How to Find G-Spot? It’s All About Angles!

Finding a girls g-spot or the Gräfenberg Spot, is like finding the holy grail of sex organs, because when stimulated this nerve packed pleasure center can take your sex life to a whole new exciting level. The trouble is, many men and women have great difficulty in locating the g-spot, often bypassing it all together and then […]

What Is BDSM Submission, Sex And Sadism?

BDSM stands for “Bondage And Discipline, Dominance And Submission”. It involves one person taking the role of sadist (the dominant) who takes pleasure in the infliction, pain and humiliation of another. And the masochist, (the submissive), who takes pleasure in receiving the pain. Often misunderstood, and despite its many misconceptions, BDSM submission is very commonly […]

Birth Control Pills Effectiveness and Side Effects

Oral birth control, also commonly known as the Pill, is a hormonal method of contraception. The birth control pill is orally ingested and must be taken daily in order to provide continuous protection. How Does Birth Control Pills Work? The actual hormones progesterone as well as estrogen released through the pill into a woman’s bloodstream prevent […]

Better Sex Guide to Reduce Female Sexual Dysfunction

Here is s better sex guide to help you relax and enjoy stress-free intimate moments with your partner. Here you’ll find helpful advice on before, during and after sex, as well as additional information on: sexercise, cardio exercise, pelvic contraction and flexibility. Before Sex Having sex encompasses far more than just a singular focus on coital intercourse. It takes practice […]