you is to stop comparing and start enjoying. Orgasms are an amazing experience for both genders and you should be gratefull for even having them. Shaming the opposite gender to make yourself feel better is the scummiest thing ever.

  4. Envy? I would say pity is more accurate. I can’t even imagine how hard it is being a women(having menstruation cycles every month, giving birth etc.). I honestly think you deserve better orgasms (even though studies show there isn’t much of a difference). Pigs have 30 minute orgasms and yet you wouldn’t want to be one right ? For me, sex consists of nothing but pleasure and there is nothing to be envious about. Not only that, better orgasms doesn’t mean better life. You just forget about them anyways. It’s not like if you can’t experience something and someone can you are going to be less happy than than them. If that was the case, then drug addicts would feel eternal happiness.

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