First Time Sex

So your first time sex is finally over and you’ve been having sex for a few weeks now. But why is it awkward, why do you feel so sore, what is that noise, and what the hell is queefing?

Soreness After First Time Sex

So the pain of first time sex is finally gone. You know what it feels like to have a penis penetrating you in and out and you have been going at it hammer and tongs. Great! But you’re incredibly sore for the next few days.

Fast and furious hard sex can be fantastic and is a lot of fun, but after so much exertion it’s only natural that your vagina after first time sex might be feeling particularly sore and tender. It’s perfectly normal to be sore after first time sex for men and women. Even if you have been having it for years you can still experience some soreness after heavy sessions.¬†You might also feel other areas and muscles groups are sore after a sex session.

Sex is definitely a cardio workout and you will use muscles that you may not have used in a while. So in addition to a sore vagina after first time sex, you might also feel stiff in your legs, butt and back and your torso and upper body might also feel sore from having someone’s weight moving around on top of you which can also result in a sore pubic area after sex. Some people like even like to use exercise sex to help strengthen and stretch their muscles when they really get going.


Great sex is all about fantastic rhythm. Just like being a great dancer, you need to be able to follow the beat and be on time to the music. Where it’s not exactly the same as when you’re having sex what it’s referring to you is your body movement in conjunction with your partners and how they are working together.

Great sex partners with great sexual rhythm move together like a well-oiled smooth running machine. Sex partners who don’t have great rhythm work together like a piece of their machinery is missing. Their movements are rigid, they are not in sync, they do not flow together and it can often be uncomfortable.

Rhythm of course doesn’t often happen on the first time sex. Sometimes it might take three or four times to really get used to each other’s bodies and get in to a groove that works for the both of you.

Him Slipping Out

So you’ve got a great rhythm going on, things are moving on fantastically but yes there will be times when all of a sudden he will pop out. Whether he’s on top, you’re on top, from behind or wherever, it’s perfectly normal for him to slip out from time to time.

The only real problem with this is that if you’re going at it particularly hard, if he does come out and bounces on the side of your vagina or leg, it can be very painful for him. If this happens, expect to hear a small cry out of pain, wait for a bit and then continue again slowly until you naturally build your pace and rhythm back up again.

Queefing and Embarrassing Noises

Yes, it happens to absolutely everyone and unfortunately no woman is safe from embarrassing sexual noises or the loud fart like noise that can come from your vagina as a result of air escaping from your lady zone. Sometimes referred to as a queef, queefing is the result of the in and out action of a penis forcing air in to the vagina which fills the space of your expanded vagina as part of arousal. A particularly deep thrust, or a change in body position can cause the air to be released in a less than attractive yet often comical expulsion of air.

There are positions that can prevent the chances of Queefing such as your man making shallow thrusts or choosing positions that don’t lift your pelvis too much, such as doggy position that can increase Queefing. Although it’s embarrassing it’s best just to laugh it off because for the most part it’s unpreventable. So if he’s hearing it from you, he’s definitely heard it while having sex with others too.

Still No Orgasms

This is a really common one too for the first time sex. Young guys especially are all for it going as hard and as fast as they can. This can be really wonderful for women too but if this is primarily how you are having sex together then try slowing it down. Try to have him focus on the more sensual side of sex.

When it comes to women often less is more, so gentle stroking rather than hard and sharp movements, or smooth thrusts in positions that target your clitoris can often be much more effective, fulfilling and over all worthwhile for you.

Slow it down a bit. Have fun with foreplay and have lots of great cunnilingus. Instruct your lover that he needs to stroke and play your body like an elegant classical instrument rather than thrashing about on you like an electric guitar.

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Her mission is to show women how to have fun, safe and meaningful sex. Her sex tips articles has been published in many women's magazines.

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