10 Tips To Prepare Your Body For Painless Anal Sex


If you want to know how to enjoy anal sex, then the best way is to learn how to prepare your body properly with our anal sex how to guide. Take each step slowly and only move on to the next step when you are absolutely ready.

Anal Sex How To – How To Have Anal Sex

  1. Learn to love your bum! Discover its secrets first on your own and only include a partner when you are comfortable and confident enough to do so.
  2. Don’t rush in to anything. Start by firstly inserting fingers to get your anus used to penetration before moving on to a vibrator, dildo or penis.
  3. Invest in an extra large tube of lube. It is absolutely essential from the time you are experimenting with your own fingers to engaging in full penetration.
  4. Get squeaky clean beforehand and prepare physically with a pre-sex bowel movement to avoid obsessing about the ‘what ifs’
  5. Include analingus as part of your foreplay to get your bum and mind ready for the bigger and better things yet to come.
  6. At the point of penetration, assist your partner by taking a deep breath in and then ‘pushing out’ as your partner pushes in.
  7. Be mindful that the internal sphincter is likely to only contract for about a minute before it tires and loosens allowing for pain free insertion.
  8. If at any point you are feeling pain, stop and retrace your steps. Your body probably wasn’t as well prepared as it should have been.
  9. Beware of anal sex dangers, especially cross contamination. Never use a sex toy or penis that has just been inserted into the anus in to the vagina.
  10. Practice, practice, practice and soon you will develop your very own anal sex techniques!

The Contraception Patch Advantages & Side Effects


Contraception patch

The Contraception patch, as the name suggests, is a small patch that sticks to the skin of the user and releases hormones into your bloodstream. It can be stuck on any part of the body such as the buttocks, abdomen, torso or arms. When used properly, the contraception patch has about a 99% success rate against unwanted pregnancy. This birth control device does not however protect against sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS.

How Does The Contraception Patch Work?

Contraceptive patches have three basic layers:

  • The outer layer – A protective layer made up of polyester.
  • The medicated central layer – This layer is adhesive in nature and sticks to the skin.
  • A protective lining – This layer is to be peeled off before applying.

Each patch has a life span of 7 days. When applied, the patch starts releasing two hormones i.e. estrogen and progestogen into the bloodstream through the skin. These hormones upon entering the blood stream work exactly like the pill and stop the ovaries from releasing the egg for fertilization, preventing the chance pregnancy. These hormones also do these additional tasks of :

Thickening the membrane surrounding the cervix and making it difficult for sperm to get into the womb.
Make the inner lining of the womb slimmer decreasing the likelihood of accepting a fertilized egg.

How To Use The Contraception Patch?

Like most forms of birth control you will need to obtain a prescription from a clinic to buy the contraception patch. Your doctor will be able to discuss with you if this is the best birth control method for you.

Before applying wash and dry a part of the skin where it is to be applied. Try and stick the patch at a different place every time to avoid any risk of irritation, and place it so that it is not affected by frequent changing of clothes and can comfortably stay unnoticed for a week. NEVER apply the contraceptiion patch on your breasts.

Peel away the packaging layer. Do not touch the medicated sticky surface and place it firmly on the spot where you want to stick it. Keep it pressed for about 10 seconds and ensure that the edges are stuck firmly.

Like the pill, you will need to use one patch per week for three continuous weeks. The patch shouldn’t be applied on the 4th week and this is when your menstrual period should start. Then, apply a new patch after seven days. It is extremely important to have a week off the patch during your menstrual period.

Contraceptive Patch Advantages

  • Similar to the effect of the combined pill, your regular periods will be lighter and less painful.
  • The hormones need not be absorbed by the stomach, as is the case of the pill, so your protection is not affected even if you are sick and vomit.
  • It doesn’t cause any hindrance in your sex life.
  • It greatly reduces the risk of cancer of the ovaries and womb.
  • It can be helpful towards premenstrual symptoms.

Contraception Patch : Side Effects

Some women experience certain uneasiness while using the contraception patch. This can be mainly due to the following reasons :

  • Irritation of skin where the patch is applied. This could be due to the negligence of repeated application of patch on the same spot.
  • There is irregularity in the occurrence of menstrual periods.
  • Breast tenderness : Though it has been strictly advised to never apply the patch on the breasts still this problem has been a major cause of concern.
  • Some women have reported difficulty in wearing contact lenses
  • Rise in the blood pressure of some women has also been reported
  • A lingering feeling of nausea and loss of diet.
  • There may be occasional headaches.
  • Menstrual cramps or pain in the abdominal region.

The Birth Control Patch Should Not Be Used By Women Who :

  • Smoke
  • Have high blood pressure
  • Have breast or uterine cancer
  • Have a history of blood clots
  • Have uncontrolled diabetes
  • Have a history of heart attack or stroke
  • Are allergic to hormones
  • Have diabetes
  • Have liver disease
  • Have unexplained vaginal bleeding

It should also be noted that just like the contraceptive pill, the contraception patch may not protect you from pregnancy if you are taking antibiotics or medications for fungal infections or seizures. The contraception patch may not prevent pregnancy if you weigh 198 pounds or more.

