big-thick-penisHow to adjust to a man’s big thick penis? The wide penis can be the most frightening penis of all, because although a long penis can certainly look intimidating, you know you won’t have any problem actually getting it in. (Well the first half of it at least.)

The sheer girth though of the wide penis compared to your tiny lady opening can be very difficult indeed for your brain to grasp and can make even the thought of getting it inside you very hard to comprehend.

It’s for this reason that during sex with a particularly big thick penis, automatically your body can tense up making insertion next to impossible, especially if you are not very sexually experienced. So the trick to actually making some leeway with the wide penis is first to get your head around it, before your vagina even attempts to have a go.

The Short And Thick Of It

Firstly, when you’re dealing with a big thick penis, know that technically if you are completely aroused, you should be able to learn to adjust to it. The vagina is designed to stretch so potentially it is possible. However, technically and actually are two very different things so if the sight of it just completely freaks you out and you don’t want to do it, then you just don’t want to do it and that’s fine. If you’re not ready mentally, then you’re just not ready and there is no point in forcing it.

If you are up for it though, there are no special or particular positions to make it easier it all comes down to the positions you personally prefer, foreplay, and lots of it! Having successful and mutually enjoyable sex with a wide penis means lots of loving foreplay resulting in a completely relaxed mind and body, a bunch of lube and a little persistence. Getting used to a wide penis head, is really a lot like preparing your body for anal sex It takes time, and patience to get your body used to this new experience.

If you are committed to having a successful sex life with your partner, then he should also be committed to gradually conditioning your body to adapt to his size. Usually well endowed guys are well used to their partners having to get used to them, so talk about it first outside of the bedroom, before tackling it head on inside of the bedroom.

If you’re freaking wondering how it’s ever going to work with his big fat penis, then think of your vagina as one big beautiful muscle, who’s job is to be a huge hugging machine. When something is inserted inside, the walls of the vagina part and then snuggle nicely around the object. Sometimes though, the object or penis will be too large, but with gradual and gentle persistence the vaginal walls will happily stretch to accommodate it’s new friend and then relax into a hugged position around it.

Preparing Your Body For A Big Thick Penis

Foreplay, foreplay foreplay. Oh, and more foreplay.! Think of it as if you are in training, sensual training to stretch and accommodate his huge wide penis while really enjoying it for yourself as well.

Dealing with his big thick penis
Dealing with his big thick penis: enjoying the pleasures of kissing and simple caressing, all of which are really very important in arousing a woman.

Lay the foundations of foreplay by spending time really enjoying the pleasures of kissing and simple caressing, all of which are really very important in arousing a woman. It’s these simple things that will really relax and help you feel the most at ease. If you go too soon even in to other forms of foreplay, you can still not be aroused and relaxed enough to take his big thick penis in.

Cunnilingus is a must. If he can make you orgasm through oral sex, automatically your whole body will be relaxed and your mind will be busy buzzing with endorphin and much better prepared to take on big thick penis penetration.

Fingering is also incredibly important and a significant step you should take to begin to condition your body so it will slowly begin to stretch wider. Try different numbers of fingers, or practicing with a sex toy specifically designed to gradually stretch you.

Go slow and don’t rush. Just practice taking him in further each time you have sex but only go at a pace that you can handle.

Be committed. When dealing with a big penis head, you really will get out of it what you put in. So don’t quit at the first hurdle. Just regroup and try again.

Before you even start, don’t be too scared if you see his big flaccid penis. If it’s huge when he’s soft it might not actually get a lot bigger when he’s erect. Generally the shorter ones when they’re soft tend to be the growers and the ones that you need to watch out for.

Getting used to a big thick penis can definitely take some time but just keep in mind that your vagina is just like the rest of the muscles in your body. You might not be able to touch your toes at the moment because the muscles in the back of your legs are too tight, but with exercise and stretching, gradually the muscles will lengthen and stretch to where you want them to go.

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