The world of deviant fetish kinky sex is one where just about anything (ok, ok, everything) goes. There is a fetish for everything, and there are some men and women who find even the most subtle of fetishes sexy.

Here are eight, yes eight, of the weirdest fetishes that you probably never thought could actually be possible:


This is exactly as it sounds like. In this fetish, women squish bugs, fruit, and even (ick!) small animals with their feet. The lightest forms of this fetish will have women step on cigarettes, fruit, or bugs with high heels, or barefoot. International outcries have happened after footage of a woman stomping on small animals surfaced from China. PETA, along with many other animal activist groups, rightfully call many of the more extreme squishing videos animal cruelty.

Pony/Puppy Play

Have you had the overwhelming desire to dress up your partner as a horse or a dog, and pretend that they are your pet for a while? Or, do you want to be someone’s pet? Yes, pony play and puppy play are exactly that. There are even leather and latex masks, shoes, and gloves to help add a more realistic look to that puppy outfit. Usually paired with BDSM pony and puppy play have a lot more bite than bark.

Gut Smacking

This is a fetish that is very, very niche. In this fetish kinky sexy, the dominant partner literally picks up their gut, and smacks their submissive with it. This is usually found in chubby chaser groups for obvious reasons : you need a gut in order to smack someone with it. This is also called gut flopping.


Feederism is a fetish where a feeder gives someone food as a fetish. The feedee is the one who eats the food, and often gains weight because of it. Food sex festish, or feederism also tends to be associated with forced weight gain, vore, and food fetishism. Currently, the world’s heaviest woman is a feederism fetish model.

Pedal Pumping

As previously stated, some of the most subtle fetishes managed to get sites of their own. There is a community out there that enjoys watching women try to turn on a car and push down on the car’s pedal or brakes. (No, we don’t get it either.)


AACCHOOO! Yes, there is a market out there for videos of both men and women sneezing. Apparently, the louder and more convulsive the sneeze is, the better. We aren’t sure whether or not this would account for men who date women who are allergic to flowers, and still buy them roses.

Balloon Popping

This fetish kinky sex is pretty simple and straightforward. Guys who have this fetish love watching women sit on balloons until they pop. If you have a boyfriend with this fetish, there is a pretty big chance that he has tried to give you balloons instead of flowers.


The stuff of nightmares.

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