Easy Ways to Turn Him On

Ladies, if you want to get your man coming home early at night or offering to take you shopping on a Saturday afternoon then you need to play a little dirty! Memorize these 10 easy ways to get your man’s attention and have him devoted to you…

#1 Rub your bum against him

If you are in a queue then lean back and wiggle gently (don’t knock him flying!). Rubbing your bottom against his crotch is going to get him standing to attention: if you’re both in a public area then the thrill and anticipation of what he wants is going to make him much more attentive.

#2 Flash your boobs

I don’t necessarily mean a full frontal show here. Ditch the bra and when you are out having a meal seductively lean forward so he can see right down your top. The thrill from an illicit eyeful is guaranteed to make him horny.

#3 Show him how it’s done

Nothing drives a man wilder than the sight of a woman masturbating herself. Lie back and let him watch how you pleasure yourself, this is a double bonus as he will learn what turns you on. The sex will be dynamite.

#4 Go commando

Another surefire way to have him drooling over you all evening. When he leasts expects it subtly whisper in his ear that you have no knickers on. The thought of you being exposed and ready for action under your dress always does the trick. An alternative to this is slipping your sexiest underwear in his pocket as you return from the ladies in a restaurant.

#5 Take control, make a move

Men love women who take the lead, they find the confidence a big turn on. Men like to know that their girlfriend enjoys sex as much as they do and when you make the first move this sends the message to them loud and clear.

#6 Use a sex toy

Men are pretty basic visual creatures. Stimulate your fella by using a sex toy in front of him. He is fascinated with anything being inserted into you so try sliding in a vibrator, dildo or even just your fingers.

#7 Massage the ego

All men love compliments and are constantly looking to have their ego fluffed. Underneath they can be insecure so the best way to make him feel good, and therefore horny, is to tell him what a big, sexy stud he is. Anything positive about his penis size and shape and how much you love it always goes down well. Just remember to sound sincere.

#8 Buy some kinky boots

Go shopping for something to wear in the bedroom. Think as trashy as you can, guys love anything porn starish. Thigh high PVC boots or a leather basque with stockings will get his jaw dropping and turning off the TV quicker than you can say “hello”.

#9 Be a sex slave for the night

Offer yourself to him on a plate to do as he wants and he will be dragging you off quicker than you can put your drink down. Be even cleverer by pretending to play a game as to who is the slave for the evening, by losing on purpose you are polishing his confidence.

#10 Play up to his fantasy

Everybody has their own secret role plays and fantasies that they find irresistible. Look for clues about what his may be: if he likes to hold your wrists or take you hard from behind he wants to dominate. Or if he likes you to go on top then he might want to be the submissive one, so take the lead. You can just simply ask him and then get play acting.

Published by Rosie Raphaelle

Her mission is to show women how to have fun, safe and meaningful sex. Her sex tips articles has been published in many women's magazines.

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