Initiate Rough Sex

Let’s face it; guys don’t really want a woman who’s docile between the sheets. Being tame is kind of, well, lame! Whether it’s a long term relationship or a one-night stand, there comes a time when a little rough sex play goes a long way. When a woman shows a man her wild side and lets him know she’s more she-devil than angel, that’s one way to let him know she’s a keeper.

If you’re a woman who’s not afraid to take charge, initiate rough sex, get down and dirty, then incorporate a few of these tough love techniques with your main squeeze.

Initiate Rough Sex: Pain Play

He’s all hard and rearing to go – but this time, you’re not going to let him make all the moves. Take the bold step and initiate the kiss with some can’t-wait mouth action. Crush your mouth and your body against him so he can feel every soft, giving curve. Then sink your fingers in his hair and tug hard while you’re swapping tongue and lip locking. Pulling on his hair is usually going to cause him pain, but if he’s as turned on already as he should be, it’ll actually be pleasurable as well. That’s due to all those nerve endings in his scalp translating into feel-good endorphin so at that point he wouldn’t really mind if you uproot a lock or two (kidding!).

Now show him some of your tigress moves; rake your long, sharp nails up and down his back, deep enough to make ridges. He’s going to feel them really bad the next day but right then, it’s such a freaking turn on. Men’s skin is usually less delicate than women’s which means you can put him through a lot more torture than you could a woman. Oral Servitude Now shove him on the bed. At this point he’s in such a frenzy that he’s not going to mind when you wrench his wrists above his head and bind them with a scarf. He’s more or less helpless and has to do what you tell him. So you slide slowly, slowly up his writhing body dropping a few kisses and bites along the way (remember, a little pain is good). Chew hard on his nipples and wring on them with your fingers; men’s nipples are just as responsive as a females and they love a bit of a nibble too. But enough of the petting – you’ve got work for him to do.

Oral Servitude

Placing your knees on either side of his ears, you grind your honeypot unto his face, hard. He’ll have no other choice but to dutifully lick and lap at your melting core. Let’s face it, his hands are tied (literally). So don’t be shy, put him through some serious face-sitting and smother him in your feminine juices. He’ll love every second of it.

Orgasm Control/Denial

Since he’s been a good lad so far, it’s time to reward him with some reciprocal attention. Turn round so that this time your face is directed at his crotch, then bend to take him in your mouth. You’re both practically in the soixante-neuf position so while he’s feasting on you, do the same for him. Don’t hesitate to grab his shaft in a strong pumping motion; from all accounts men love a firm grip so squeeze as hard as you want but treat his balls with a lot more sensitivity. Give him a good blow but don’t let him get too carried away. The aim is to get him as close to exploding as possible, but then stopping just at the right time to keep it from happening. No, you’re not going to let him get release till you’re good and ready. Make him beg for it. Tease him with long licks and deep throat him as much as you dare. If you know his body that well you’ll know when he’s close to breaking point. Keep stopping just as you sense he’s very close to the edge.

He’s probably half out of his mind by now but you aren’t done yet. Now it’s time to have your wicked way with him, climbing on top then riding him hard and fast. Keep the pace steady and long and don’t let up until you sense he’s getting close again. Keep teasing him to that plateau stage then slowing down so he doesn’t get to find release. You can play with your breasts and clit while he’s there tied and unable to touch you. Depriving him from getting his hands on you is such a sweet torture, especially when he sees your hands sliding in places his should be.

Leading into a Good Rough Sex

When you’re sure he’s been through enough torment, untie his wrists then drive him even more wild as you command him to take you from behind. And tell him to not be gentle. Once he starts to pound into you make sure you take an active role by moving your pelvis back into him in perfect unison with him as he plunges into you again and again, till there’s that slapping sound as your bodies collide. And if he spanks your bottom hard more than a few times, you can’t complain because now it’s his turn to punish you.

He likes a bit of rough too and he’ll be tugging at your hair, making you arch your back as he pulls strongly. Hopefully you’re the vocal type so keep telling him how hot he makes you feel and how much you love the rough handling. He’s dragged you back by your hair till your lips get to lock with his even while he’s slamming into you from behind. You’re almost twisted in half but you love it as you kiss him back just as hard. He’s pushed in balls deep and all the build-up of excitement will surely lead this wild and wicked rough sex session to its logical and satisfactory conclusion.


Kiss and cuddle when the storm has passed and tell each other sweet, soothing nothings. Share some tender moments to balance out the hot and fiery blast of passion you both just indulged in. And sometimes, in the process, these gentle acts of affection and attention can set you both off for another go on the roller-coaster.

Published by Rosie Raphaelle

Her mission is to show women how to have fun, safe and meaningful sex. Her sex tips articles has been published in many women's magazines.

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