As with all bith control methods, always discuss with your doctor beforehand what the best contraceptive may be for you and each birth controls effectiveness in relation to your body. What may work perfectly for one woman may not work for you. Ensure you have all the facts before you make your decision and always use the contraception patch as specifically as prescribed.

Is The Diaphragm Contraceptive Right For You?


The diaphragm contraceptive is a birth control device that is a dome shaped soft substance usually made of latex with a spring inside the rim. It works when inserted inside the vagina and acts as a barrier between the cervix and an impending penis. The spring fits snugly against the walls of the vagina and when inserted correclty is not felt by the woman, or prodding penis.

A big draw card for using the contraceptive diaphragm is that it is an excellent alternative for women who have problems using condoms (such as those who suffer from an allergic reaction) or for those who are unable to use other forms of contraception like the pill or a birth control injection. The biggest draw back to the vaginal diaphragm though, is that some women can find it difficult to insert and remove or don’t like the idea of having to insert their finger in to their vagina to place or retrieve it, which can take some practice getting used to.

The diagphragm contraceptive is soft and very flexible and with practice and patience for the most part, can easily be folded and inserted in to the vagina without too much fuss. For complete protection, it must also be used in conjunction with a spermicial cream or gel. This is done to prevent sperm from accumulating around the walls of the diaphragm and therefore gives you the best protection possible. A diaphragm contraceptive without the spermicidal cream might not be as effective in preventing pregnancy.

Types of Diaphragms

There are two kinds of diaphragms:

  1. A Flat Ring Diaphragm: This type of vaginal diaphragm can be folded like an oval and then easily inserted. An applicator is also provided with it, which makes insertion a little more easier.
  2. An Arcing or Coil Spring Diaphragm: This type of diaphragm is a little hard to fold and forms an irregular circle when folded. However this diaphragm can be inserted with the fingers.

As every woman has a different vaginal size, diaphragms are also available in many sizes. For the best fit the diaphragm contraceptive should be fitted by a doctor or gynacologist.

Diaphragm Use

The diaphragm needs to be placed high up in your vagina so that it completely covers the cervix. The top end of the dome should go behind your cervix, and the bottom end of the dome should be affixed behind your pubic bone.

You will know when the diaphragm has been correctly placed as it will feel comfortable for you, and neither you or your parnter will be able to feel it during intercourse.

Removing the diaphragm requires a quick hook of your finger around the tip, allowing you to draw it out from inside.

After taking it out, it should be washed, dried and stored inside it’s box so as to avoid the chances of any infection while using it the next time.

Advantages Of Using The Contraception Diaphragm

There advantages of using the contraceptive diaphragm include :

  1. You can insert the diaphragm anytime before having sex that day. But if it is to be inserted for more than three hours then it should be applied with some extra spermicide before penetration.
  2. Unlike other contraception methods such as the pill, the diaphragm does not have any effect on a woman’s natural hormones.
  3. The barrier method of contraception is reversible so the fertility of the woman immediately returns upon removal.

The diaphragm is particularly useful when having sex on your period. It works as a barrier to block blood from escpaing which is partially useful if your guy gets queasy at the sight of blood. However, some will advise not to use it during your period.

It has very few side effects.

Disadvantages Of The Contraception Diaphragm

  1. The diaphragm must be used with spermicide for it to be most effective.
  2. If by mistake, the diaphragm stays inside your vagina for more than 24 hours, then you can put yourself at risk of catching a bacterial infection called toxic shock syndrome(TSS).
  3. Some women have reported mild allergic reactions to the latex or the applied spermicide.
  4. Some women find this method messy and inconvenient.
  5. The diaphragm does requires some pre-planning. It has to be in place before sex, however this pre-planning really isn’t any differnt from a man putting on a condom.

Diahragm birth control is not for everyone, and it’s a device that women tend to love or hate. Most notably due to the fact that it has advantages and disadvantages which are quite contrasting as opposed to other forms of birth control. Consult your doctor if think that the diaphragm contraceptive is the right choice for you.

Intrauterine Contraception Device

intrauterine contraception

Intrauterine contraception or an IUD, is a popular long term birth control device that is relatively no fuss for women. Also known as the contraceptive coil, it is available in two types, the hormonal and the copper IUD, both of which are inserted in to a woman’s uterus to prevent pregnancy.

The hormonal IUD is T shaped, made of plastic and once inserted releases small amounts of progestogen (a hormone similar to progesterone, naturally produced by the female body) directly in to the uterus.

Copper IUD’s are either made of copper or plastic and work in the same way although they do not release hormones.

Intrauterine Contraception Prevents Pregnancy By:

  • Averting sperm from travelling through the uterus and fertilizing eggs
  • Altering the lining of the uterus thus making it unsuitable for pregnancy
  • The hormonal IUD contraceptive also prevents sperm from entering the uterus by thickening the mucus of the cervix

Each form of intrauterine contraception is highly successful with copper IUD effectiveness at 99% and the hormonal IUD at 99.9% effectiveness. Both contraceptive IUD have their advantages and disadvantages that may or may not work with your body, however a huge benefit of using either form is that once inserted it cannot be felt by yourself or your partner. Although this can feel a little unsettling at first, most brands have devices that have fine nylon threads attached to the lower end that curtail through the cervix and into the upper vagina. These threads offer piece of mind by allowing you to check that the IUD is still in place, while also allowing for easy IUD removal by a doctor.

