Ways to Turn Him On

Sometimes it’s the little things that say so much. Being obviously sexy isn’t the only way to get your boyfriends pulse racing. We can be much more subtle. Try these 10 tips and watch him come home early every night…

Let him see how popular you are – take your man for a night out with your friends. If he can see how much people like you, how funny, flirty and witty you are then it will puff up his ego knowing that you are all his. You can get your friends to help you with this by focusing more attention on you.

Sleeping naked – nothing feels as good as bare skin against skin. Ditch the old t-shirt and go buff in bed. Get him to spoon you from behind so you can gently snuggle your bum against him. It won’t take long before you will feel his appreciation.

Make him feel needed – even if you are super girl and can do everything for yourself, pander to his caveman and act all girly. In this day and age men don’t get enough opportunities to prove their masculinity. Think cars, drills or fixing things.

Tell him a bedtime story – read an erotic story in your sexiest voice and make it as explicit as you dare. You can do this at home or over the phone if he is away to make sure he is thinking of you and can’t wait to come back.

Go to a fancy dress party – put together the sexiest outfit you can to get his pulse racing. If you are with his friends don’t go too sluttish as this can send bad signals. Go for something a little naughty like a sexy nurse or police woman. If you are with your own friends you can push it out a little and go for a kinky all PVC cat-woman or saucy french maid.

Undress in style – instead of throwing your clothes in a heap and crawling into bed take your time and be seductive. Hold his gaze while you unbutton your shirt, bend over to slide off your skirt. Even better is wearing stocking which you can roll down your legs but trust me you probably won’t get that far as he will be all over you.

Prove your trust – couples in committed relationships have better sex lives becaues of the shared intimacy and trust. The more you develop the trust the deeper the connection you will share. And the more you can push the sexual boundaries with each other.

Treat him like a real man – most men secretly want their girlfriend to be like a fifties wife to cook and clean for them. Treat him for one night by dressing up in a Mad Men style dress with stocking, heels and full make up. Cook dinner with a properly set dinner table and then do all the dishes. Ask him if you can do anything else for him when he settles down in front of the TV and he will be carrying you upstairs before you know it.

Have your own interests – get out and do things by yourself, have a passion or past time to make you a more interesting person. Taking a language class or going to the gym will show him that you are motivated and committed, admirable qualities to have. He will respect you for this and with respect comes desire.

Make him feel loved – let him know you care by saying I love you. Please don’t do this after a week though or he will run a mile. Commitment does feel good to men and when he feels like the most important person in your world he is going to want to make you happy back in return.

Published by Rosie Raphaelle

Her mission is to show women how to have fun, safe and meaningful sex. Her sex tips articles has been published in many women's magazines.

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