How to Have Better Sex

Does waiting for an orgasm sometimes feel like you’re forever standing on the platform… only to miss the train? Learn hot to have better sex to improve the quality of your sex-life.

How to Have Better Sex: Use Your Conscious Breath

If you want to know how to have better sex, consider using your conscious breath. With the reasoning that, if you are a woman that has no trouble getting in the mood and feels fabulous during foreplay, yet still finds it difficult to orgasm, it could be because you are not using your breath to help you climax.

Nothing is worse than the disappointment and frustration of being ‘pipped at the post’ in the bedroom, but it might be as simple to overcome as learning how to use your breath to ‘drive’ your sexual experience. Or, if you desire stronger more powerful orgasms, it could be as easy to achieve as consciously using your breath.

If you feel you are getting ‘stuck’ so to speak it could be because you are unintentionally holding your breath as you become more aroused. This prevents circulation and blocks the flow of energy leaving your body rigid and inflexible. Instead of gradually being able to ‘let go’, and have a flood of orgasmic energy take over you, you may end up stuck in an almost tortuous pleasure state, unable to finally let go.

Deep Abdominal Breathing could be the final piece in the puzzle to help you climax and improve your sex life. By relaxing and preparing your body for sex, deep abdominal breathing increases circulation and delivers flows or extra oxygen to your lungs, bloodstream, muscles and sex organs. It enables your whole body to function more efficiently and the additional flow of blood to your clitoris makes a fantastic orgasm that much easier to achieve.

Try to consciously use your breathe from the very beginning of foreplay right through to the very end. Before you begin, lie on your back and calm and center yourself by breathing slowly and deeply. You should notice that your breathe reaches the back of your lungs, lower back and also sends a mild tingle to your vagina.

How to Have Better Sex: More Relaxed

How to Have Better Sex: More RelaxedAs you sustain this breathing, you should feel more relaxed, sensual and aroused. This measured breathing technique is also good to use when during the heights of sex you want to slow things with your partner down, and maintain your level of sexual pleasure.

When things progress and start to heat up, change your breathing to match the level of sexual intensity. Instead of holding your breath, use it to ‘drive’ your sexual experience. As you desire more arousal and stimulation, breathe rapidly and with purpose (panting) to increase blood flow and with practice reach the final crescendo.

Another excellent way to learn how to have better sex is to include conscious breathing with your partner. Loving eye contact particularly at the peaks of arousal harmonizes your breathing and makes for an intense powerful connection.

So the next time you get in between the sheets, before you even start with foreplay, focus on your breathing. Practice with your partner and make conscious breathing a part of your regular love making. As your sexual energy builds and just before climax, relax and expand your abdomen with your breath, opening the passage to a satisfying full body orgasm and with any luck, you’ll never miss the train again.

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