Moaning During Sex

Some love to hear their man moaning during sex. If you want to make your lover moaning during sex, here are six ways to ensure a moaning orgasm for your man.

Watch Porn Together

Men are very visual creatures, and they will get off on watching two different shows instead of just one if you do this. First, he will have a sexy orgasm just from having you there with him having sex with him, and he’ll also orgasm when he realizes how incredibly dirty and sexy this move is. Moreover, it indulges his inner voyeur.

Give Him a Good Old Fashioned Blowjob

The number one sexual fetish that men have is having a woman go down on him and service him orally. To say that men crave it is to say that women are ‘just okay’ with a free luxury spa trip, it’s the understatement of the century. It’s very intimate, and it’s also dirty enough to make you feel like you are unleashing your inner vixen while giving him a moaning orgasm.

Offer Him A Threesome

This ones not for every girl but if you’re open to experimentation then offering him a threesome with you and a woman of your choosing is guarantees excitement. This is another of many guy’s ultimate fantasies and will ensure the ultimate sexy orgasm or perhaps even multi-climax. Moreover, he won’t stop raving about his luck when it comes to you and your amazing bedroom skills for weeks. Understandably, this isn’t a sex move that everyone should consider. However, if you are looking for a way to spice up your relationship, and you are in the right frame of mind for this kind of kink, by all means go for it. It’s going to be one for the history books!

Surprise Him

He just came back from work, and he’s expecting you to rush over and yell for some help with housework, right? Wrong! Surprising him with some sweet loving will leave him feeling much more appreciated, and choosing his favorite orgasm positions will also make him orgasm extra hard. The thrill of the sudden surprise is what gets men so riled up about this fantasy.

Go For An Old School Hand Job

Believe it or not, many guys do crave having a hand job once in a while. Often a neglected sex act, giving your boy toy a helping hand might be what you need to get a new spark to your love life. Giving a hand job is great for a luscious tickling orgasms and it’s also a very tame yet erotic act if done correctly. Of course, a little bit of lotion and a couple of sweet nothings won’t hurt!

Give Anal A Chance

Anal is no longer the taboo that it was 20 years ago, so why not give it a shot? Adding a little bit of lubricant to the backdoor will make your bum a tight squeeze he won’t soon forget and a body shaking orgasm he will always remember. Much like menage a trois, this isn’t something that should be attempted by everyone. Ask yourself if this is something you would feel comfortable with before you decide to do it with him.

Every man is different, but these six ways have always proven to work wonders when it comes to making men have powerful sexy orgasms. If you are looking for a real sexual adventure, why not try one of these every day for the next six days? It’ll definitely bring the two of you closer together, and it will bring out a side of you that you may not have known you even had.

Published by Rosie Raphaelle

Her mission is to show women how to have fun, safe and meaningful sex. Her sex tips articles has been published in many women's magazines.

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