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Aside from liposuction, one of the most popularly chosen cosmetic surgeries is breast augmentation. Breast size is a sensitive issue for many women and can have a profound effect upon your confidence, sense of attractiveness and overall happiness. Recent suggests that there are 3 key reasons why so many women want bigger breasts and are looking to increase their cup size: to feel good about their appearance, to boost their self-esteem and to feel more desirable.

Reasons Why Women Want Bigger Breasts

Feeling good about your appearance

Most clothes you’ll find in shops are designed for women with larger, fuller breasts, which can be very disheartening for women whose breasts are smaller. Not only do they hang awkwardly and cling in the wrong places, but it can be hard to wear plunging neck lines and bathing suits when you are small or flat chested.

Women with larger breasts generally feel good about their appearance and feel no qualms wearing what they want – without concern or embarrassment – as the clothing market is catered towards their physique.

Boost your self-esteem and confidence

In all the magazines and films you see on the big screen women with bigger breasts appear to be more beautiful, attractive and confident.

It is not surprising that because of this idolization, that many women with smaller breasts are teased by men and women about their size and are left to feel as though there is something wrong with the way they look.

Such attitudes can trigger issues of low self-esteem, insecurity and feelings of negative self-worth which they feel can only be cured by attaining larger breasts. Increase your cup size and you can lose all insecurities, feel comfortable in your body and ultimately boost your confidence.

Feel more desirable to the opposite sex

It is a known fact that the majority of men are fascinated by women with larger breasts. Sexy, confident and desirable, women with big breasts always seem to be surrounded by men, whilst women with smaller breasts feel unnoticed.

This last theory in particular is not strictly true. Many men aren’t always looking specifically for women with larger breasts. The reality is they are drawn to the confidence that they exude – their personality.

What can be done?

If you are genuinely interested in increasing your confidence and self-esteem then there are much safer routes than breast augmentation. The use of breast enhancement topical products such as Brestrogen can help you to naturally and safely increase your breasts size.

Formulated from Mirofirm™ (a proprietary plant extract of P.mirifica), this herb has been proven through various studies in helping the development of natural breast tissues growth.

In one study lasting 42 days, 94% of participants marked a distinct improvement in the firmness of their breasts, 88% reported lifting and 81% experienced increased enlargement. Finally, more than half (56%) of the subjects reported improvement up to 2 cups in 5-6 months .

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