Once inserted this no fuss form of contraception can remain inside the uterus from between five to ten years depending on which type you have. This can allow you to go about your daily life and sex life without having to worry about condoms breaking, or forgetting to take the pill. It’s always there ready and working all of the time, which also means that you can have sex at any time or on the spur of the movement. This is something that can be difficult at times with other forms of contraception, especially if you use the diaphragm contraceptive.

You will need a full consultation with you doctor to determine if uterine contraception is firstly suitable for you, and also which type, whether the hormonal or copper IUD is better matched for you body. Each work in much the same way, however the hormonal IUD does have differing possible side effects to the copper IUD. Two women fitted with a different IUD may experience significantly different side effects. With one successfully experiencing lighter periods on the hormonal IUD and the other suffering from severe heavier bleeding on the copper IUD if it does not agree with her body. Clear consultation with your doctor is paramount when deciding to fit either device inside of your body for long periods of time.

intrauterine contraception

Advantages Of Intrauterine Contraception

  • It’s long lasting (between 5 & 10 years depending on the type of device ) and highly effective.
  • It cannot be felt during intercourse by yourself or your partner
  • It’s a no fuss form of contraception
  • Once removed, there is usually a very quick turn around back to fertility
  • Intrauterine Contraception is relatively inexpensive

Disadvantages Of The Contraceptive IUD

  • Insertion and IUD removal can only be performed by a trained doctor. The fitting of which can also be quite uncomfortable and very unpleasant for some women.
  • Both types of intrauterine contraception can cause changes in periods and bleeding patterns
  • If pregnancy does occur in the uterus, there is an increased risk of miscarriage
  • Birth control IUD does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases

Main Differences Between The Hormonal & Copper IUD

  • The hormonal IUD is effective in preventing pregnancy for up to 5 years. The Copper IUD can last for 10 years.
  • The hormonal IUD can lead to much lighter periods, with some women not bleeding at all after about 12 months of use. It can also be used to treat excessively heavy bleeding and reduces period pain. The Copper IUD can have the opposite effect on your menstrual pattern, with longer and sometimes more painful periods.
  • There are limited hormonal side effects for using the hormonal IUD as only very small amounts of progestogen pass in to the bloodstream, meaning there is little or no effect on acne, weight gain or mood change between users. There are no hormonal side effects using the copper IUD, as it does not release hormones.

IUD Side Effects

  • Some women can experience abdominal pain or cramping
  • In extremely rare cases a serious complication known as uterine perforation can occur over time, where the device slips through the wall of the uterus and in to the pelvic area. Perforation can cause internal scarring, infection, or damage to other organs. In this event the IUD can only be removed by surgery under a general anesthetic.
  • Sometimes following the first few months of the insertion, the IUD can be pushed partially or completely out of the uterus. It’s for this reason you must check the nylon threads are still there and in place.
  • IUD’s can cause pelvic inflammatory disease. Although rare, this complication can occur in the few first weeks after the insertion. In severe cases it can lead to infertility.

Overall intrauterine contraception is best suited to women who are at low risk of catching sexually transmitted infections and those who don’t wish to take the oral birth control pill.

Why Use the Vaginal Contraceptive Ring?

Vaginal Contraceptive Ring

The contraceptive ring is a hormonal form of birth control. The doughnut shaped flexible ring is inserted into the vagina and releases hormones to prevent pregnancy. The active ingredients in the also called vaginal ring, are estrogen and progestrogen. One advantage of the vaginal contraceptive ring is that once it is inserted, you do not need to think about this birth control method for three weeks, until it is time to remove the old ring and insert a new one.

How Does Vaginal Contraceptive Ring Work?

The hormones progesterone and estrogen released by the ring into your bloodstream prevent ovulation during the menstrual cycle. And since there isn’t any egg released from the ovaries, fertilization cannot take place by the sperm and the chances of pregnancy are nullified.

Additionally, the hormones released by the ring also thicken the mucus, the outer lining of the cervix, and make it harder for the sperm to enter the uterus and reach any eggs which might have been released. If an egg does get fertilized it still cannot attach itself to the uterus and impregnate a woman because the hormones also affect the lining of the uterus and prevent any fertilized egg attaching itself to the uterus.

How to Use a Vaginal Contraceptive Ring

The birth control ring is used, based upon the monthly menstrual cycle of a woman, similar to the birth control pill or the contraception patch . Just like a vaginal diaphragm, it is inserted into the vagina on the first day of the menstrual cycle and remains in place for a total of three weeks. At the end of the third week and probably on the same day of the week it was inserted, it has to be removed. The menstrual period occurs within a few days, during the fourth week. At the end of the fourth week, on the same day of the week the last ring was inserted, a new ring is inserted and the process begins again.

The ring does not work on the barrier method of birth control, so there isn’t any preferable position of the ring in the vagina. The only requirement is that it should be comfortable. If it doesn’t feel comfortable, you can try different positions by moving it further back or reinserting it. Once the ring once is in place, most women cannot even feel it. It can be safely used during activities like swimming, bathing and even during sexual intercourse.

