Sexting, sex texting, sexting photos, whichever way you want to call it, is the sending and receiving of personal erotic images, or naughty sex texts. And whether you like it or not, if you have a phone, and if you’re on the dating market (or even of you’re not) in most cases that spunky guy you met on an online dating site, or even your current boyfriend, is very likely going to try to push the boundaries with you, in a sexting kind of way.

If you have never been in to sex text messages before, and you’re ready to delve in to the devious world of adult sexting, then there are actually some huge benefits that sex texting can provide to women. From increasing visual and mental excitement, to helping you to develop a strong sense of desire, sexting can be used as fabulous seduction tool, as well as spicing up or assisting with your regular masturbation method.

Taking The Sexting Plunge

If you and have decided to take the sexy sexting plunge, then it’s really quite easy to make the transition from a regular texter to one who includes naughty sexual content and erotic naked images of themselves. Sending a sex text message is simple and you will be surprised how easy it is to flirt through texting using ‘suggestive text’ and innuendo to spark interest and desire. And once you really get going, it doesn’t have to take a lot of effort to take a quick snap shot of one of your best body parts, it’s just whether or not you have the courage to send it.

If you do get up the nerve to actually press send, the results can be very exciting! People can actually get really quite addicted to sex texting because of the thrill and rush it provides. And although it is usually perceived as being more visually satisfying for a man to receive hot sexting images, there are huge benefits for women as well.

Remember gals, it’s your brain that is your biggest sex organ and even though it’s your body that you are putting on display and sending to your lover, it’s your brain that is being stimulated in the process. It’s the use of your sexual imagination, stirring up sexual desire and letting yourself get carried away in the fantasy of it all, is what ends up sending you all those happy yet naughty feelings to your mind, and all those delicious and delectable sensations to your lovely lady spot between your legs!

Sexting is simply fun and for many females it can be their first steps in to vanilla erotica. Having the safety of being able to hide behind your phone to express yourself sexually can be a sinfully sneaky way to really discover sexually who you are.

Sexting Warnings

Like all forms of sex though, whether it’s carried out in the flesh or not, sex text messages also comes with it’s own warnings. Before you sign up, there are few things you should consider before sending saucy texts but more importantly sexual images of yourself out in to the great vast expanse of the cyber universe.

Firstly, although it can seem like harmless fun and can make you feel all sexy and hot, once those sexting pics are out there, then that’s it! It’s out there, forever, never to be returned, and you will have no control over how many times it is forwarded or who’s eyes see it. If the thought of this sends a chill down your spine, then don’t do it. If however, this is exactly the kind of thing that gets you off, then great! More power and more sexting fun to you!

Simply, you need to be extra vigilant and super careful that the person you are sexting photos to, you can actually really trust if you don’t want your sexting images of sexting conversations to be viewed by any one else. You should also be mindful not to get caught up in a sexting trap. If a guy you don’t know very well is sexting you, don’t be fooled that you are his only girl. It’s quite possible that he has a few ‘sexting partners’ on the go at one time. You of course, may also choose to sexted to the beat of a similar drum and have multiply sexting partners too!

Overall, sexting when done properly should be viewed and used in a positive way and is really just like any other fantasy play. Every fantasy play will use a specific element to bring out a new side of yourself or to your current romance. This time, when it comes to sexting you just need to use the power of the written word to get that special boost to the already steamy and risque act. So start brainstorming out some new ideas Рyour sexting life will thank you for it.

Published by Rosie Raphaelle

Her mission is to show women how to have fun, safe and meaningful sex. Her sex tips articles has been published in many women's magazines.

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