Top 3 Easy Exercises to Improve Your Breasts

Exercises to Improve Your Breasts

We all know that no great things are achieved without ounces of effort. Well, we’re not talking about building spaceships, but we do need to work out if we want our bust to look good. No doubt, there are plenty of external help that you can get but look within you; your body is actually wired to improve your breast, if only you know how to tap into it. And it doesn’t even take much of your time and costs nothing with these easy exercises to improve your breasts!

Here are the top 3 easy exercises to improve your breasts:

Give them a push-up

breast push upYou hear this from military-themed movies; “drop down and give me ten!” This exercise is definitely not for punishment but push-ups improve your breasts. The first step is to bend your elbows, placing your palms on the floor just slightly to the side and in front of your shoulders. Then bend your elbows and lower your entire body at once and push back up. If you’re just starting out, you can do it by pressing against the wall while standing.

Now, do the pull-in

breast exerciseThe feeling when you do a stretch after an hour at your desk is great isn’t it? Next time when you intend to stretch, do the pull-in instead by stretching your arms straight out in front of you, keeping it at the shoulder level. Next, clench your fists and pull in towards the shoulder, imagining that you are pulling strenuously. This move will further improve your breasts if you do it lying on your back holding a dumbbell or anything of equal weight (water bottle, canned food).

For breasts’ looks and health

breast massageYou’re intent on keeping your breasts in great shape, right? Gain more benefits from a massage by combining a Breast Self Examination (BSE) with this practice. As you’re doing a full BSE by checking for unusual lumps or hardness in the breast, follow up with massaging your breasts a little longer with a moisturizer or breast cream. It does not matter whether you massage clockwise or anticlockwise, as it does not make breasts sag, contrary to popular belief. By combining 2-in-1, you are able to maintain your breasts’ suppleness and shape, and at the same time, constantly check for any abnormalities in your breasts that will enable you to seek advice immediately, if required.

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Breast Makeup Tips to Make You Look Sexy


Ask the women, and at least 8 out of 10 would agree that makeup is a part of life; whether mild or dramatic. Blushers, mascara, lipstick and what-have-you have brought much joy to women. Indeed, makeup can transform a person on the outside and saves a dull looking face from public view. Did you know that makeup is also incredibly helpful to your breasts and with a few simple breast makeup tips, you can look sexy and sassy, with a well-endowed cleavage that is devoid of any form of medical assistance?

Many actresses you watch on movies may not be blessed with great bosoms but makeup school has done a great job in grooming students to help a woman have beautiful breasts, even if for a while.

Breasts Makeup Tips and Tutorial

Well, maybe you don’t go to makeup school, therefore here’s something that can help you out at no cost. Start by smoothening out the skin on your neck and cleavage with a moisturizer followed by applying a foundation on the said area, preferably one with a light shade.

If you have dark spots or scars, that can be easily sorted out with a little bit of concealer; making sure that foundation and concealer blends with your skin tone. If you do a search on the Internet, you can find plenty online makeup resources that will advise you to brush the specific area with a dark bronzer as it is the most effective makeup product for cleavage and breast enhancement.

Continue bronzing

After that, use the bronzer on the end of the point where the bra strap meets the cup and follow it till the cleavage line and repeat for the other breast. This makeup tip assists in making breasts look more shapely and voluptuous. Before the days of plastic surgery and quick fixes, makeup for the breasts was the way to make a woman look sexy. And bronzer is her best friend. Back to the free makeup tutorial, continue with applying more bronzer on the cleavage to make it more visible, look heavier and bigger.

Color blending

You want to look sexy but not with your boobs sticking out with a different color tone. Thus, you should blend the colour of the bronzer and foundation from upward to downward, creating a V shape and making the curve a natural sight. After that, you apply an eye shadow or face powder that has a lighter colour like white or gold. Remember, upward to downward direction, applying it on the top half of your breasts but use in moderation and avoid shimmery powders.

If you follow this free makeup tutorial step-by-step, you should achieve visibly enhanced breasts that make you look sexy and confident to put on that dress with a plunging neckline or a low V-neck piece. Should you feel that it could be more enhanced, apply more bronzer on the cleavage to deepen and get the curve.