How to insert a vaginal ring

Advantages Of The Vaginal Contraceptive Ring

  • The vaginal ring is a good alternative for women who find it difficult to remember to take a pill every day or who have difficulty in swallowing pills.
  • Does not require any specific position, can be placed anywhere in the vagina according to the wearer’s comfort.
  • The vaginal ring causes regular, lighter and shorter periods.
  • The contraceptive ring prevents menstrual cramps and premenstrual symptoms.
  • Women have also reported decrease in headaches and loss of depression.
  • The ring may protect against cysts and cancer of the ovaries and uterus.

Disadvantages of The Vaginal Contraceptive Ring

  • The vaginal ring does not protect against STDs. Additional measures, such as using a condom, have to be taken for protection against STD’s.
  • Some women have reported side effects of the use of the vaginal contraceptive ring. Some of the side effects are vaginal irritation or infections, mood swings, blood clots (for women over the age of 35 and smoke regularly).
  • The ring can slip out and fall. If it does, you must wash it running water (without using soap) and re-insert it within three hours.

Vaginal contraceptive ring is one of many female contraceptives available, always consult your doctor regarding which birth control device is best for you.

How to Dirty Talk During Sex

Dirty Talk During Sex

The mouth speaks from the abundance of the heart – and from the depth of your loins! Dirty talk during sex has always been a great way to add excitement and heighten arousal. Ladies shouldn’t wait to be asked – and men shouldn’t shy from speaking their minds. Take the initiative and speak boldly during those steamy moments of rough sex. Surprise him with your filthy, wicked mouth and watch him rise to the occasion with more enthusiasm than ever….

It doesn’t matter if you’re the shy, reserved type. That makes it even more thrilling for a man when he hears his woman say something unexpected and even slutty. It’s one of those “caught-in-the-moment” things that work just at the right time and place. Pick your moment carefully and get vocally raunchy especially when the sex gets rough and rugged.

Get nasty. Lovey-dovey has its place and time. With rough sex, you need some more shock quality to make the right impact. If you’re new to alternative lovemaking, then you can baby-step each other by starting with some dirty, nasty talk to put you in character for some unconventional sex.

Here are 6 dirty talk during sex to stoke up the flames

1. Make them feel sexy

The key to dirty talk in the bedroom is to make your party feel desirable. Talk about their body and how it turns you on. Be specific. Tell them which parts make you go wild with passion and why. “Love your breasts…so fucking sexy.” “Your cock drives me wild.” “I can’t wait to feel my tongue on your clit and taste you.” “Come in my mouth baby, it tastes so fucking great.” Etc etc.

2. Make them go hard

Performance can be enhanced with the right encouragement. When a woman notices her lover has slowed down a bit she can amp the pace by telling him in no uncertain terms that there are zero speed limits. Go harder, faster…deeper! Using this cheerleader approach certainly boosts morale. Words to say: “Give it to me baby! Yes! More!” “I can take it; give me everything you’ve got! Faster!” Just go ahead and make it all about you, you, you…

3. Be sexually explicit

You left the flowers and cotton candy at the door, right? Cool. Now forget every nice, poetic little word you ever knew and get smutty. You need him to take you a certain way; so “make love to me with your strong, hard manhood” translates to “fuck me with your big fat cock” or “I’d like to eat that sweet hot pussy till you cum!” Take the opportunity to add some filthy terms and phrases to your vocabulary – and if you don’t know any, it’s time to learn!

4. Insult to injury

She’s bound, gagged, put in an uncomfortable position. And as if that’s not enough, you’ve started talking dirty and mean. Some women get off by this. Using the “slut” word or calling her hussy, bitch might be offensive on any other occasion. But in the middle of giving her a good hard fuck, with her pussy dripping with juices to show how much she’s loving it, she may not mind it so much. Same goes for him, too. Ladies can be just as rude; call him every filthy name you can think of while you’re riding that cock to your own frenzied pace. It doesn’t have to be too much of a demeaning or humiliating approach; it’s just a bit of role play. So at the end, you can both kiss and cuddle to show that there was no offense given or taken. Words that work: “Yeah, you like it when I do that, don’t you, you *&^%!” “Oh yes, you’re such a dirty little ****!” Yep, you fill in the blanks. Here’s a favorite of mine though: “You’re such a filthy fuckpuppet!”

5. Loud and clear

Body talk is good; it sends a positive message when you writhe and wriggle. However, in this case, words speak just as loud as action. No over-the-top screaming or screeching. Of course it has to look and sound natural. Sometimes it works to simply whisper those dirty words in their ear – but in other times, crying out the words can work just as or more strongly. Words which sound great when said out loud: “Fuck me (insert name here) arrggh!” “Yes! Like that! Oooh, that feels good!” And of course, the stock “Harder, harder!” sounds great when said at an octave punctuated by each thrust. A very powerful, simple phrase is the harbinger of great and marvelous sensations. “I’m coming!” Scream this as loud as you can and you’ll find it’ll help synchronise your climax exactly with your partner’s.

