Breath Control Bondage Rough Sex

Breath control bondage is considered exciting and arousing for people who derive pleasure from the physical sensation of being deprived of oxygen. There will always come a time when couples or partners will decide that everyday sex can be taken to a whole new level. The suggestion to introduce rough play during lovemaking could come from […]

Total Power Exchange Rough Sex

Total power exchange, like many forms of rough sex and alternative erotic play, is great for enhancing sexual and emotional activity in a relationship. Thanks to the advancement of ideas and perceptions, people are finding new and exciting ways of expressing sexual freedom as well as finding inner validation especially with that special person in […]

Introduction to Orgasm Denial and Control

A couple who want to explore new fields of erotic expression could consider orgasm denial. This intensely erotic sex game is indeed most suitable to two people who know and understand each other well. They should be familiar with one another’s limits and strengths. Because frankly, you can’t control what you have no true knowledge […]

Using Household Objects in the Bedroom – Sex Toys Alternative

Household objects can be a fantastic rough sex resource or good sex toys alternative which means you don’t need to be the collar and cuffs type to find alternative ways to enjoy rough sex. Inside the bedroom is one of the best places to be creative and innovative. Why? Because for something that you’re going […]