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Simple Yoga to Improve Breast Size

Yoga Tips to Improve Your Breast Appearance

Surely, you’ve heard of the mental, emotional and physical benefits of Yoga, the discipline that originated from ancient India. Yoga is a low-impact and low-intensity exercise that would put your joints and limbs to the test of flexibility. Without going too deep into the practice of a full body Yoga workout, it may delight you to know that there are benefits of yoga to improve breast size. If you notice, most yoga positions would have you stretching the chest and back muscles and the shoulders which stimulate the chest muscles to make it look larger.

Yoga to Improve Breast Size:

Call of the wild

The way some animals move have inspired yoga practitioners to find out if these moves could, in anyway, benefit mankind. It turns out that doing the “cow pose” (gomukhasana) strengthens your pectoral muscles which help support your boobs from the law of gravity. Sit with your lower legs folded under your thigh. Raise your right arm and bend it over the shoulder until the right palm meets the back’s upper part. Then, twist your left arm backwards to enable the left and right palm to touch. Hold the stance for a couple of seconds and switch sides.

Another animal inspired yoga exercise for breast enhancement is the “cobra pose” (bhujangasana) where you lie face down, placing your palms on either side of your chest. Use your arms to raise your upper body from the ground to form an arc. Your forearm should be above the floor while you look up towards the sky.

Working the tissue

Breasts are made up mostly of fatty tissues but it does not mean you eat all the fatty foods to achieve a fuller set of assets. This exercise helps in developing breast tissue and you stand straight, placing your feet shoulder distance apart. Reach your arms behind your back and intertwine your fingers to lock the hands. Bend your body forward from the hips, extending your hands as far up as you can without overstraining them. Make sure you’re looking forward as your face is parallel to the floor. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat.

How Much Yoga Will Improve Breast Size?

Bear in mind that there is not a specific timeline to experience results through yoga. If you’re not willing to compromise your wellbeing with surgery or breast creams, patience and consistency must be your key motivators. Think of yoga as generally good for your entire physique, not just the boob area. It is important that you practice yoga under an expert who is qualified with certifications under legitimate and recognized bodies.

Supplements like vitamin E and primrose oil are believed to stimulate hormones for breast growth and by incorporating yoga into your daily routine, you may experience results in four to six months, keeping in mind that the duration varies for every person.

Fashion Tips to Make Your Breasts Look Bigger and Fuller

Push up bra

You can be a master of illusion when it comes to giving your breasts look bigger without the need for expensive implants and the risk of ending up with misshapen breasts. The woman’s wardrobe is a treasure trove of all things pretty and with some smart and snazzy ideas; you can walk out of the house with perky looking breasts that boost your confidence to rock that outfit!

Make Your Breasts Look Bigger and Fuller

Bring That Make Up Lower

As you’re zealously applying the foundation, blusher, eye shadow, mascara and what-not on your face, spare some time to do the same for your twins. Try applying a bronze eye shadow or a powder that is a shade darker than your natural skin tone between the breasts. You will have created a shadow effect which draws attention to the cleavage and a better contrast can be achieved by adding a lighter shade of powder above the cleavage. However, remember that moderation is key, and do not apply too much powder or use powder with those shiny speckles. You wouldn’t want to stand out for having an overly decorated cleavage, would you?

Check Out the Accessories Store

A plunging neckline dress or top are two of the greatest fashion inventions that show off subtle sexiness yet has the ability to make your breasts look bigger. You can take advantage of it by jazzing up the outfit with a necklace or pendant that will bring the focus towards your cleavage. Choose a low hanging pendant that rests just nicely above the breast to further accentuate fuller looking breasts.

Push-up Discreetly

Pump up your confidence with a bit of help from the reliable push-up bras that are fitted with padding to give your boobs a lift and volume. These bras are made in a variety of shapes and you must find one that does the job without your breasts looking unnatural. It should also feel comfortable and not leave you restless and shifting all day. To make your breasts look bigger you could also buy silicon bra inserts which give you more flexibility to wear them or not. Remember to try them on before the important event as some women have experienced allergic reactions to the material of the bra inserts.