6. Choices, choices

Dirty, rough talk with sex can be a gift that just keeps giving. In between the purring and sighing and shrieking, you can let him/her know that they can pick and choose their pleasures. But this time, use dirty language! Ask them how they’d like to be fucked. “Do you want this…or this? Should I put it here, or here? Do you like it when I do this, or this…?” Give them all the possibilities. Dirty talk stimulates the imagination, and therefore the body! Like they say, the mind is the most powerful organ in need of arousal. So turn them on mentally as well as physically with dirty talk!

The Best Positions for Rough Sex


When it comes to sex – and particularly rough sex, you’ll only want to do what you feel comfortable with. Right? That’s understandable, and that’s why there are safe words and some such. But when it comes to the best positions for rough sex, some maneuvers, angles and positions are uncomfortable and allow for deeper penetration than usual. Rough sex positions may also require both partners to be strong, flexible and nimble.

Don’t let this discourage you though. Even if you or your partner (or both of you) are on the thick side, you can achieve these positions with a bit of variation.

The thing about sex positions is that you never know what it’s like till you try it. True, some rough sex position ideas look good on paper, but when it comes to experiencing it practically, it may not be your thing.

However, here are some tried and true, not-to-be-missed faves, the best positions for rough sex:

1. Do the jockey

Ride her jockey style with this variation on the rear entry position that’s hot and intimate. This is an ultimate fave with couples: the angle’s great, and the male partner gets to slide in and hit just the right spot. She could rev things up by squeezing her inner muscles and cheeks together at the same time to milk out his orgasm. A powerful male can hold his partner down like this and all she can do is take his pounding.

How to: She is to lay flat on her stomach, legs together or almost closed. The partner mounts with his legs straddling her on the outside. This way the penetration is achieved with better stimulation of the G-spot. Her buttocks should be pushed upwards in the air, much like a small hump. To make entry easier, place a pillow under her pelvis. This is also a great position for anal intercourse. Also, the receiving partner can easily masturbate while being mounted by her partner.

Tip: Begin first with an oil massage; while she’s lying on her belly, rub massage oil all over her body, focusing on back, legs, and buttocks. With the massage oil it gets all nice and slick and before long, she’ll be so wet and ready. Slide straight in and you’ll feel your shaft almost swallowed up by her from this position. It gives you a great view of her ass and lets you control the rhythm and speed. Some women love this for the friction especially between the ass cheeks as he penetrates. Also, it’s a very submissive position if you’re both into that sort of thing.

2. Private lap dance

This is a strongly recommended position. The receiving partner is on top which keeps penetration mobility high, while rear entry remains very intimate. Ladies, sometimes your man just wants to kick back on the couch and be pleasured. However, with a lot of hip attitude, you can also turn this into something mind-blowing. And guys, nothing looks better than a round heart-shaped booty in front of you, sliding up and down on your pole.

How to: Get her to sit, facing away on top of the seated partner. Let her raise her hips just a little till he can feel the tip of his member rubbing her labia, and then slip inside. Drive in roughly and feel her wet walls surround your shaft as her ass slaps down against you.

Tips: Start things off with him sitting, for example, on the couch. Let her give you a sexy, real lap dance with clothes on. As the heat turns up, you can both undress and then the party can really get started.

Some tit play, clit play or even some anal fingering are great options at this point. Also experiment with furniture; try the stairs, the edge of the bed or the bathtub. It’s an incredibly versatile position that can take place anywhere (some adventurous couples have tried this at the movie theater. Works when the girl is wearing a loose mini skirt).

This position gives one of the best opportunities for you to tease your man before you actually let him in. Simply rubbing your ass and vagina on his dick makes him so hard, and once he gets you –well, you’re done for! You can bounce up and down or try the “pretend to pick something up” variation.

3. The Viennese Oyster

This face-to-face position requires a lot of flexibility for the female partner. Also, it totally exposes her groin area to her partner who lies atop her. He moves up and down on her to create friction, and can use his hands to support his own body weight so as not to crush her.

This position may not be fully achievable by some, but it’s mightily naughty due to the feeling of the woman feeling completely displayed.

How to: She is to lie on her back with her legs and lower back raised all the way up so that her ankles are crossed behind her own head (ouch). The exact end position depends on her flexibility – though while mounting her, her partner can help by using his hands to support her thighs at mid-point.

Tips: Even if you aren’t super flexible, you can still try this for some amount of time before changing position. With you pinned this way, he can get so deep which makes it super intimate and super hot. You may simply have to be able to put your legs that far back but not crossed behind your head.

This position is amazing for both partners. The guy gets a full view of the vagina and that’s a turn on in itself, especially after she’s soaking wet.

It can however be incredibly uncomfortable for some (and that may be part of its appeal) especially as he can get his penis in very deep. Not to mention the possibility for dislocated hips (joke). Before attempting it, why not take proper measures to limber up. It’s a certified orgasm-bringer for ladies so give it at least a bit of a go. As you get more flexible, you can max it up to the hilt. Going “under the hood” (anal) is very easy in this position.

4. Deep stick position

This is sure to get her moaning and screaming. This position holds true to its name because you can penetrate her with everything you’ve got – unless you’re too big.

