Girl on Top Sex Positions

Girl on top sex positions allow you to have the very best control to hit that magic lady spot! Try our very best women on top sex positions.

Women on top sex positions usually always start with the cowgirl family, and they definitely make for some truly amazing sex positions for women. But once you have mastered all of those you can move on to some of the less common, but just as exciting girl on top sex positions as listed below.

Girl On Top Sex Positions

1. Cowgirl Position

Ride it! Manoeuver your hips, tilt and ride until you find the magic spot and feel the tingle of your clitoris. Continue at your pace focused on rubbing back and forth on your tingly spot until climax. You can also position yourself to allow for penetration to hit your G spot. Or, lean forward, almost lying down on him with your arms by his head. Let him thrust up while you stay almost still, except for tits and midriffs brushing for extra titillation, friction and clitoral stimulation.

2. Bucking Bronco

The Bucking Bronco is the Cowgirl position gone wild! Start off in Cowgirl then arch your back right back or if you’re flexible enough, keep the arch in your back whilst grabbing on to his elbows. The beauty of this girl on top position is in the visual you are providing for your partner. And not only does it feel great, this is one of the best girl sex positions for him to also massage your clitoris.

3. Reverse Cowgirl

Ride him reverse in this sexy girl on top position by giving him full view of your womanly back. This position can be a little difficult to get in to and maintain a consistent rhythm, so try arching your back and placing your hands behind you on his pecs while he thrusts. This will help you with your balance and you can also keep it hot by tantalizing his balls and rubbing around his perineum and anus. This is one of the best girl on top sex positions because it allows you to take control of your own stimulation by rubbing your clitoris, and if he allows it, you can even turn it up a notch by inserting a finger in to his bum.

4. The Craftmatic

Similar to the cowgirl position but with your partner lying on this back, place two or three pillows under his knees so his legs are lifted, with the cushioning supporting his leg weight. Facing forward, you straddle him girl on top so your upper body is laying on top if his. It’s one of the best women on top sex positions for loving intimacy and tenderness.

5. The Bi-Pole-Her

This one requires a rocking chair and can be a little tricky to get in to but is one of the most amazing sex positions when you get it right! Have your partner lay on the ground with his legs up over the rocking chair. He can use his hands under his buttocks to support his weight. You straddle him standing, face forward with your back to the chair, using your hands on the seat of the rocker to support your weight to rock you back and forth. As you build momentum this fantastic girl on top sex position is going to have you riding some serious waves of ecstasy.

6. The Lumber Jacks

The Lumber Jacks can be delicate to get in to and it also requires a rocking chair. This time he sits on the edge of the chair with his legs stretched out in front of him. You straddle and sit on him face forward with your legs touching the back of the chair. Then holding on to his outstretched arms, lean your weight back and begin to rock.

7. The Thigh Master

This is an excellent variation to reverse cowgirl. Have him lay down and stretch one leg out while the other is bent with his knee pointing up. Position yourself sideways as you lower yourself down on him holding on to his knee. Here you can slide up and down and rub your clitoris up against his thigh and groin in this savvy girl on top position. You can even give him a thigh massage or slightly turn your upper body back to his for some loving eye contact.

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