Self Pleasure Techniques

The Secret to the best female self pleasure techniques are finding the key to your own secret garden. Not only will it open the door to your own satisfaction but also the gateway to heavenly sex with a partner.

More often than not, the best way to achieve the most satisfying sex with a partner is to first discover the secrets of your body by using your own female self pleasure techniques. As It’s often the woman that can turn herself on, whom finds it a lot easier to come with a partner.

So whether you need some visual stimulation, the help of a sex toy, or are happy to let your fingers do the walking, here are some of the best female self pleasure tips to help really get you going.

Female self arousal is all about you so take the time to prepare by planning ahead. Take some time out for yourself and make it something to look forward to. If taking a bath, and lighting candles does it for you, or fantasizing about the vegetables in your fridge, the point is, to get your mind ready.

Female self pleasure is always harder when you are surrounded by distractions. So make sure you lock yourself away in your own private hideaway where there are no phones, no loud conversations or music next door, and definitely no embarrassing moments of someone bursting in.

When you are ready, lie down, take some slow deep breaths and try to turn your conscious mind off from the rest of the world. One of the best self pleasure tips is to use Deep Abdominal Breathing and fill your lungs with air. This will relax your mind and body, increase circulation to your sex organs and send a pleasant tingle to your vagina.

Engage your senses by slowly making light circles over your breasts. Continue to breath slowly as your skin tingles and your nipples respond. Make circular motions over your naval down to your inner thighs as you prepare your body for female self arousal to begin

Continue with circular patterns around your labia and begin to massage your clitoral hood. You may already have your own masturbation method but ensure you take your time here and focus on being in the moment. Remember that it’s not a race and there should be no time frame.

Female Self Pleasure Tips

As you feel more aroused prop yourself up on pillows so you can see your body. Love it and take visual pleasure in your personal female self pleasure machine. Resume your circular motions or any pattern that is feeling good for you over your clitoris and down to your vagina.

If you can feel a change in your body you may notice you are becoming more lubricated but if not, it’s always good to use some personal lubricant. There may be times when you feel particularly sensual and wet and others when you do not. This is perfectly normal and can be the result of stress, your menstrual cycle, hormones or even your contraception method. When required, lube is a wonderful aid to female self pleasure. Don’t be afraid to use it liberally.

At this point you may want to insert a finger in to your vagina. Some women might like this masturbation method but others may not. Some may enjoy the sensation of penetration but not by their own finger. If you do use a sex toy, try to synchronize penetration with friction against your clitoris for maximum effect.

As the intensity builds, keep a steady hand and develop momentum as you go. Change your rhythm or your focus from your clitoris, to vagina, to the perennial sponge. (erectile tissue between vagina and the rectum) Focus on the self pleasure techniques that are feeling the best for you and apply more lube as you need it.

Another one of the best self pleasure tips is to try changing your positioning to simulate sex with a partner. And if touching your clitoris directly is too sensitive try lying face down or straddle your pillow to create cowgirl position. With enough movement you should be able to create enough friction on your pubic mound and clitoris to really get you going.

Be persistent yet patient and follow what feels good. You will know instinctively to follow the feelings that will lead you to a wonderful climax and develop a few self pleasure techniques of your own.

Female Climax Extras

Still not getting there on your own? Here are some extra self pleasure techniques to ensure the ultimate female climax.

Self Pleasure Techniques – Use a sex toy

A lot of women experience their first orgasm with the use of a dildo or vibrator. There are so many wonderful, colourful different types on the market that there really is one to suit everyone. The most comprehensive way to learn about and explore your own body, this is a must if you need just that little extra to get you over the line.

Escape Into A Romance Novel

Female self pleasure generally starts in your own head. Read a romance novel or a dirty story and take it upon yourself to seduce your own mind and escape into a world of handsome men romancing you or tall dark strangers taking you in the night. The only problem with this is getting too hot and bothered and having an extra hand to turn the pages.

Indulge in Female Porn

If you find you are more stimulated by visual images then a little sneak peak in to the world of Female Porn may be just what you need to experience female climax. It’s not all about gang banging and female depravity and it’s definitely not just for men. Porn made for women generally has a story-line and a plot, a vague predictable one at that but it can also be quite humorous and thoroughly enjoyable if you’re taking it for what it is: Light entertainment made in a safe environment to help you get your rocks off. So if hard core sexual images, or softer more ‘female friendly’ porn does it or you, there is definitely some Female Porn out there for you.

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