How to: To deep-stick her, get her on her back with her legs thrown up in the air (her body in an “L” position) to rest vertically up on your shoulders as you enter from a kneeling position. Use pillows beneath her to get more genital altitude if required.

Tips: He’s going in deep with this one ladies, so make sure you take more time to get properly excited and turned on and your cervix will move to accommodate his thrusting. He can hold on to your knees as your bottom lifts up on his thighs to get an even deeper, kidney-busting penetration.

From the guy’s perspective it’s amazing to look at. If it hurts too much, put your hand down there as if you are giving yourself extra stimulation. This is a little blocking technique. Place your palm down over your outer clit and your middle and ring finger around his member. He’ll love the pressure from your knuckles as you try to block him from directly hitting your vagina too much.

5. Symbian Cowgirl

Even girls need to feel in control during rough sex. This sex position is named for the Symbian machine used by women for erotic self-stimulation – now, her partner can substitute wonderfully. This position allows the female to ride her partner without being in too deep a squat since she stands throughout the session.

This is a derivative of the cowgirl position, which means she’s on top but in this case, gives her legs more of a workout as she springs up and down on your shaft.

How to: Guys, simply lie back on a narrow bench or ottoman that’s high enough for you to be ridden while she’s in a position to stand above you with knees slightly bent on either side of the bench/ottoman. This position is conducive to sexual endurance; she can hover above you as you thrust upwards, or you can give her support by holding her up by her thighs or buttocks.

Tips: For this to really work you’ll need something that’s long and narrow like a gym bench or a recliner with the leg rest up at 180 degrees. This position can help you achieve a harder pounding than what you could get from her straddling you on a bed or couch.

Change it up a little by trying this position with you on an exercise ball – from all accounts you’re going to love it.

And ladies – whenever you catch him lifting weights on his weight bench, simply go over, pull his shorts down, and climb on. Best workout ever.

Psychological Bondage


Bondage is not all about the actual restraints, or using the more obvious techniques such as physical control. There are deeper, more sublime methods that can render a word, a touch, or even a glance more powerful than the strongest cuff. The usual essence of bondage play is centered upon the idea of one of the partners being physically restrained by cords or handcuffs. But is physical bondage the only way to control your partner’s movements? I think not.

A serious partaker of such exotic interests would no doubt agree that physical bondage is not the be all and end all. Bondage can just as easily be psychological, where just an order can keep prevent a lover from moving from a given position. Bondage, as it has been described, is the state of being under the control of another person. And no one said that the control had to be only material, or physical. No one said it couldn’t be psychological, either.

It was early on that I began to realize that my own surrender lay not in cuffs or scarves. No, I submitted not to these, but to the will of my controlling lover. The true feeling of being submissive originates from him, not the cuffs or collars we use during our scenes of rough sex. I am drawn deeper and deeper into my compulsion the more he shows determination and confidence in his purpose. His ability to make our erotic fantasies come alive makes me recognize that I don’t need the bondage toys in order for me to feel bound by his will. The more I can do without them, the more I know that my submission has found totality in his mental power over me. My psychological bondage is complete.

It might seem to others that this all arises due to the charisma, the strength of will, of the lover who is in control. It’s that quality that comes from people who love to lead, and who do it well. However, for me it’s different from that. Yes, I am magnetized by everything he does and is; he is my partner and lover after all. However, the fact remains that I obey, not by consequences or force, but by psychological bondage. I obey because I am compelled to. This mental stimulation is borne from a powerful devotion, a commitment just as potent as if brought on by physical acts and commands.

Sometimes I feel I do not so much as fear him, but am stirred by him. He rouses and arouses me in ways I could not have believed possible till I discovered that obeying his mere spoken commands gave me the greatest satisfaction. It’s usually only realistic in long-term commitments to form that right level of psychological bondage tying one submissive partner to the other, more dominating one.

Some would call it dysfunctional, even unhealthy. However I have never felt that my emotional well-being has been affected in any negative way. As is true with any new foray into certain sexual practices, there must be the proper preparation, communication and trust to make sure that either participant enjoys the underlined effect of being psychologically bound. When my partner and I first started to explore the realms of rough sex and the delights of many exotic scenes of role play and bondage, we realized how much we had to gain.

With psychological bondage, I learned to trust him with not just my body, but my entire self as a person. With mere words and expressions, I soon learned to understand everything he wanted from me. This helped in intensifying our relationship all the more because we’d taken things a step further into giving and taking control.

Seeing the power of verbal command being felt in a physical way, gives us both a thrill that can’t be described. Imagine, for example, being at work and your lover calling you on the phone, telling you to take off your panties and not wear them till you get home where he’ll be waiting. There you are, incapable of disobeying even if you know he has no way of knowing if you didn’t do what you were told to at the time. That’s compulsion, and a flow of control from one to another that will always bring that sweet edge to everything we do, both inside and outside the bedroom.

Some people think that allowing your self to be materially bound is bad enough; to however, succumb even without actual force/restraint, seems hard to conceive to them, even for the sexual thrill. To understand psychological bondage, we must figure out the whole basis of the willingness to submit. Why submit? Why put yourself in someone else’s power, to be used for their pleasure – yet mostly hoping to receive pleasure in return?