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Analplay – Best Tips to Consider Sexual Rimming


Analplay may bring an instant reaction of ‘ick’ or ‘ewh’ especially if you are a woman who’s first encounter with it has been by way of a rogue finger prodding your rear without prior consent. Yet done properly between two loving partners, the analplay can bring a multitude of wonderful sensations and is also an excellent primer to rectal sex.

If you have not heard of analplay being described as analingus, you may be more familiar with the terms ‘sexual rimming’, ‘tossing the salad’ or ‘licking arse’. Such crude terms are enough to send any nice lady running with her tail squeezed firmly between her legs, but if you are curious and open to new adventures, analingus with the right loving partner can turn from being an unpleasant shock to a very warm and welcome surprise.

Simply, your anus is lined with many delicate nerve endings and when these are stimulated by the tickle of a tantalizing tongue the result can be quite heavenly. The trick to enjoying these new sensations is to love your bum, get over any inhibitions and embrace sexual rimming as an incredibly sensual and intimate act between lovers. It’s the total acceptance of each other’s bodies with no part being off limits that can strengthen bonds and heighten the sense of eroticism.

Speaking of eroticism, another reason analplay feels so deeply sensual is because the pelvic floor muscles lie just below the surface of the anal area. If you squeeze them now you will notice how your anus slightly contracts, and it’s these muscles that compress during orgasm. Analplay including the insertion of sex toys rouses the pelvic floor muscles and intensifies all erotic sensations.

Is Analplay Safe

Like all forms of sex, precaution does need to be taken when experimenting with analplay. First thing first, you must get clean before analplay. Ensure you both go to the toilet beforehand and then have a shower together. Use warm soapy water to thoroughly clean your anus and you can even insert a soapy finger slightly inside.

It’s important to note that despite all your best efforts at cleaning, there can be times when fecal matter clings on to the anus and skin around it. Although fecal matter is actually stored in the colon and only passes through the rectum when it’s ready to be released all the way out of the body, traces can sometimes remain in the rectum, anal canal and anus after defecation, although these can be washed out.

Don’t get yourself too much in a tizz about this possibility and don’t get too carried away with your cleaning. You can actually damage or tear the soft tissues of skin on your anus if you use too much force. Instead use baby wipes, which are excellent for the gentle cleaning of all skin folds and you also get the added bonus of their pleasant smell.

If this still completely puts you off, you could consider using a Dental Dam which is like a condom for your bum. It acts as a latex barrier between the anus and mouth and while it might not seem very sexy, it will protect you from bacteria and viruses such as HPV, HIV and Hepatitis.

Talk to your partner beforehand, decide if you are going to be the giver or receiver. Using a dental dam might just be the piece of confidence you need to get you on your way to sexual rimming. They are in expensive and even come in fruit flavors to match your fruity sex!

How To Give Anal Rimming

When learning how to give anal rimming, or any form of rectal sex, it doesn’t have to be anything you don’t want it to be. The simple caressing, stroking and gentle pressing of a finger around and in the opening of the anus is analinugs enough for some people. Or it’s the gentle flicker of a delicate tongue on the nerve packed area of your anus that is simply bliss for others. Analplay definitely does not have to be about penetration. However if you keen to move on to anal sex, then analingus is essential to prepare your body for penetration.

Like other forms of oral sex, take your time, relax and gradually seduce your partner by massaging their inner thighs or the backs of their legs. Gradually start to lick these areas and use your fingernails to rub around the outside of the bum. Blow on the anus and then apply gentle pressure rubbing around the rim.

The greatest satisfaction comes from tender kisses, loving licks and variations of tongue movements circling in and around igniting all those wonderfully delicate nerve endings.

If your partner permits, you can use both hands to spread the anus wide and then point your tongue and insert it in and out. If you are using your finger, be careful of your nails as any rough edges can nick the delicate skin.

