Achieving Female Orgasim

Learn how you can get into the action with female orgasim secrets revealed.

When a woman is not relaxed and comfortable, achieving an orgasim during any kind of sexual activity would be very difficult.

Therefore, achieving female orgasim is not only brought about by physical or sexual intercourse but is also directly influenced by a relaxed state of mind and through mental stimulation.

Tips to Achieving Female Orgasim

To achieve it, the first thing that must be reached is a completely relaxed state of mind. To do this, one must take into consideration the environment. If the sexual activity is done in an environment that is very uncomfortable, this might have a negative effect on the woman’s ability to climax.

It is also important to also calm and relaxed the body or prepare oneself for the enjoyment of the sexual activity. Any form of anxiety or tension will greatly affect an orgasim.

One way to do this is to set a relaxing activity for you and your partner before engaging into a sexual intercourse. An example of this would be a nice bubble bath or a dip into a Jacuzzi pool.

A sip of wine to add some character on the sexual activity later, plus a relaxing body massage.

To increase the chances of an orgasim, the final step in the preparation would be is foreplay. This should always be present so that sexual intercourse is more enjoyable.

There are many ways to do this but first let us find out the types of female orgasims. There are three possible areas where a woman experience orgasim. The first one is called a clitoral orgasim which may be achieved by stimulating the clitoris.Achi

Achieving Female Orgasm
Achieving Female Orgasim: Physical and Mental Stimulation Produced During Foreplay is Very important.

The second one is the G-Spot orgasim which is better stimulated during sexual intercourse since it is located inside the vagina. G-Spot orgasim may also be achieved by rubbing the G-Spot gland gently with the fingers.

Lastly, an orgasim brought about by the stimulation of the two areas, the clitoris and the G-Spot at the same time. This orgasim happens during a satisfying sexual intercourse.

A lot of women can’t have an orgasim with just plain sexual intercourse. That is why the physical and mental stimulation produced during foreplay is very important.

Remember to stimulate the clitoris during foreplay. This is the gland just above the vaginal opening. It is easily seen and stimulated.

Another important foreplay activity is G-Spot stimulation. Once located, a G-spot may be stimulated by a partner with the woman lying on her back and the partner inserting a finger palm side up or facing the abdominal wall of the vagina.

It is better to do this activity when the female is completely aroused so that the G-spot is better felt and to ensure a more pleasurable orgasim.

Of course, the activities presented here are all dependent on the female. There are women who are easily aroused and still some women achieve an orgasim longer than others. Explore the different ways with your partner to find a suitable activity that works best for the both of you.


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