Female Aphrodisiacs

Looking for that little extra to tantalize the mind, get the heart rate up, and start those sexy juices flowing? Look no further than your common kitchen. It’s likely to be over flowing with a healthy array of Female Aphrodisiacs.

Derived from the name Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sensuality and love, food has always played a strong and consistent role in the belief that aphrodisiacs assist in building the desire to have sex and also make it more pleasurable at that.

Whether or not this is true, the most potent female aphrodisiacs of all is with out a doubt, the human mind. What dalliances have you ever entertained in your private thoughts at the sight of a phallic object? Has it ever got you in the mood, maybe not consciously but perhaps sub consciously?

For detailed information on female aphrodisiacs see what is an aphrodisiac or take a look at the sexy aphrodisiac list below to find the aphrodisiacs that work for you.

Female Aphrodisiacs


It is said the aroma of almonds evokes a strong sexual desire and lust in women. Almond flavoured wines, liqueurs, or as an ingredient in soap, and creams are all made with its female aphrodisiacs qualities in mind. Not just for women, almonds are also beneficial for the treatment of premature ejaculation.

Aniseed/Star AniseAniseed/Star Anise

The ancient Greeks and Romans sucked on anise seeds believing it to increase desire and stimulate libido. With its sweet liquorice taste, it just might inspire you to do some sucking of another kind.


Not just phallic in shape, Chinese traditionalists believe the roots of the asparagus provide compassion and love. Asparagus is also rich in vitamin E and is believed to stimulate the production of our sex hormones.


Referred to as the chocolate of the fruits, the avocado has long been a favourite aphrodisiac, going as far back to The Aztecs who called it ‘Ahuacualt’ meaning testicle tree. Today it is used to treat erectile dysfunction and packed with vitamin A & E and ‘good fats’, is also excellent for your skin.


Notably the most phallic shape of all in the fruit family, bananas are believed in Tantra to be linked to erotic energy. They are also a very rich source of vitamin B which assists in the production of sex hormones.


Another herb that promotes circulation its aphrodisiac reputation derives from centuries ago when women used to dust their breasts with dried or powdered basil. Its strong aroma is said to have driven their men wild.


This root vegetable was used extensively by early Middle Eastern royalty to aid seduction. The carrot is said to be particularly effect aphrodisiac for men


Believed to have the male steroid hormone androsterone, which is thought to attract the opposite sex. Androsterone is perspired after eating and although you may not consciously smell it you may find yourself lingering and cuddling up closer to your man after he’s eaten it.


The heat from a chili arouses our senses to the point where it ignites our nerve endings from the very tip of our brains, toes, fingertips to our genital area. Chili simulates sex with an increased heart rate and rapid perspiration and some researchers believe it triggers the release of endorphins which are conducive to love-making.


Bring on the ‘love chemical’ (phenylethylaine) with the big daddy of all female aphrodisiacs, chocolate. It’s the combination of the release of dopamine, and Caco which promotes serotonin into the pleasure centres of the brain. It induces arousal, sexual attraction and feelings of euphoria.


The shape is obvious but these cool cucumbers are hot when increasing blood flow to the vagina. Their aroma is also believed to get your sexual juices flowing.


The Ancient Greeks linked figs with fertility and love deeming them sacred. The true attraction of the fig as an aphrodisiac is based on its appearance. An open fig can certainly inspire illicit thoughts with their close resemblance to female sex organs.


Deemed a ‘hot herb’, in ancient times garlic had a reputation of stirring up passions. Its effect on the body is an increase in circulation and modern science has verified that garlic may assist sexual performance in some men.


Gingers flavor bursts of a peppery, honey, tangy mix. Its scent has such an effect on the body circulation is increased and erogenous zones are heightened. Warming the body, increasing perspiration and heart rate, its effect mirrors the body as reactions during sex.


Sweet, sticky, delectable. Honey is a true sensual delight, as well as enhancing sexual gratification with its romance and quick hit of sugar. A great accompaniment, when you’re already getting sticky together.


Centuries ago nutmeg was thought to have magical properties, possibly because in quantity it can have a strong hallucinogenic effect. It has always been considered an aphrodisiac but only in low dosages is it capable of increasing libido. Great for a cheap high but like all stimulants, it will only hinder sexual performance when taken in abundance.


The oyster has an uncanny resemblance to the labia of a vagina. Although there is no scientific proof that it has aphrodisiac benefits, the psychological impact of believing that oysters are aphrodisiacs is sometimes strong enough to produce, at least temporarily, greater sexual desire or performance.


In the Philippines papaya is used to control excessive libido for men. Although historically papaya has been used to support menstruation and milk production, support childbirth and promote female libido.


Who doesn’t love to squeeze a firm, round, ripe peach or tease at its lightly fuzzed warm skin? Packed with so many vitamins and nutrients it can give anyone a boost to enhance sexual performance.

Pine NutsPine Nuts

If you’re thinking of making a love potion you may want to add pine nuts to your ingredients. High in zinc, people have been using them to stimulate sexual activity since Medieval times where they were readily used to make lotions and love potions.


There was once a tradition of serving newlyweds cold strawberry soup to help promote the aphrodisiac of honeymoon romance. There’s also a legend saying that if you break the strawberry in half and share it with a member of the opposite sex, you will soon fall in love with each other.


The The distinctive scent of vanilla has been scientifically proven to be the most alluring scent for men over other scents such as lavender, liquorice, pumpkin pie and doughnuts. Vanilla tantalizes you first with its soft innocence then strong seductive scent. Team it with cocoa for an erotic duo or drop a vanilla bean in to a tall glass of champagne for a sneaky bubbly treat.


Wine is definitely one of the most alluring female aphrodisiacs. There’s nothing like a good glass of vino to get your erotic senses flowing. Like a gentle lover carefully undressing you, sipped slowly wine will send warm sensations all over your body and transform you in to a state of relaxed arousal. Linger on its rich colour, the curves of the glass and savour its taste on your lips.

Female Aphrodisiacs are fun for anyone to use in their cooking. Think about how you can spice up your next recipe and the buzz between your legs with a sexy female aphrodisiac.

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