Analplay Positions

If you’re totally new to analplay, positions such as doggy, or bending over may feel too vulnerable and too exposed to begin with. If you are on the receiving end you could start with regular cunnilingus, then as your body becomes more aroused it can be a natural progression for your partner to lick slowly further south. Just be mindful to prevent any bacterial infection that once he hits your bum with his tongue he cannot go back up to your vagina.

Sideways 69 is a good position to start out with. Regular 69 can be a bit tricky for you to get in to a comfortable and accessible position that you can both enjoy, but if you both turn side on, you can massage, lick and suck to your mutual delight.

When you are ready and feel completely comfortable with exposure should you try any of the following positions:


Doggy is where the receiver assumes the doggy position kneeling down and the giver kneels behind gently spreads each butt check to reveal the anus.

Standing Bent Over

This one is self explanatory, however you can modify it by the receiver bending over the edge of a bed or chair to maximize comfort for both parties.

Legs Up

In this position the receiver lays on their back with their legs open and bent, knees drawn up to their chest. The giver lays on their stomach in front. This position can be made more comfortable with the receiver laying on the edge of the bed and the giver keeling in front.

The Only Secret Sex Tip You Will Ever Need…

The Only Secret Sex Tip

What is the one thing that will improve your sex life, make you happier and make you irresistible to men? No, you don’t have to go blonder, taller, thinner or younger. It’s so simple that you will wonder why it has taken you so long to catch on.

Ok, I will let you into the secret: confidence! If you can love yourself first then you become attractive to everyone else. Think about who you know that is sexy, attractive, popular. Now think about how confident that person is, I will guarantee that high self esteem is their secret ingredient.

Kim Kardashian, Shakira or J Lo are considered to be the most desirable women on the planet, can you imagine if they shuffled around with their heads down thinking they looked fat? Do they suffer from a crisis of self doubt? No they do not. J Lo’s bum could be considered to be on the ample side, if she walked around all day telling everyone that she thought her bum was too big and she wanted to lose weight would she still look as attractive?

Being attractive isn’t about face value, the most sexy men on the planet are not always good looking. Sex appeal is an aura that exudes from within. Some of the most sexually irresistible men I have known have been pretty unattractive, but they were dynamite in bed. They had confidence, in buckets. And that’s what is so appealing because it rubs off on you and everyone wants more of it.

You can be your own worst enemy. Why would you want to draw attention to the worst bits of your body by constantly moaning about them. Take a tip form the glamorous and make the most of what you have got. It might be you have amazing boobs or fantastic legs or luscious, sexy lips, find your best feature and emphasize it. Also dress to impress, ditch the fashion following disasters and focus on what works for your body. The effects will be immediate.

Now stand up tall, and smile seductively. The trick to this is thinking about something very naughty or what you would like Daniel Craig to do to you in the shower. If you look like you have a sexy secret on your lips you will become intriguing: everyone loves a secret and if you look like the cat that’s got the cream people will begin to look at you in a new way – what is it that she has that is so delicious? Why is it that as soon as you meet a new man others start to show interest? That’s because you start to glow with happiness and exude confidence; it draws others to you like bees to honey.

When it comes to sex and being dynamite in bed you don’t need to know the kamasutra back to front or be more flexible than a ballerina. The real secret to blowing men away in the sack is being confident in your own skin and comfortable enough to say what you like and what you don’t like. Don’t cower under the duvet on the edge of the bed; undress seductively holding his gaze, run your hands over your body like you are touching something very expensive, then lie back on the bed in a seductive pose and a come get me look. If you do this he will think you are the best he has ever had.

If you can create an aura of seductive confidence around yourself I can guarantee you will be irresistible to men.

Why Are Men So Envious of Female Orgasm?


If a man ever asks you what female orgasm is like then you might want to tell him something like this: At its peak female orgasm is a body pulsing, toe curling magical explosion. Like a massive wave breaking spectacularly all over your body, a tsunami of spiritual proportions and a pure rush of orgasmic energy!

