Best Sexual Positions - When pregnant or overweight

You don’t have to sexless when expecting or not super slim. Here we look at the best sexual positions whilst pregnant or overweight to maximize comfort and pleasure.

Sex Positions When Pregnant:

Woman on Top

This is one of the best sexual positions position for the earlier months of pregnancy. You are still agile enough to control the movement up and down without your bump getting in the way. Your partner will also appreciate the visual of your fuller sized breasts moving up and down. They’re likely to be extra sensitive at this time so make sure he kisses and caresses them.

Missionary with a Twist

Ordinary missionary will not work when you have bump but you can modify it by drawing your knees back and resting your feet on your partners chest. Or if you’re able, try leaving your legs straight against your partner. He then keels between your legs to enter you, avoiding any weight on your stomach. Try placing a pillow under your bottom for extra comfort.


This is the most ideal position during the later months of your pregnancy. Lie on your side in a curled position while your partner lies behind you and enters from behind. This is one of the most comfortable sex positions at a stage when everything is feeling awkward. If you are able, try leaning your weight back in to your partner while opening your top leg, to allow for a slow, deeper penetration.

Sex Positions For Overweight Ladies

Missionary Position

Try missionary with your knees bent, opening your legs as far as you can to best expose your vagina. If you are carrying extra weight around your tummy, try lifting it away from your pubic region at least until your man can get in to position. If penetration is still difficult, place a few pillows under your buttocks.

Rear Entry

This can be an easy position to get in to and maintain, but if it gets too much on your knees, try leaning forward and lowering your weight on to your forearms. You can keep changing things up here, with more weight on your knees and your bum higher in the air, to down on your forearms, which is great for different sexual angles and friction no matter your weight.

The X Position

One of the best sexual positions if you are concerned about the weight around your midriff getting in the way, is the X position. Lay on your back with your legs bent at the hips and your thighs spread as wide as possible. As he penetrates you, bring your legs both together for a nice snug fit. Your man then swings his body at 45 degree angles in both directions, creating an X. Squeeze your vaginal muscles to give him extra pleasure while also helping to hold him in place. Then have him touch your clitoris to help bring on a magic orgasm.

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