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You can be a master of illusion when it comes to giving your breasts look bigger without the need for expensive implants and the risk of ending up with misshapen breasts. The woman’s wardrobe is a treasure trove of all things pretty and with some smart and snazzy ideas; you can walk out of the house with perky looking breasts that boost your confidence to rock that outfit!

Make Your Breasts Look Bigger and Fuller

Bring That Make Up Lower

As you’re zealously applying the foundation, blusher, eye shadow, mascara and what-not on your face, spare some time to do the same for your twins. Try applying a bronze eye shadow or a powder that is a shade darker than your natural skin tone between the breasts. You will have created a shadow effect which draws attention to the cleavage and a better contrast can be achieved by adding a lighter shade of powder above the cleavage. However, remember that moderation is key, and do not apply too much powder or use powder with those shiny speckles. You wouldn’t want to stand out for having an overly decorated cleavage, would you?

Check Out the Accessories Store

A plunging neckline dress or top are two of the greatest fashion inventions that show off subtle sexiness yet has the ability to make your breasts look bigger. You can take advantage of it by jazzing up the outfit with a necklace or pendant that will bring the focus towards your cleavage. Choose a low hanging pendant that rests just nicely above the breast to further accentuate fuller looking breasts.

Push-up Discreetly

Pump up your confidence with a bit of help from the reliable push-up bras that are fitted with padding to give your boobs a lift and volume. These bras are made in a variety of shapes and you must find one that does the job without your breasts looking unnatural. It should also feel comfortable and not leave you restless and shifting all day. To make your breasts look bigger you could also buy silicon bra inserts which give you more flexibility to wear them or not. Remember to try them on before the important event as some women have experienced allergic reactions to the material of the bra inserts.

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