It’s very hard for some people to answer these questions, but it is clear that many get off from surrendering, in some way, to their partner during sex, or in the relationship in general. It turns them on to know that someone else is in control. I feel that in some way, in many aspects, bondage is actually liberating. You lose many of your uptight, contrived ideas of sex and pleasure. Bondage allows things happen that otherwise would not happen. It is a powerful tool indeed, and not just a physical one, but a psychological one.

Shedding Light on Candles

Shedding Light on Candles

Candles in the bedroom can be such romantic, tender props. All the lights switched off, and then only a few strategically placed candles lit to cast those dim, scented and sensuous shadows to cloak you both as love is made with sweet abandon…

Cute. But why don’t we vamp the scene up with something far more exciting and unusual?

Candles and rough sex are such great bedfellows. In fact, when it comes to alternate sex play, candles come very handy indeed. For a bit of teasing and tormenting, as well as for sensation and pain play – candles do the trick every time. They’re not pricey, they’re fun, and they’re hot – in more ways than one. Here’s how to turn on the heat with a bit of wax play.

You’ll need: Candles (of course). But which ones? There are paraffin candles which melt at very high temperature. You will also find taper candles and beeswax candles which burn even hotter than paraffin ones. However, go for the soft candles which come in glass jars and contain mineral oil if you prefer a cooler burn. They come in different colors and sizes, and even scents which can range from peppery to pomegranate. The idea is to get candles which melt at a lower temperature level and so will give you the sensation of heat without causing any actual damage.

How to, and where to: You can drip, pour or paint hot wax unto a person’s skin, and some parts of the body have more or less tolerance for heat. Having candle wax dripped on the back, for example, is typically more bearable than getting hot wax dripped over the nipple, which has far more nerves involved.

Like all themes involving pain or discomfort, this form of play can prove highly erotic. It is common practice to tie up your partner during the scene, and candle wax play can be used in combination with other themes which means more excitement for you both! Blindfolding may also increase the intensity of the moment, though some like to watch.

Too Hot to Handle: Not every one can be thick-skinned, so to speak. When you feel you can’t handle the heat, then make the wax drop from a higher distance which will decrease the temperature by around 5 degrees. It’s a choice depending on the effects you seek: warm and comforting, or scorching as fuck. However, wax play should also be safe play. People’s capacity for pain and heat differ greatly so keep that in mind and, as always, establish a safe word technique.


  • Scented candles have more heat, so if this is your first wax play, it’s best to try plain unscented candles first.
  • Candles should be dripped, not poured – about 3 feet from the chosen spot. This could be the back, ass (including the crack), belly and nipples. As you become used to the sensation, you can then get more adventurous. One way is to allow the liquid wax pool up at the top of the candle, and then move it all around the body.
  • Use some tarp or old sheets as a base to avoid damaging linen or furniture.
  • Apply Vaseline on skin prior to play, as this helps make the wax easier to remove especially for spots like the pubic area, if unshaved.
  • Heat from candles can cause second to third degree burns, which can redden and blister skin. It’s wise to keep ice around, or a damp cloth which can help contrast temperatures from hot to cool where the need arises. Burn ointment should be kept handy as well.

Breath Control Bondage Rough Sex

Breath Control Bondage

Breath control bondage is considered exciting and arousing for people who derive pleasure from the physical sensation of being deprived of oxygen.

There will always come a time when couples or partners will decide that everyday sex can be taken to a whole new level. The suggestion to introduce rough play during lovemaking could come from one partner, or it could be a natural progression between lovers who’ve come to understand and anticipate each other’s needs – and what the other may or may not be into.

Consensual rough sex can take many forms: sensation play, sensory deprivation, or psychological bondage. There’s a whole new realm of erotic possibilities out there for the couple whose relationship is based on complete trust and understanding. Perhaps you’re in a relationship where you decide you’d be willing to try anything. But would you consider the practice of breath control bondage?

Great sex means different things to different people. For many it can be just another enjoyable part of daily life. And for some others, it could be a time of taking things closer to the edge, where moments of intense pleasure go hand in hand with intense danger – sometimes in ways that’s almost…lethal.

Rough sex and danger are somewhat synonymous – that’s what makes it so appealing to certain couples. The over-the-top thrill, the edginess you won’t find with mainstream lovemaking. Engaging in an exercise that could go either way (life or death), as is the case in breath play – is actually a rush for some and takes their orgasmic delights to greater heights.

Breath Control Bondage Filled with Risk

Lovers who wish to seek pleasure from breath control bondage need to know it has its highs – as well as lows. This form of breath play during sex (also known as erotic strangulation) is filled with risks even when practiced with a loving partner.

That’s the reason why there should be a system of safety procedures which allows this form of rough sex to be practiced. Breath control bondage is considered exciting and arousing for people who derive pleasure from the physical sensation of being deprived of oxygen. It causes a feeling of light-headedness, even unconsciousness, when the supply of oxygen is restricted. In the same vein, the other partner gets the kick, that psychological rush, arising from cutting off a lover’s air supply during sex. Intensely stimulating, yet potentially harmful.

