Breast Makeup Tips to Make You Look Sexy

Ask the women, and at least 8 out of 10 would agree that makeup is a part of life; whether mild or dramatic. Blushers, mascara, lipstick and what-have-you have brought much joy to women. Indeed, makeup can transform a person on the outside and saves a dull looking face from public view. Did you know […]

Fashion Tips to Make Your Breasts Look Bigger and Fuller

You can be a master of illusion when it comes to giving your breasts look bigger without the need for expensive implants and the risk of ending up with misshapen breasts. The woman’s wardrobe is a treasure trove of all things pretty and with some smart and snazzy ideas; you can walk out of the […]

Analplay – Best Tips to Consider Sexual Rimming

Analplay may bring an instant reaction of ‘ick’ or ‘ewh’ especially if you are a woman who’s first encounter with it has been by way of a rogue finger prodding your rear without prior consent. Yet done properly between two loving partners, the analplay can bring a multitude of wonderful sensations and is also an […]

Ignite Your Femininity With Erotic Nude Belly Dancing

Nude belly dancing doesn’t officially exist but if you are interested in erotic belling dancing with the view to perform a private show for your special someone, then by all means, you can combine naked belly dancing with your own personalized hot strip dance. Belly dancing however, in it’s truest form is not performed naked. […]

Learn Sexy Belly Dance Combinations & Alluring Belly Dancing Steps

Hot belly dancing is the combination of various movements and the steps of belly dance. It can be anything from slow flowing sensual arm and body movements, shorter, faster, to sexier, and more urgent steps. Belly dance combinations can show you how to easily, fluidly move from one step to another to transition from flowing seductress […]