Hollywood Secrets To Bigger Breasts

Want to know the celebrities secrets to bigger breasts? It is a well known fact that many Hollywood celebrities opt for breast enhancement surgery to help enhance their breast size and sexual appeal. Yet there are many celebrities who simply choose to use make-up, exercise and accessories to help lift their breasts and create the illusion of looking bigger.

If you too are looking to naturally enhance your breast size without having to resort to cosmetic surgery, then there are a number of methods you can use as you will soon discover the secrets to bigger breasts below.

Secrets to Bigger Breasts


It is a scary fact, but the reality is the majority of us have got poor posture which can influence how your breasts are perceived and make them look smaller. Slouching in particular can make your breasts look droopy and diminish their real size.

To help make your breasts naturally look tauter and bigger it is important to sit and stand up straight. Simply push your breasts out and pull your stomach in.

Wear the Right Bra

attractive sexy girl in bra, big breastsA lot of women prefer to guess their cup size rather than ask for help from a lingerie consultant who can accurately measure and tell you your cup size. For this reason over 90% of women are wearing the wrong cup or size of bra, and are in fact restricting the breathing space of their breasts.

Yet by simply supporting your breasts, you can quickly and naturally enhance their size. Try wearing an underwire bra. This ensures that your breasts are covered fully and helps to perk them up. Full cups in particular can give you extra padding and if accompanied by solid back straps can help pull your breasts upwards.

Of course, what you wear and where you go will affect the type of bra you can wear, but you can still ensure that your breasts are fully supported by doing the following:

  • Plunging neckline – wear a bra that has padding underneath and at the sides of the cup to give you the appearance of cleavage.
  • T-shirt or a blouse – opt for a t-shirt bra. Here each cup contains padding that helps to cover the entire breasts.
  • Small breasts – just because your breasts are small does not mean you have to go braless when wearing a backless blouse or dress. Instead wear breast cups that can be glued to the skin.


Simply exercising your chest and back muscles can help to strength your breasts. The stronger and firmer your chest muscles are, the bigger, fuller and more upright your breasts will look.

Strengthening your back muscles too can help you to maintain a straighter posture which as we mentioned before helps to give your breasts the appearance of being larger and fuller.

Exercises we recommend you should try are pec presses, butterfly presses, wall-ups and pectoral push-ups, as these will each help to strengthen your chest and back muscles all in the comfort of your own home.


A clever trick to enhancing the appearance of your cleavage is to apply blush between your breasts that is slightly darker than your natural skin tone. This will create the impression of a deeper cleavage by emphasizing shadows between your breasts. Another simple trick is to add glitter to the top of your breasts to make them look bigger, rounder and ultimately fuller than they actually are.

Breast Enhancement Serums

Natural ingredient based serums such as Brestrogen can easily help you to naturally and safely increase your breast size. It is one of the celebrities most common non-surgery secrets to bigger breasts. Free from no added parabens, petroleum, synthetic hormones or harmful preservative, Brestrogen is formulated using Pueraria mirifica, which contains the rejuvenating deoxymiroestrol, miroestrol and isoflavanoids.

In a recent study, more than half (56%) of the subjects reported improvement to a cup size (2cm) or more in 6 weeks, whilst 88% reported increased lifting and a further 94% experienced firmer breasts. And quick to absorb into your skin, this naturally scented serum is kind to the skin.

Brestrogen Breasts Enlargement Cream

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