Dirty Talk During Sex

The mouth speaks from the abundance of the heart – and from the depth of your loins! Dirty talk during sex has always been a great way to add excitement and heighten arousal. Ladies shouldn’t wait to be asked – and men shouldn’t shy from speaking their minds. Take the initiative and speak boldly during those steamy moments of rough sex. Surprise him with your filthy, wicked mouth and watch him rise to the occasion with more enthusiasm than ever….

It doesn’t matter if you’re the shy, reserved type. That makes it even more thrilling for a man when he hears his woman say something unexpected and even slutty. It’s one of those “caught-in-the-moment” things that work just at the right time and place. Pick your moment carefully and get vocally raunchy especially when the sex gets rough and rugged.

Get nasty. Lovey-dovey has its place and time. With rough sex, you need some more shock quality to make the right impact. If you’re new to alternative lovemaking, then you can baby-step each other by starting with some dirty, nasty talk to put you in character for some unconventional sex.

Here are 6 dirty talk during sex to stoke up the flames

1. Make them feel sexy

The key to dirty talk in the bedroom is to make your party feel desirable. Talk about their body and how it turns you on. Be specific. Tell them which parts make you go wild with passion and why. “Love your breasts…so fucking sexy.” “Your cock drives me wild.” “I can’t wait to feel my tongue on your clit and taste you.” “Come in my mouth baby, it tastes so fucking great.” Etc etc.

2. Make them go hard

Performance can be enhanced with the right encouragement. When a woman notices her lover has slowed down a bit she can amp the pace by telling him in no uncertain terms that there are zero speed limits. Go harder, faster…deeper! Using this cheerleader approach certainly boosts morale. Words to say: “Give it to me baby! Yes! More!” “I can take it; give me everything you’ve got! Faster!” Just go ahead and make it all about you, you, you…

3. Be sexually explicit

You left the flowers and cotton candy at the door, right? Cool. Now forget every nice, poetic little word you ever knew and get smutty. You need him to take you a certain way; so “make love to me with your strong, hard manhood” translates to “fuck me with your big fat cock” or “I’d like to eat that sweet hot pussy till you cum!” Take the opportunity to add some filthy terms and phrases to your vocabulary – and if you don’t know any, it’s time to learn!

4. Insult to injury

She’s bound, gagged, put in an uncomfortable position. And as if that’s not enough, you’ve started talking dirty and mean. Some women get off by this. Using the “slut” word or calling her hussy, bitch might be offensive on any other occasion. But in the middle of giving her a good hard fuck, with her pussy dripping with juices to show how much she’s loving it, she may not mind it so much. Same goes for him, too. Ladies can be just as rude; call him every filthy name you can think of while you’re riding that cock to your own frenzied pace. It doesn’t have to be too much of a demeaning or humiliating approach; it’s just a bit of role play. So at the end, you can both kiss and cuddle to show that there was no offense given or taken. Words that work: “Yeah, you like it when I do that, don’t you, you *&^%!” “Oh yes, you’re such a dirty little ****!” Yep, you fill in the blanks. Here’s a favorite of mine though: “You’re such a filthy fuckpuppet!”

5. Loud and clear

Body talk is good; it sends a positive message when you writhe and wriggle. However, in this case, words speak just as loud as action. No over-the-top screaming or screeching. Of course it has to look and sound natural. Sometimes it works to simply whisper those dirty words in their ear – but in other times, crying out the words can work just as or more strongly. Words which sound great when said out loud: “Fuck me (insert name here) arrggh!” “Yes! Like that! Oooh, that feels good!” And of course, the stock “Harder, harder!” sounds great when said at an octave punctuated by each thrust. A very powerful, simple phrase is the harbinger of great and marvelous sensations. “I’m coming!” Scream this as loud as you can and you’ll find it’ll help synchronise your climax exactly with your partner’s.

6. Choices, choices

Dirty, rough talk with sex can be a gift that just keeps giving. In between the purring and sighing and shrieking, you can let him/her know that they can pick and choose their pleasures. But this time, use dirty language! Ask them how they’d like to be fucked. “Do you want this…or this? Should I put it here, or here? Do you like it when I do this, or this…?” Give them all the possibilities. Dirty talk stimulates the imagination, and therefore the body! Like they say, the mind is the most powerful organ in need of arousal. So turn them on mentally as well as physically with dirty talk!

Published by Rosie Raphaelle

Her mission is to show women how to have fun, safe and meaningful sex. Her sex tips articles has been published in many women's magazines.

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