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Are you looking for specific advice, a whizz bang sex move, or general sex tips to improve your sex life? Here you will find various articles covering a range of topics from step by step how to’s, to tips on keeping your sex life sizzling and alive. If you have any ideas or suggestions for topics you would like us to cover, please contact us!

Breasts & Appearance

Fashion Tips to Make Your Breasts Look Bigger and Fuller

By On December 12, 2017

You can be a master of illusion when it comes to giving your breasts look bigger without the need for expensive implants and the risk of ending up with misshapen breasts. The… Read More

Anal Sex

Analplay – Best Tips to Consider Sexual Rimming

By On December 11, 2017

Analplay may bring an instant reaction of ‘ick’ or ‘ewh’ especially if you are a woman who’s first encounter with it has been by way of a rogue finger prodding your rear… Read More

Sex Tips

The Only Secret Sex Tip You Will Ever Need…

By On December 10, 2017

What is the one thing that will improve your sex life, make you happier and make you irresistible to men? No, you don’t have to go blonder, taller, thinner or younger. It’s… Read More

Ways to Turn Him On
Sex Tips

10 Everyday Ways to Turn Him On

By On December 5, 2017

  Sometimes it’s the little things that say so much. Being obviously sexy isn’t the only way to get your boyfriends pulse racing. We can be much more subtle. Try these 10… Read More


8 Strange Fetishes You Probably Didn’t Know Exist

By On November 26, 2017

The world of deviant fetish kinky sex is one where just about anything (ok, ok, everything) goes. There is a fetish for everything, and there are some men and women who find… Read More

Oral Sex

Deep Throat Techniques

By On November 25, 2017

Learn how to perform deep throat with these 7 practical stages. Mastering deep throat techniques will get you on your way to some sexy deep throat love. And with the right deep… Read More

Other Topics

Girls First Time Sex: Practical Advice for Losing Virginity

By On November 24, 2017

A girls first time sex is a big thing, and it’s a step in every female’s life that can bring curiosity, trepidation, excitement and even a bit of fear. With common thoughts… Read More

Other Topics

How to Deal with Boy First Time Sex

By On November 23, 2017

Young first time sex brings with it excitement and joy but it can also bring anxiety and even a bit of fear. When you’re a girl, having sex for the first time… Read More


Hand Job Lesson

By On November 22, 2017

The First Hand Job Lesson For Any Girl: It’s Not A Gear Stick, You Don’t Use It Like Driving A Car And You Definitely Don’t Get Extra Points For A Squeeze &… Read More

Oral Sex

Performing Cunnilingus

By On November 18, 2017

Cunnilingus – Cunnis; Meaning Vagina, and Lingus Meaning “To Lick” Fancy names aside, is your man going down on you? Performing cunnilingus for most women, should always be a given when having… Read More