When it comes to sex – and particularly rough sex, you’ll only want to do what you feel comfortable with. Right? That’s understandable, and that’s why there are safe words and some such. But when it comes to the best positions for rough sex, some maneuvers, angles and positions are uncomfortable and allow for deeper penetration than usual. Rough sex positions may also require both partners to be strong, flexible and nimble.

Don’t let this discourage you though. Even if you or your partner (or both of you) are on the thick side, you can achieve these positions with a bit of variation.

The thing about sex positions is that you never know what it’s like till you try it. True, some rough sex position ideas look good on paper, but when it comes to experiencing it practically, it may not be your thing.

However, here are some tried and true, not-to-be-missed faves, the best positions for rough sex:

1. Do the jockey

Ride her jockey style with this variation on the rear entry position that’s hot and intimate. This is an ultimate fave with couples: the angle’s great, and the male partner gets to slide in and hit just the right spot. She could rev things up by squeezing her inner muscles and cheeks together at the same time to milk out his orgasm. A powerful male can hold his partner down like this and all she can do is take his pounding.

How to: She is to lay flat on her stomach, legs together or almost closed. The partner mounts with his legs straddling her on the outside. This way the penetration is achieved with better stimulation of the G-spot. Her buttocks should be pushed upwards in the air, much like a small hump. To make entry easier, place a pillow under her pelvis. This is also a great position for anal intercourse. Also, the receiving partner can easily masturbate while being mounted by her partner.

Tip: Begin first with an oil massage; while she’s lying on her belly, rub massage oil all over her body, focusing on back, legs, and buttocks. With the massage oil it gets all nice and slick and before long, she’ll be so wet and ready. Slide straight in and you’ll feel your shaft almost swallowed up by her from this position. It gives you a great view of her ass and lets you control the rhythm and speed. Some women love this for the friction especially between the ass cheeks as he penetrates. Also, it’s a very submissive position if you’re both into that sort of thing.

2. Private lap dance

This is a strongly recommended position. The receiving partner is on top which keeps penetration mobility high, while rear entry remains very intimate. Ladies, sometimes your man just wants to kick back on the couch and be pleasured. However, with a lot of hip attitude, you can also turn this into something mind-blowing. And guys, nothing looks better than a round heart-shaped booty in front of you, sliding up and down on your pole.

How to: Get her to sit, facing away on top of the seated partner. Let her raise her hips just a little till he can feel the tip of his member rubbing her labia, and then slip inside. Drive in roughly and feel her wet walls surround your shaft as her ass slaps down against you.

Tips: Start things off with him sitting, for example, on the couch. Let her give you a sexy, real lap dance with clothes on. As the heat turns up, you can both undress and then the party can really get started.

Some tit play, clit play or even some anal fingering are great options at this point. Also experiment with furniture; try the stairs, the edge of the bed or the bathtub. It’s an incredibly versatile position that can take place anywhere (some adventurous couples have tried this at the movie theater. Works when the girl is wearing a loose mini skirt).

This position gives one of the best opportunities for you to tease your man before you actually let him in. Simply rubbing your ass and vagina on his dick makes him so hard, and once he gets you –well, you’re done for! You can bounce up and down or try the “pretend to pick something up” variation.

3. The Viennese Oyster

This face-to-face position requires a lot of flexibility for the female partner. Also, it totally exposes her groin area to her partner who lies atop her. He moves up and down on her to create friction, and can use his hands to support his own body weight so as not to crush her.

This position may not be fully achievable by some, but it’s mightily naughty due to the feeling of the woman feeling completely displayed.

How to: She is to lie on her back with her legs and lower back raised all the way up so that her ankles are crossed behind her own head (ouch). The exact end position depends on her flexibility – though while mounting her, her partner can help by using his hands to support her thighs at mid-point.

Tips: Even if you aren’t super flexible, you can still try this for some amount of time before changing position. With you pinned this way, he can get so deep which makes it super intimate and super hot. You may simply have to be able to put your legs that far back but not crossed behind your head.

This position is amazing for both partners. The guy gets a full view of the vagina and that’s a turn on in itself, especially after she’s soaking wet.

It can however be incredibly uncomfortable for some (and that may be part of its appeal) especially as he can get his penis in very deep. Not to mention the possibility for dislocated hips (joke). Before attempting it, why not take proper measures to limber up. It’s a certified orgasm-bringer for ladies so give it at least a bit of a go. As you get more flexible, you can max it up to the hilt. Going “under the hood” (anal) is very easy in this position.

4. Deep stick position

This is sure to get her moaning and screaming. This position holds true to its name because you can penetrate her with everything you’ve got – unless you’re too big.

How to: To deep-stick her, get her on her back with her legs thrown up in the air (her body in an “L” position) to rest vertically up on your shoulders as you enter from a kneeling position. Use pillows beneath her to get more genital altitude if required.

Tips: He’s going in deep with this one ladies, so make sure you take more time to get properly excited and turned on and your cervix will move to accommodate his thrusting. He can hold on to your knees as your bottom lifts up on his thighs to get an even deeper, kidney-busting penetration.

From the guy’s perspective it’s amazing to look at. If it hurts too much, put your hand down there as if you are giving yourself extra stimulation. This is a little blocking technique. Place your palm down over your outer clit and your middle and ring finger around his member. He’ll love the pressure from your knuckles as you try to block him from directly hitting your vagina too much.

5. Symbian Cowgirl

Even girls need to feel in control during rough sex. This sex position is named for the Symbian machine used by women for erotic self-stimulation – now, her partner can substitute wonderfully. This position allows the female to ride her partner without being in too deep a squat since she stands throughout the session.

This is a derivative of the cowgirl position, which means she’s on top but in this case, gives her legs more of a workout as she springs up and down on your shaft.

How to: Guys, simply lie back on a narrow bench or ottoman that’s high enough for you to be ridden while she’s in a position to stand above you with knees slightly bent on either side of the bench/ottoman. This position is conducive to sexual endurance; she can hover above you as you thrust upwards, or you can give her support by holding her up by her thighs or buttocks.

Tips: For this to really work you’ll need something that’s long and narrow like a gym bench or a recliner with the leg rest up at 180 degrees. This position can help you achieve a harder pounding than what you could get from her straddling you on a bed or couch.

Change it up a little by trying this position with you on an exercise ball – from all accounts you’re going to love it.

And ladies – whenever you catch him lifting weights on his weight bench, simply go over, pull his shorts down, and climb on. Best workout ever.

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Her mission is to show women how to have fun, safe and meaningful sex. Her sex tips articles has been published in many women's magazines.

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