It’s not really surprising that some men are very much in awe of the beauty and sheer magnitude of female orgasms. And why wouldn’t they be when they’re merely a witness to the clitorally energized mystical boom when a female climaxes over and over again?

And it’s no wonder they are a little envious, with some mesmerized men being so taken by a female orgasm they have even likened looking in to her eyes as she climaxes with looking directly in to her soul

So it’s not really that far fetched to consider with the overall wonder and total exhilaration of female orgasms that maybe, just maybe the female orgasm is actually better than men’s!

I Love Female Orgasm

To begin with, let’s look at the frequency between the male and the female orgasm. Men are definitely in the lead on this one and there may have been times when you even wished you could orgasm as quickly and as often as they do. But have you ever entertained the thought that female orgasms might be more powerful and fulfilling simply because they are less frequent?

And while the male orgasm certainly has its own merits and is generally less labour intensive, how magical can it possibly be when you’re merely knocking one off as a necessary function to get you through your day? It’s no wonder that some men get to the point where they loose any sort of thrill when their body is urging them to ejaculate rather than orgasm.

And even though it’s only fair to give credit where credit is due and recognize that masturbation for men is not the same as actually making love with a partner, the bottom line is men only have sex organs for pro-creation. So when they’re tired of the persistent nagging urge to sprout their manly seed only as part of if evolutions master plan, it might be nice to have and orgasm for the hell of it, just like women can.

You see a female orgasm is a lot more powerful than what you may have ever imagined. For one, science is at odds to explain why women experience orgasm at all with the clitoris playing no part in the baby making process. Sure, its pleasurable feelings can assist in getting you in the mood to pro-create, but it has absolutely no bearing on reproduction. And although having an orgasm feels great, it also doesn’t play any hand in driving maternal desire.

That magical tingly sensation and eventual full body boom is definitely something to be proud of and hold sacred only to you. Because the simple fact is, female orgasms are designed purely for your pleasure and without an evolutionary purpose, some are even of the opinion that female climax is actually a vessel to connecting with a higher power.

Whether you believe this is true or not, there’s no doubt about it, female orgasms are nothing less than amazing. And even if your orgasms are huge full body experiences or are smaller and more frequent, the release of orgasmic energy and endorphins have you buzzing with a revitalized happiness and an over all well- being.

So even if your partner orgasms more than you do, when it does happen so magically and powerfully for you, he’s going to be wishing he could have at least one of what you’re having!

Simply female orgasm is designed purely for pleasure, and when a woman is in touch with her body often it’s a good indication that she’s also connected to her spirit. And it’s because of the endless ripples and heavenly bliss when a female climaxes that some are of the opinion that women are actually connecting with the divine during orgasm.

So there you have it ladies. We already have one up on men with the ability to achieve multiple orgasms, So it’s not really a stretch to consider that female orgasms could actually be more fulfilling, more powerful and overall far more orgasmic than men’s!

6 Ways to Ensure a Moaning Orgasm for Your Man

Moaning During Sex

Some love to hear their man moaning during sex. If you want to make your lover moaning during sex, here are six ways to ensure a moaning orgasm for your man.

Watch Porn Together

Men are very visual creatures, and they will get off on watching two different shows instead of just one if you do this. First, he will have a sexy orgasm just from having you there with him having sex with him, and he’ll also orgasm when he realizes how incredibly dirty and sexy this move is. Moreover, it indulges his inner voyeur.

Give Him a Good Old Fashioned Blowjob

The number one sexual fetish that men have is having a woman go down on him and service him orally. To say that men crave it is to say that women are ‘just okay’ with a free luxury spa trip, it’s the understatement of the century. It’s very intimate, and it’s also dirty enough to make you feel like you are unleashing your inner vixen while giving him a moaning orgasm.

Offer Him A Threesome

This ones not for every girl but if you’re open to experimentation then offering him a threesome with you and a woman of your choosing is guarantees excitement. This is another of many guy’s ultimate fantasies and will ensure the ultimate sexy orgasm or perhaps even multi-climax. Moreover, he won’t stop raving about his luck when it comes to you and your amazing bedroom skills for weeks. Understandably, this isn’t a sex move that everyone should consider. However, if you are looking for a way to spice up your relationship, and you are in the right frame of mind for this kind of kink, by all means go for it. It’s going to be one for the history books!

