Ask the women, and at least 8 out of 10 would agree that makeup is a part of life; whether mild or dramatic. Blushers, mascara, lipstick and what-have-you have brought much joy to women. Indeed, makeup can transform a person on the outside and saves a dull looking face from public view. Did you know that makeup is also incredibly helpful to your breasts and with a few simple breast makeup tips, you can look sexy and sassy, with a well-endowed cleavage that is devoid of any form of medical assistance?

Many actresses you watch on movies may not be blessed with great bosoms but makeup school has done a great job in grooming students to help a woman have beautiful breasts, even if for a while.

Breasts Makeup Tips and Tutorial

Well, maybe you don’t go to makeup school, therefore here’s something that can help you out at no cost. Start by smoothening out the skin on your neck and cleavage with a moisturizer followed by applying a foundation on the said area, preferably one with a light shade.

If you have dark spots or scars, that can be easily sorted out with a little bit of concealer; making sure that foundation and concealer blends with your skin tone. If you do a search on the Internet, you can find plenty online makeup resources that will advise you to brush the specific area with a dark bronzer as it is the most effective makeup product for cleavage and breast enhancement.

Continue bronzing

After that, use the bronzer on the end of the point where the bra strap meets the cup and follow it till the cleavage line and repeat for the other breast. This makeup tip assists in making breasts look more shapely and voluptuous. Before the days of plastic surgery and quick fixes, makeup for the breasts was the way to make a woman look sexy. And bronzer is her best friend. Back to the free makeup tutorial, continue with applying more bronzer on the cleavage to make it more visible, look heavier and bigger.

Color blending

You want to look sexy but not with your boobs sticking out with a different color tone. Thus, you should blend the colour of the bronzer and foundation from upward to downward, creating a V shape and making the curve a natural sight. After that, you apply an eye shadow or face powder that has a lighter colour like white or gold. Remember, upward to downward direction, applying it on the top half of your breasts but use in moderation and avoid shimmery powders.

If you follow this free makeup tutorial step-by-step, you should achieve visibly enhanced breasts that make you look sexy and confident to put on that dress with a plunging neckline or a low V-neck piece. Should you feel that it could be more enhanced, apply more bronzer on the cleavage to deepen and get the curve.

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