Is it true that certain types of food can increase your breasts? What foods that will increase your breast size? To answer this, let us try and recall what are the types of food commonly associated with positive implications to the breasts. Could it be sesame seed, soy beans, alfafa or clover sprouts? The many astounding stories about these types of food are not without scientific basis.

Various studies indicate that food rich in isoflavonoids, lignans or the coumestans are beneficial for general health and the valuable assets of women. Collectively, isofavonoids, lignans and the coumestans are three different compounds that belong to the category of phytoestrogen. To date, there are more than 300 types of food that are known to contain phytoestrogen.

Phytoestrogen, you mean the “estrogen”?

Foods that will Increase Your Breast Size
Some of the foods that will increase your breast size

As our body ages. we can replace the declining estrogen in our body by taking estrogen supplements, in the form of HRT (hormone replacement therapy) tablets. food or herbs containing phytoestrogen.

Taking estrogen can induce breast growth but taking phytoestrogen has far more positive health implications. Recent studies indicate that excessive estrogen (like HRT) in our body may increase the risk of breast cancer. On the other hand, other studies show that consuming plant based food that contain phytoestrogen may potentially help reduce breast cancer. prostate cancer and cardiovascular disease risks, while preventing osteoporosis and alleviate menopausal symptoms.

So, what is the difference between phytoestrogen and the normal [synthetic] estrogen pill that we know? In simple terms, phytoestrogens are plant-based compounds and have weaker estrogen-like qualities.

Virtually everything we consume – grains, beans, nuts. seeds, seed oils, berries, fruits, vegetables, and roots – contains varying amounts oi phytoestrogens. In fact, phytaestrogenic plarrtssuch as the native Thai herb at Pmiriiica have been traditionally used as a tonic tor longevity and rejuvenation with scientifically proven health benefits.

Epidernloiogic studies show that the Asian population like the Chinese and Japanese who consume low fat high bre phytoestrogenic food types are associated with lower incidences of prostate and breast cancer than populations from the western countries.

However, not all phytoestrogenic foods provide the same effect. Each botanical plant is unique and contains varying amounts of phytoestrogen and potentially a few hundred (or thousands) at other botanical compounds.

Thus, it would be unwise to construe that all plants that contain phytoestrogen are of equal efficacy and safety profile. While it seems logical that consuming phytoestrogenic – rich food could be a way of enhancing your bust line. moderation should be strongly practiced.  Check the list of foods that will increase your breast size below.

‘Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food’ – Hippocrates

Foods that will increase your breast size

Flax Seeds379380
Soya Beans103920
Soy yogurt10275
Sesame seed8008.1
Flax bread7540
Multigrain bread4798.7
Soy milk2957.2
Mung bean sprouts495.1
Dried apricots444.5
Alfalfa sprouts441.4
Dried dates329.5
Sunflower seed216
Olive oil180.7
Green beans105.8
Coffee, regular6.3
Milk, cow1.2


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