Female Masturbation

The concept of female masturbation has been misconstrued for a long time. Women usually refuse to accept it. Many women feel guilty even thinking it. However, few women get pleasure getting masturbate at times.

Why Female Should Masturbate?

Masturbation can provide you the opportunity to explore your body and at the same time offering you an excellence sexual freedom. It gives you to get experience sexual pleasure and extreme satisfaction without relying on your partner. By masturbating you can get release from sexual tension when you feel you need to get a sex.

Actually, without masturbating, you cannot know how to please your body. If you don’t know about your body; it makes harder for your bed-partner to give you an extreme orgasm. So, lack of knowledge about it, you cannot enjoy sex properly to its fullest.

Techniques for Female Masturbation

The greatest way to get yourself arouse is to set your mood for some romance and become relaxed. Never feel shy or inhibited to explore your body. Get a private area where you can explore the body and discover yourself. Try reading some erotic book, watching any XXX rated film or looking at several arousing pictures. Those will help you to make your mood for getting a proper masturbation. After doing that when you feel little bit sexy and hot, you should do the following female masturbation instruction step by step.

  • Relaxed your body
  • Lies on a suitable bed
  • Or sit in any comfortable chair
  • Explore the body nude or semi-nude body
  • Run the fingers and hands all over the body
  • Explore and massaging your gorgeous breasts
  • Play with your erect nipples
  • Circling the navel
  • Caress your legs and thighs
  • Bend the legs and spread those apart
  • Try some erotica at this moment
  • Touching the inner thighs
  • Crevice between the thighs and legs
  • Cup the vulva in the hand
  • Gently rub in tiny circles
  • Try to stimulate the body ( but do not try to reach orgasm)
  • Ensure yourself feel good

When you feel get tense, stop instant what you are doing. Take breath deeply and get relax. Practice it as frequently as possible, but remember not more than 20 minutes each session. As soon as you get comfortable exploring and touching your body you may go for more direct way of stimulating the vulva. For this, you may go following way:

  • Slip the fingers between the folds of your vulva
  • Massage the vulva
  • Give different types of touches and stroke
  • Very lightly kneading, tickling, stroking, or pinching the vagina
  • Play with the inner labia
  • Pulling on the labia lightly or firmly
  • Slip the fingers up to the top of the vulva
  • Set the finger on top of your clitoris
  • Gently move the fingers up and down, and around the clitoris
  • Wildly jiggle the finger in clitoris area
  • Get the loose tissue covering the clitoris slide across the body
  • Make the loose tissue covering glans of the clitoris

When you feel a need to get filled, please insert one or two of fingers into the vagina. Right this moment you may want to get yourself feel really better. Intentionally you do not feel like to try to get an orgasm. But if any orgasm occurs, it may be a total surprise for you. If you think to have an orgasm, you become to slow down and more relax with redirect your thoughts. It would be better if you might not get experience orgasm for the first few times. So, need not to do that. Just enjoy and feel the pleasures of touching yourself.

You can usually masturbate by arousing the external genitals with their fine fingers. You can stimulate your vulva and labia, with particular pressure on the clitoris. You may prefer to boost the experience by getting penis-shaped objects such as cucumbers or bananas into the vaginas. You should rub the objects in such a way so that they can stimulate your clitoris. Additionally, you can use KY Jelly or any water-based lubricants to make the contact gentler and smoother to get better in feel. A number of sexual toys you may use like dildos. These are run by batteries and come replete with vibrators. The vibrating dildos are treated as extreme objects when it consider for female masturbation.

Some more techniques for female masturbation:

Using shower head: You can get masturbation in water. No need to surprise. The warm sensational feelings surrounded and you get more pleasure when you do it here. It gives extra excitement for the moment. It would be better if you get any pulsates shower head with multiple setting. The head and the heat form the water could make for overwhelming stimulation. You may buy any great shower head at a department store or local hardware store.

Using Tennis Ball: A great item for stimulating your clitoral area. Just place the fuzzy ball between your two legs and lay flat on the stomach. The ball works particularly well when you lie on stomach and allow your bed to perform as a platform to get the ball. Squeeze the legs tightly and cross the two legs at the ankles. Move up and down as soon as you feel the sensation of the hard ball against the clitoris.

Panties: Nowadays you can be out and cannot wait to get head home. The opportunities where you are and you may use whatever get available. But be careful, you need not rub harshly in the beginning as that would merely cause irritation. If the dress is placed lightly over your clitoris you can achieve an intense orgasm with in a short time. The fact is that it may be in public but it will add extra spice to you moment.

Using Lubricants: Use adequate lubricants when you want to pleasure your own. It will prevent a sore vagina and facilitate you be aroused much faster. Many women get excited modestly by massaging the body sensuously but you may require any lubricant for added extreme pleasure with faster response.

Thigh Squeeze: For this need practice. If you don’t get it before you need to research on it. However, it may turn in a fun in practice sessions. Never be frustrated if you cannot reach your goal in right away. Just get patient and once your practice would be rewarded.

Everyday Products: You can also some everyday products like your make up brush, smooth tooth paste tube, feathers and so on.

Using Toys: You may use some sex toys and vibratos for getting extra pleasure. Try to use reputed companies product in order to avoid any harm.

Female Masturbation Awareness

Several risks are involved with female masturbation. At the time of masturbate you have to ensure of the following things for your safety.

  • Never insert the fingers in your vagina with untrimmed nails because untrimmed nails can damage the inner fragile lining of the vagina. So, before masturbating you have to neatly file and trim your nails.
  • Insert fruits or vegetables into the vagina are quite dangerous, especially which are small in size. A risk of those having stuck in the vaginal tract or possibility even to enter the uterus.
  • Any type of tools with spiky or sharp edges must not be used for this purpose.

Some women get masturbate as they feel good. Actually it is the real cause. However, women with having strong sex drive may do it regularly. You should not go for masturbate to proof you get strong sex drive. Sometimes you may get masturbate when your bed partner is not available or even available. The reason is every couple gets different level of sex drive and physical intimacy. Maybe everyone does get proper satisfaction what she needs from her partner.

So, sometimes they do it silently early in the morning when her partner at sleeping or having shower or when they are alone. A number of teens are doing it just for feeling not anything else. There is no harm if anyone do it regular basis. Actually female masturbation is nothing but placing the hands against the vulva when you go to bed at night or anytime.

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