Hot Belly Dance

Hot belly dancing is the combination of various movements and the steps of belly dance. It can be anything from slow flowing sensual arm and body movements, shorter, faster, to sexier, and more urgent steps. Belly dance combinations can show you how to easily, fluidly move from one step to another to transition from flowing seductress to a saucy siren.

Belly Dance Steps

Hip Circles & Rolls

Hips rolls or circles are the best place to start with learning belly dance steps because just about everyone can do a hip circle. Stand will your feet parallel then slowly rotate your hips around and around to the one side. When you are ready you can alternate to the other side. Or after completing one hip circle you can immediately rotate back the other way.

This is a great place to start because it helps to loosen the body, the hips, warm you up and relax you in to the fluid movement of belly dancing. And when done properly even the humble hip circle can be a very sexy and alluring belly dance move.

Forward & Back Shimmy

Moving on to one of the sexiest hot belly dancing moves is the forward and back shimmy. It’s one of the most common belly dance steps and also one of the easiest moves to master. Not to be confused with a regular shimmy where the hips make an up and down or side to side motion, as the name suggests, the hips instead shift forwards and back.

To master this hot belly dancing move start with your legs shoulder distance apart. Keep your knees relaxed with your toes pointing forward, with the small of your back relaxed. The secret to perfecting the forward and back shimmy is to make each move very small. Like a tiny delicate quiver of the hips, then accent the movement more to the backward part of the move as opposed to the forward push. Push your hips back and then subtly move them forward. Continue as you go, back and forth until you are ready to join it was other belly dance combinations.

Sexy Turns

Turns are always part of every dance routine and the beauty of using them in this form of erotic dance is that they provide texture, fluidity and variation to any hot belly dancing routine.

You can turn in belly dancing by using the working leg to whip around the supporting leg, Half way through the turn, shift your weight on to your other leg. With practice you can continue with consecutive turns. It’s much like a turn in Spanish dancing, or if you have ever had ballet lessons, you will be familiar with pirouettes and the term ‘spotting’ where during a turn you keep your head facing forward for as long as you can. As you turn and your body reaches the quarter turn point, whip your head around to face the front ahead of your body.

Keep going so with practice, your moves are quick and sharp, and while focusing your eyes on your spot at the front. This looks especially effective with a scarf draped behind you as you spin or if you are naughty enough to perform a private naked belly dancing routine for your special someone, the scarf is brilliant a colourful accompaniment to your sexy naked body.

Hot Belly Rolls

Belly rolls are hot, but they actually require skill, determination and practice to perfect. To be successful at belly rolling you need to have strong yet flexible abdominal muscles. You also need to learn how to isolate your pelvic floor muscles from your diaphragm. This is what will allow you to roll your belly without moving your hips.

You can prepare for this belly dance exercise by standing with your legs shoulder width apart with your knees bent. Suck your belly in as far as it can go, then suck it a little bit more. Then release your belly all the way before repeating. This will definitely take practice but with repetition you can start to get a rolling your rippling effect of your belly. Try it in different directions to see what works best for you.

Strong Arms

Your arms play just as much of an important role in this dance as your as your belly does. Even though your hot belly dancing moves will come primarily from your hips, it’s important to use your arms to frame and enhance your dance.

If you are unsure what to do with your arms, use snake movements from side to side or vary your hand movements by crossing your wrists at hip level, then move them up to your heart, than raise them still crossed above your head. Or alternate your arms so that one arm is raised and stretched at full length to the sky, while the other is bent at your head. Whatever you do try to make it as graceful as possible without it looking too fluffy. You want your movements to be to look feminine but still strong and sexy.

If you’re an amateur or a skilled dancer, hot belly dancing is all about what you put in to it that results in how you pull it off. Even if you are just learning the moves, it’s how your present yourself, your attitude and your own individual femininity that puts the hot, in belly dancing.


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