Surprise Him

He just came back from work, and he’s expecting you to rush over and yell for some help with housework, right? Wrong! Surprising him with some sweet loving will leave him feeling much more appreciated, and choosing his favorite orgasm positions will also make him orgasm extra hard. The thrill of the sudden surprise is what gets men so riled up about this fantasy.

Go For An Old School Hand Job

Believe it or not, many guys do crave having a hand job once in a while. Often a neglected sex act, giving your boy toy a helping hand might be what you need to get a new spark to your love life. Giving a hand job is great for a luscious tickling orgasms and it’s also a very tame yet erotic act if done correctly. Of course, a little bit of lotion and a couple of sweet nothings won’t hurt!

Give Anal A Chance

Anal is no longer the taboo that it was 20 years ago, so why not give it a shot? Adding a little bit of lubricant to the backdoor will make your bum a tight squeeze he won’t soon forget and a body shaking orgasm he will always remember. Much like menage a trois, this isn’t something that should be attempted by everyone. Ask yourself if this is something you would feel comfortable with before you decide to do it with him.

Every man is different, but these six ways have always proven to work wonders when it comes to making men have powerful sexy orgasms. If you are looking for a real sexual adventure, why not try one of these every day for the next six days? It’ll definitely bring the two of you closer together, and it will bring out a side of you that you may not have known you even had.

Ignite Your Femininity With Erotic Nude Belly Dancing

Erotic Nude Belly Dancing

Nude belly dancing doesn’t officially exist but if you are interested in erotic belling dancing with the view to perform a private show for your special someone, then by all means, you can combine naked belly dancing with your own personalized hot strip dance.

Belly dancing however, in it’s truest form is not performed naked. Although it is the most original form of erotic dance and first used to entertain men in the Middle East, it is more a celebration of femininity, sensuality, and the journey of womanhood, than just being a performance for men.

Hot belly dancing is of course definitely entertaining and it’s hard not to be captivated by a woman dressed in a brightly colored alluring costume as she brilliantly shakes her hips, and elegantly wriggles her arms and body with the dance of her belly. But if you are considering trying nude belly dancing seriously, you will need to dedicate time to properly learn this art form.

Like all other forms of dance, there is so much more to it than it just being a sexy belly dance. It requires coordination, strength and training which some times can take years to master, but with the hard work and dedication of getting it right comes the great rewards and benefits, which when done properly are both physical and emotional.

Physically belly dancing can improve your fitness while toning your muscles and improving your core strength. It can also help to release stress held in your body, firm your stubborn belly area and one of its most incredible benefits is that it can help to strengthen your abdomen in preparation for childbirth.

Nude Belly Dancing Benefits

Emotionally it can help to center you while releasing tension and stress from your mind. On a deeper level it can also inspire your spiritual side by igniting a passion from within, or help you to rekindle your femininity. It can also help you to overcome physical insecurities and is wonderful for centering and creating a wonderful awareness in your body.

Importantly though, if you’re looking for a different way to explore your sensuality or just to do something different and fun, nude belly dancing or completely clothed dancing, might be an option for you. It’s a form of dance where you don’t have to be particularly fit, flexible or good at it to start. You will get as much out of it as you put in and it is a dance to be enjoyed at any level.

Whether you are learning and practicing this art form at its highest order or simply playing and enjoying the moves, belly dancing can be anything from poised isolated movements in conjunction with erotic snake like movements of the arms and hands, to advanced contorted movements such as back bends and splits.

The fun and the allure of erotic nude belly dancing is that although to be done well and with precision it can take years of training, the beauty of it is that once you start it, it can become so addictive that you just won’t want to stop. Erotic belly dancing allows you to let yourself go, get in touch with your feminine sensual side and help to sync the rhythm of the music with the rhythm of your body and your heart.

