Why Are Men Attracted To Bigger Breasts?

It is a question that confounds us all. Whilst some theorists would like to believe that men’s fascination with big breasts stems from breastfeeding as a baby, most men themselves cannot accurately tell you why their eyes are always drawn to the neckline.

Even men, who supposedly are not that interested in breast size when looking for a partner, admit that when they are confronted with a woman with large breasts, they cannot help letting their eyes wonder down.

Yet, if American scientist Jena Pincott is to be taken seriously, then her book ‘Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes?’ would suggest that this fascination is actually rooted in fertility and the sexuality that bigger breasts can project.

According to the Freudian concept of the Oedipus complex, men are always looking for a mother figure and equate larger breasts as a sign of increased fertility. And scientifically this is true.

In a study conducted by Harvard University, epidemiologist Grazyna Jaxienska found that full figured women are 3 times more likely to conceive than all other body types. This is due to fats influence on oestrogen.

As fat accumulates in your breasts, bottom, thighs and hips this increases oestrogen production that affects your ability to conceive. And in the eye of a man, bigger breasts advertise age, health and good genes making them the ideal sexual partner.

No matter whether these theories are correct or not, it is undeniable that having bigger breasts can help you to feel more attractive and confident around the opposite sex.

Natural breast enhancements such as Brestrogen can help you to attain such increases without the risk of surgery. In fact recent research indicates that the majority of men are turned off by the feel of fake, synthetic implants and prefer only healthy and natural breast. If this is true, then the utilisation of such breast enhancement serums could help to boost your confidence around men.

What is Brestrogen Breasts Enhancement Cream?

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