Starving the brain of oxygen, even for brief periods, has its price if this form of play is practiced over time. Is the risk of cumulative brain damage – and sometimes even death – really worth the erotic gains? Thousands of couples seem to think so, as this is a widely practiced area of rough sex which is definitely not restricted to the dungeons-and-leather variety.

Ordinary couples have sought to explore this powerful range of sexual experience despite its considerable risks. It would be only right to send out a caution that accidental deaths have occurred during this kind of practice and it is in the best interests of a couple to take the necessary steps to ensure that no permanent harm is done.

Breath control bondage involves one partner controlling the other’s breathing. Rough sex practiced in its many forms usually provides a consensual encounter where one person receives control given by the other, for their mutual enjoyment.

Erotic asphyxia or oxygen deprivation is no different. This practice allows couples to enjoy rough sex with erotic strangulation, which releases endorphin or that chemical high occurring when blood supply to the brain is suppressed as pressure is applied to the neck’s carotid arteries.

The sensation of being strangled during sex is considered an intense sensual experience for lovers who take part in this form of play. If you’re considering breath control bondage with your partner, then you’re one of countless couples fascinated by this practice. You’ve probably heard about how great it gets. Well yes, it’s true: erotic asphyxiation does heighten sexual pleasure.

There’s the control part, that feeling of power when you exert the pressure either on the nose, face, neck or even chest of your partner. It could be through the traditional way of squeezing with hands around the jugular. There’s no need for any toys or props and it’s visually more appealing to watch. However the risk is greater here especially in terms of exerting the right amount of strength without crushing or completely choking.

Couples have sat down to discuss carefully the different options available and you and your lover can work out which is best for you. Some use the choke-hold option that’s common in wrestling, or by simply pinching the partner’s nostrils and also covering their mouth with your palm. An added edge is to press a heavy object on the chest or binding it tightly thereby cutting off oxygen completely.

There is also the use of belts, which can be tightened to taste using the many holes in it. Additionally, there’s the option of a bag over the head. It’s really possible to enjoy different modes once you and your partner decide to try out choking or breath control bondage. Some have noted that it can truly be addicting, especially as orgasms and oxygen are so correlated.

Why and how is this so? It’s basic science really: the less oxygen you receive, the better it gets and the more powerful the orgasm. This happens because breath control bondage restricts that flow of blood carrying oxygen to the brain, causing orgasm to come much easily as you feel more and more lightheaded.

For those seeking this extreme thrill you will find that, when practiced carefully, it is a technique you’d want to experience again and again during rough sexual play. It takes one to a dark, fathomless depth not found in many other scenes. But it can easily go wrong.

Breath Control Bondage Rough SexThat’s the reason why, with every form of sexual play involving one’s control over another, the introduction of cautionary steps is key. For example, the use of safe words. Or in this case, safe signals, as you won’t be able to actually speak, most times! It could be just a pinch or a few quick taps if it all gets too unbearable or intense.

Up to 1000 people die practicing breath control bondage, either alone or with a partner. Beginners in this form of play should take things slow, discuss with each other about what they believe are their limits of endurance or control in such situations.

What experts advise is that true suffocation should not occur – which means no one should actually restrict a lover from breathing. Bottom line: absolutely don’t; never ever consider cutting someone’s oxygen off through any means. There are “safe” modes of practicing breath play whereby you can actually “control” your lover’s breathing without actually cutting it off completely. That has the potential of being incredibly dangerous even among hard-core professionals.

A wrong move, one moment of pressure held on for too long, lack of communication and miscalculation can all lead to unwanted results. This is because even less than a minute of suffocation can lead to death, not caused by the breath play itself but by the heart attack taking place within 15 -20 minutes later. People will still indulge in high risk erotic breath control bondage no matter what you tell them.

Breath Control Bondage Tips

For those wanting to practice a safer version of breath control bondage for their sexual pleasure, then there are a few tips:

  • Remember to ensure that the subject is able to breathe at all times – no exception. Communicate with each other all through the session. Establish a safety gesture and watch for it closely at all times.
  • Find the safe spot to “strangle”, which is mainly above the Adam’s apple or hyoid bone (right under the jaw). Squeeze lightly upwards, just enough for partner to still be able to breathe as well as speak, though perhaps not as normal.
  • Avoid putting pressure on delicate areas such as the hyoid bone as death occurs if broken. In fact all handling of the windpipe, especially the carotid artery (down the side of the neck) should be light as it is easily crushed and cuts off oxygen to the brain, which can be fatal.
  • You need to use methods of breath control bondage that you can actually, well, control. So this means putting a cord around your partner’s neck is out of the question. It’s virtually impossible to know how much pressure is applied which makes it hard to gauge for safety. So really, rope strangulation is not an option if you wish to play safe.

No matter how tempting it feels to go the extra length to actually cut off a person’s oxygen, don’t give in to it. Many have found that the true enjoyment of breath control bondage lies in being able to enjoy that feeling of power, in contrast to the sense of vulnerability linked with choking, without the necessity of actually putting anyone in real danger. If this is a twist you feel will go well with your next rough sex session, why not start to discover your erotic breath play horizons?