If lap or exotic pole dancing are not for you, cheeky nude belly dancing might be the perfect fit for you if you are looking for a way to explore your sensuality while doing some exercise at the same time.

Learn Sexy Belly Dance Combinations & Alluring Belly Dancing Steps

Hot Belly Dance

Hot belly dancing is the combination of various movements and the steps of belly dance. It can be anything from slow flowing sensual arm and body movements, shorter, faster, to sexier, and more urgent steps. Belly dance combinations can show you how to easily, fluidly move from one step to another to transition from flowing seductress to a saucy siren.

Belly Dance Steps

Hip Circles & Rolls

Hips rolls or circles are the best place to start with learning belly dance steps because just about everyone can do a hip circle. Stand will your feet parallel then slowly rotate your hips around and around to the one side. When you are ready you can alternate to the other side. Or after completing one hip circle you can immediately rotate back the other way.

This is a great place to start because it helps to loosen the body, the hips, warm you up and relax you in to the fluid movement of belly dancing. And when done properly even the humble hip circle can be a very sexy and alluring belly dance move.

Forward & Back Shimmy

Moving on to one of the sexiest hot belly dancing moves is the forward and back shimmy. It’s one of the most common belly dance steps and also one of the easiest moves to master. Not to be confused with a regular shimmy where the hips make an up and down or side to side motion, as the name suggests, the hips instead shift forwards and back.

To master this hot belly dancing move start with your legs shoulder distance apart. Keep your knees relaxed with your toes pointing forward, with the small of your back relaxed. The secret to perfecting the forward and back shimmy is to make each move very small. Like a tiny delicate quiver of the hips, then accent the movement more to the backward part of the move as opposed to the forward push. Push your hips back and then subtly move them forward. Continue as you go, back and forth until you are ready to join it was other belly dance combinations.

Sexy Turns

Turns are always part of every dance routine and the beauty of using them in this form of erotic dance is that they provide texture, fluidity and variation to any hot belly dancing routine.

You can turn in belly dancing by using the working leg to whip around the supporting leg, Half way through the turn, shift your weight on to your other leg. With practice you can continue with consecutive turns. It’s much like a turn in Spanish dancing, or if you have ever had ballet lessons, you will be familiar with pirouettes and the term ‘spotting’ where during a turn you keep your head facing forward for as long as you can. As you turn and your body reaches the quarter turn point, whip your head around to face the front ahead of your body.

Keep going so with practice, your moves are quick and sharp, and while focusing your eyes on your spot at the front. This looks especially effective with a scarf draped behind you as you spin or if you are naughty enough to perform a private naked belly dancing routine for your special someone, the scarf is brilliant a colourful accompaniment to your sexy naked body.

Hot Belly Rolls

Belly rolls are hot, but they actually require skill, determination and practice to perfect. To be successful at belly rolling you need to have strong yet flexible abdominal muscles. You also need to learn how to isolate your pelvic floor muscles from your diaphragm. This is what will allow you to roll your belly without moving your hips.

You can prepare for this belly dance exercise by standing with your legs shoulder width apart with your knees bent. Suck your belly in as far as it can go, then suck it a little bit more. Then release your belly all the way before repeating. This will definitely take practice but with repetition you can start to get a rolling your rippling effect of your belly. Try it in different directions to see what works best for you.

Strong Arms

Your arms play just as much of an important role in this dance as your as your belly does. Even though your hot belly dancing moves will come primarily from your hips, it’s important to use your arms to frame and enhance your dance.

If you are unsure what to do with your arms, use snake movements from side to side or vary your hand movements by crossing your wrists at hip level, then move them up to your heart, than raise them still crossed above your head. Or alternate your arms so that one arm is raised and stretched at full length to the sky, while the other is bent at your head. Whatever you do try to make it as graceful as possible without it looking too fluffy. You want your movements to be to look feminine but still strong and sexy.

If you’re an amateur or a skilled dancer, hot belly dancing is all about what you put in to it that results in how you pull it off. Even if you are just learning the moves, it’s how your present yourself, your attitude and your own individual femininity that puts the hot, in belly dancing.