Forget Your Inhibitions & Learn To Talk Dirty During Sex with These Tantalizing Dirty Talk Tips!

Dirty Talk during sex is not as hard as you may think. Broken down, dirty pillow talk is simply communicating, albeit with a little twist. Communicating with your partner what you would like them to do to you, and giving them a running commentary of what you’re doing to them.

Understandably some people feel very self-conscious just at the thought of dirty talk during sex. However, learning to talk dirty doesn’t have to make you feel like you are lowering yourself to something you’re not, or becoming a person you don’t want to be. Not every line has to be cheap or cheesy and you certainly don’t have to engage in anything you may deem, grossly un-lady like. More often than not the thrill of dirty talk during is sex is not about what you say but simply the way you say it that is such a turn on.

Start out with baby steps. Dirty talk in bed can have excellent results when whispered seductively whilst nibbling an ear, like ‘I think you’re so hot’ or, ‘I can’t wait to undress you.’ Or when receiving a sensuous massage, ‘I love it when you do that.’

If it doesn’t come naturally for you try getting in to character and create a little fantasy for the bedroom. Bring your alter ego and your sense of humor to lighten things up a bit. Cheeky phrases can be easier to say due to their naughty nature. Examples of dirty talk during sex can include, ‘Give it to me you naughty monkey.’ Or ‘I bet you’ve got a big banana you want to show me.’

Importantly, learn to talk dirty with practice. If you’re currently the silent type, start by throwing in a few extra ooh’s or ahh’s and when you’re ready you can move on to some dirty pillow talk words. Any normal phrases can be sexed up with a luscious tone and you can even encourage your partner to talk sensually to you with a few samples of dirty talk of your own. You may notice you start to feel an extra thrill from hearing his words, that then inspires you to say them back to him.

The same can be said for those who already have the dirty talk in bed basics down. If you’re trying to advance to the more colorful dirty talk varieties, just get talking and practice. Start by giving him a little teaser and slowly build up to match your naughty words with your physical momentum.

Learning to talk dirty during sex is really just a bit of fun but also an excellent aid to foreplay. Because when you’re in the throes of passion, dirty talk in bed is like a dance of words between two people who really want to get it on, and an extra injection of lust when you’re both getting off!

Examples of Dirty Talk During Sex

Beginners Dirty Talk in Bed

  • I love it when you touch me
  • The feels so good
  • Touch me here
  • I can’t wait to be with you
  • I want to get naked with you
  • Do you like the way that feels?
  • Use your mouth on me
  • You’re so hot

Intermediate Dirty Talk During Sex

  • Give it to me big boy
  • I can’t wait to suck your big cock
  • Use me as your love toy
  • Don’t stop, harder
  • I love it when you’re naughty
  • Come here and ride me hard
  • I love how big your cock gets in my hand
  • I want it in my mouth
  • Lick it

Cheeky Samples of Dirty Talk in The Bedroom

  • Come here you naughty monkey
  • ┬ábet you’ve got a big banana you want to show me
  • Can I taste your banana?
  • Me so horny, me love you long time

Advanced Samples of Dirty Talk

  • Fuck me hard
  • Fuck my wet cunt
  • Do you like knowing you’re the only one that fucks me
  • Shoot it down my throat
  • I’m gonna cum all over your dick
  • Show me where you mother lives!

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