Friends with Benefits: the Pros and Cons

Ah, the old adage, friends with benefits. Is it really possible and what are the consequences? Does a full and binding contract need to be signed by each party before embarking on this new endeavor together to unchartered territory? Can’t find Mr Right but are open to Mr Right Now? Follow the below pros and […]

Office Affairs: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

While there are many successes, not all workplace affairs have a happy ending. Below we look at the good, the bad and the ugly scenarios of office affairs, before you think about signing a love contract. It starts with a quick acknowledgment in the corridor, a daily hello and polite chit chat about your weekend. […]

The Signs He is in Love; Love Hate Extremes

Want to know the signs he is in love? The good news is, it’s pretty hard to keep such a strong emotion cleverly concealed and the signs are usually pretty obvious. Love comes in all different shapes and sizes and also varying extremes and usually people express it as a means of happiness and joy. […]